Escalade race simple Q&As What is the Escalade race?

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Escalade race simple Q&As
What is the Escalade race?

The Escalade race takes place a week earlier than the Escalade Parade, which celebrates the city’s victory over the Duke of Savoy’s troops on 11th, 1602 December. The word "escalade" means scaling and refers to the troops trying to scale Geneva city walls.

As in previous years, the school is running for the Paint a Smile Foundation team, with the aim of raising funds for one of the foundations projects.
The event will be televised and on the radio. There will be a lot of noise & the races are started by a cannon being shot. Please help your child by making sure they are aware that it will be busy and noisy. If you have a chance, please consider visiting the Parc des Bastions before the race.

Although it will be noisy and crowded, the children’s race is very well organised. The lap is well marked and the following the information will help make the event a success.

Parents are not allowed to run with the children and due to the number of spectators will not be unable to run along side the course. However, there are lots of helpers there to help the children. The "Chaperons Rouges", people, the Little Red Riding hoods, all work as volunteers for the Geneva Red Cross, and are dressed in highly recognisable clothes: a large red cape and a large badge “Chaperon Rouge” (Little Red Riding Hood).

Please explain this to your child before the race.

From the departure to the finish line

Friday afternoon before the race, we will take the children to the old town to show them the route and 3 main spots:

-) where the departure is,

-) the arrival called “le village des enfants”,

-) and the tent of the Geneva Red Cross, where the Chaperons Rouges will bring any child who gets lost during the race

We will meet in the restaurant on the left as you enter the park des Bastions, by the large size chess game.

The following link shows the exact course:

It is important that the children take note of the animal drawn on their race number: as the child finishes the race, his path will lead him automatically to the “village des enfants”, the meeting point of the Geneva Red Cross, by the Palais Eynard, at the higher part of the Park. There, the volunteers will help him find his meeting point with his family. That point is easily recognisable thanks to the same drawing as the animal on their number and it is also identified by the first letter of your family name.

Each family can pick up the numbers and tee-shirts on Saturday morning before the race at our “L’Equipe des Couleurs” stand.
What will your children gain from running the race?

  • The sense of achievement from completing the race.

  • The sense of self worth from raising money to help others (through fund raising for thePaint a Smile foundation).

  • Having fun!

What is the CHF45 paid for?

  • CHF20 is the registration feefor the race.

  • CHF25 is the registration fee to run with the Paint a Smile team. This covers the costs Paint a Smile will incur on the day (see benefits below) and will generate a small donation to Paint a Smile for a precise project.

The benefits to you and your child from this registration fee to run for the Paint a Smile team are;

    • It makes participating easy for you and your child!

    • A meeting point at the Restaurant de Bastion (the closest meeting point to the start of the race)

    • A Paint a Smile/Mosaic t-shirt

    • Collection of the child’s number and electronic tag

    • Being taken as a group, at the appropriate time, to the start of the race

    • Refreshments after the race

    • Paint a Smile is focusing on making this a great event for Ecole Mosaic

For specific information as to times of the races, route of the race, city organised training sessions, where to find results etc. visit

Why raise funds for Paint a Smile?

In 2005, the founder Laura Cotton approached Sylvie Johannot and asked whether the school would be interested in participating in the Escalade run and raising funds for Paint a Smile. As the philosophies of the school and the foundation are in line Sylvie agreed.

What is Paint a Smile?

Since its creation in 2000, The Paint a Smile Foundations mission is to reduce patient anxiety and make hospitals more cheerful and friendly by permanently turning cold and impersonal environments into colourful and welcoming worlds.

They have decorated 143 areas in 57 hospitals in 13 countries in Europe.

In 2008, the children ran for the l’Ecole de la Petite Arche, in Geneva, of the foundation Ensemble. La Petite Arche School, which welcomes children with intellectual deficiency, and associated troubles, such as sensory, motor, communication and/or behavioural.

Each project is approached as a collaboration between Paint a Smile and the hospital. The painters consult with the Doctors, Psychiatrists and other personnel to ensure that the rooms/areas decorated are done so in a way which is appropriate for that room/area i.e. a calm down room should be decorated in a way that helps instill a calm feeling. All projects are completed in a Paint a Smile style. All the painters are trained by the Foundation and work on a project by project basis. Examples of completed projects can be viewed on the website.
How can your child help the Paint a Smile Foundation?

  • By raising money via donations and sponsorship for completing the race. This is not obligatory and should be done in a way that you as a family are comfortable with.

  • Each child will receive a personalised donation form from Paint a Smile (in English or French as appropriate) and a unique reference number.

  • After the race the money can be paid directly to Paint a Smile (via banking slip) or taken to the school. Please make sure to include the childs unique reference number.

What will the children learn about what they are doing?

Teachers will discuss Paint a Smile with them and why they are raising money for the organization.Once the project is completed, there will be a chance for the older children to visit the finished project.

What is Mosaic doing?

  • Arranging training sessions for the children between now and the race: training will take place in the Parc on Wednesday mornings during gym lessons.

  • Taking the children to see the course the day before the race.

  • Co-ordinating with Paint a Smile Foundation to ensure each child has a t-shirt, donation form etc.

  • Initiating discussions with the children about the race and Paint a Smile.

What do you need to do?

  • Help your child raise money for the Foundation (as noted above this should be in a way you are comfortable with).

  • Encourage your child.

  • Don’t worry! The race is very well organised and there are lots of helpers on the route should the child be separated from their friends or need to walk.

  • Ensure that your child is at the restaurant at the right time.

What is next?

  • Donation forms will be issued soon

  • Training continues. If you are able to help with this please let your class parent know

  • Further practical information will be issued nearer the day of the race.

  • If you have any questions please route them through parents' event committee who can contact Paint a Smile or Mosaic.

Thank you for your support.

For the committee: Amy van den Djissel: :
Project Coorinator: Sophie Rabaeus:

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