Either the visual system or

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Psy 611 / Malone

Chapter 5

Perceptual Development

  1. Describe the flow of information within either the visual system or the auditory system.

  1. Define the moderate-discrepancy hypothesis. What types of educational materials would the moderate-discrepancy hypothesis predict are most likely to hold children’s attention? Is this prediction consistent with the type of instruction that research in the sociocultural tradition has shown to be most effective?

  1. Infants are initially able to distinguish many phonemic contrasts—even between sounds that do not occur in their language. This ability, however, declines with age. Describe some research investigating this decline. How might this decline be adaptive?

  1. The development of visual skill depends on visual experience. Research on visual acuity, face perception, and stereopsis support this claim. Choose one area; discuss a finding in the area that supports the claim that visual experience is necessary for the development of visual skill.

  1. Explain the reciprocal relationship between perception and action. How do infants’ reactions to the visual cliff demonstrate this relationship?

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