Endangered Species Report from Maple Leaf International School, Dalian, China

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Endangered Species Report from Maple Leaf International School, Dalian, China.

Teacher: Miss McGee

E-mail: dmlischina@yahoo.com

The Giant Panda

Name: Rosa

Grade: 5
Species Category: Mammal

Common Name: Giant Panda

Nickname: Giant Bear Cat
Physical Description:

The color of pandas is white and black. They have a soft fur and have pointy teeth to eat hard bamboo. They weigh about 250pounds (115kg) and they’re about 5.25 to 6 feet (1.6-1.8) long. They have a round head, fat cheeks, and BIG, BIG eyes They have paws with 5 digits, (actually it’s 4 digits, plus one extra bone that is like thumb but it doesn’t move like a person’s thumb.) ------ Pandas look like regular bears but the different thing is that pandas don’t usually eat fish or meat. They mostly eat bamboo.

Favorite Food:

What do they eat? Of course, panda’s eat bamboo. They eat it 12 hours a day. They eat up to 40 pounds a day, because bamboo doesn’t have very much nourishment. There are 25 kinds of bamboo but pandas eat only 9 kinds of them. Bamboo leaves are really tough (that’s why pandas have pointy teeth). Sometimes pandas eat mice too.

Breeding: (reproduction):

Before they were endangered, mama pandas were able to have more babies because their habitat was peaceful. But then hunters started to hunt them. This is not good because pandas can usually only take care of one baby at a time. If pandas have 2 babies, one of them dies, so mama pandas must take good care of their one baby.

Environment (habitat):

The natural habitat of the giant panda is the cool, wet, cloudy mountain or forest where bamboo grows. Now they can now be found in only the most eastern part of China.

There are five panda that live in United States (two in Atlanta and three in San Diego.)

Of course! They are in the zoo! It’s good that they are really safe, but they want freedom too!
Problems: (Why pandas are endangered):

Giant pandas are an endangered species and their numbers are dwindling very quickly as their habitat is destroyed.

Solutions: (Why we need to save the Panda!):

Save the Panda! They are about 100 pandas live in zoo around the world. There are only few of them left. But if we keep killing them, keep destroying their habitat, there will be no more pandas left!

There is a group named W.W.F (World. Wild. Fund) that tries to protect endangered species (including the Panda).
Why I chose the Giant Panda? :

I choose pandas, because…well… they are cute! I also wanted to learn about pandas.

Yes! I wanted to know why they are endangered! So these are the reasons that I picked the panda.

I’m hoping and praying that panda’s future will be happy and peaceful.

Panda Lover Rosa

Forever Panda!

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