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Embassy of the United States of America Manama

Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Practitioners and Dentists in Bahrain

(updated June 2015)
This Information is provided for informational purposes only and in no way constitutes an endorsement by the U.S. Embassy in Manama or the Department of State, either explicit or implied. U.S. Embassy Manama assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability, reputation of, or quality of services provided by the following persons and facilities. Please note that Medicaid/Medicare do not apply outside the United States and your private medical insurance may also impose limits or do not apply overseas; contact your insurance provider for more information prior to travel.

Medical and dental care is available in several hospitals and clinics in Bahrain. Three government hospitals (Bahrain Defense Force Hospital, King Hamad University Hospital and Salmaniya Medical Complex), a network of primary care clinics, and numerous private facilities offer a wide range of medical services. Cardiac care, general surgery, otolaryngology, internal medicine, obstetrical/gynecologic, pediatrics, orthopedics, as well as other medical and surgical specialties / subspecialties, and dentistry services are readily available, as are x-rays, CT scans and MRI testing. The government hospitals house both trauma and Intensive Care Units and have both public and pay for services hours of operations. In an emergency, call 999 or go to the emergency department of a nearby hospital. Payment at all medical facilities is due at the time of service. Some hospitals have limited direct billing capability for certain insurance carriers, though billing and insurance practices vary among the medical facilities. Pharmacies are common throughout Bahrain and carry a wide range of medications.

American Mission Hospital (AMH)

Urgent Care: +973 1724-8118

Gen. Information : +973 1725-3447

Appointments: +973 1724-8110/8121

Website: www.amh.org.bh

Awali Hospital

Emergency: +973 1775-3557

Gen. Information: +973-1775-3333

Appointments: +973 1775-3936

Website: www.bapco.net/en-us/clubs-and-facilities/awali-hospital

Al-Kindi Specialized Hospital

Urgent Care: +973 1724-0444

Gen. Information: +973 1724-0444

Appointments: +973-1724-0444

Website: www.alkindihospital.com

Al Ghareeb Medical Center (ENT Facility)

Emergency: +973 1724-2288

Gen. Information: +973 1724-2288

Appointments: +973-1724-2288

Website: www.alghareebmc.com

Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) Hospital

Emergency: +973 1776-6666

Gen. Information: +973-1776-6666

Appointments: +973-1776-6666

Website: www.bdfmedical.org

Bahrain Specialist Hospital (BSH)

Emergency: +973 1781-2111

Gen. Information: +973 1781-2000

Appointments: +973 1781-2200/2201/2202/2209/2200

Website: www.bsh.com.bh

German Orthopaedic Hospital

Emergency: +973 1723-9988

Gen. Information: +973 1723-9988

Appointments: +973 1723-9980/9981

Website: www.germanortho.com

Gulf Diabetes Center

Emergency: +973 1723-9239

Gen. Information: +973 1723-9239

Appointments: +973 1723-9230/9206

Website: www.gulfdiabetes.com

International Hospital of Bahrain (IHB)

Emergency: +973 1759-8222

Gen. Information: +973 1759-8200

Appointments: +973 1759-8200

Website: www.ihb.net

King Hamad University Hospital (KHUH)

Emergency: +973 1744-4777

Gen. Information: +973-1744-4777

Appointments: +973 1744-4777/4778

Website: www.khuh.org.bh

Royal Bahrain Hospital (RBH)

Emergency: +973 1724-6888

Gen. Information: +973 1724-6901

Appointments: +973 1724-6800/6837

Website: www.royalbahrainhospital.com

Noor Specialist Hospital

Emergency: +973 1726-0026

Gen. Information: +973 1726-0026

Appointments: +973 1726-0026

Website: www.noorspecialisthospital.com/beta

Salmaniya Medical Complex

Emergency: +973 1724-6888

Gen. Information: +973 1724-6901

Appointments: +973 1724-6800/6837

Website: www.moh.gov.bh/EN/HealthEstablishment/SMC.aspx

American Mission Hospital (Saar Clinic)

Emergency: +973 1717-7711

Gen. Information: +973 1717-7711

Appointments: +973 1717-7711

Website: www.amh.org.bh/saar-clinic/

Seef Dental

Emergency: +973 1758-7991

Gen. Information: +973 1758-7991

Appointments: +973 1758-7991

Website: www.seefdental.com

Back on the Move Osteopathy Center

Emergency: +973 7730-0600

Gen. Information: +973 7730-0600

Appointments: +973 7730-0600

Website: www.backonthemove.com

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