Elkhorn Fly Tying Demo Eric Philp 1/10/15 Micro Tube Larva: Unknown

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Elkhorn Fly Tying Demo

Eric Philp 1/10/15

Micro Tube Larva: Unknown

Hook:  TMC 2487

Size: 18-24

Thread: Same as tubing color- UTC 70 or Griffiths

Body: Micro tubing

Flashback Miracle Nymph: Variant- Pat Dorsey

Hook:  TMC 2487 or 2488

Size: 16-20

Bead: Diamond

Thread: White UTC 70 or Uni 8/0

Wire: Copper- small

Mylar: Ice Blue Pearl
Bionic Midge: Mark Boname, WY

Hook: Dai Riki 060

Size: 18-20

Thread: Black (brown, cream or wine)

Tail: Pearl Krystal Flash (root beer, hot orange, red)

Abdomen: Thread

Rib: Copper wire- fine

Thorax: Black superfine dubbing

Wing buds: Pearl Krystal Flash used for tail, on side of thorax

Root Beer Midge Emerger: Brad Downey MT

Hook: TMC 100 or 101

Size: 16-20

Bead: Nickle

Thread: Black Uni 8/0

Tubing: Rust- Standard size

Wing: Poly yarn

Little Black Fly: Pat Shelle, MT

Hook: Nymph (TMC 3761 or Dai Riki 060)

Size: 16-22

Thread: Black Uni 8/0 or UTC 70

Bead: Silver, Diamond or Pearl

Tail:  Black saddle hackle

Rib: Silver or gold- fine

Abdomen: Thread- tapered

Thorax: Black squirrel or other coarse dubbing

Wing Case: Pearl mylar

Downey Wonder Nymph

Hook: TMC 2487

Size: 16- 20

Thread: Dark gray- Griffiths 14/0

Tail: Wood duck fibers

Abdomen: Olive or cinnamon caddis superfine dubbing

Thorax: Gray superfine dubbing

Wing Case: Base of a grizzly hackle feather

Griffiths Gnat- Variation: Unknown

Hook: TMC 101

Size: 16-20

Thread: Black Uni 8/0

Hackle: Grizzly and Brown

Orange Asher: Jack Howrath, C. Springs

Hook: TMC 100

Thread: Fl. Fire Orange UTC 70

Tail: Dun hackle fibers

Hackle: Grizzly- open wrap

E/C Caddis: Ralph Cutter, CA

Hook: TMC 200R or 2312

Size: 12-16

Thread: Olive Uni 6/0 or UTC 70

Shuck: Ginger or lt. dun antron or zelon

Rib: Flat dark brown thread

Abdomen: Olive brown superfine dubbing

Thorax: Olive super fine dubbing (tan and gray)

Wing: Yearling elk bleached or deer hair

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