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BICTON - 2014
Wednesday 8th – Friday 10th April
Dear East Devon Members.
Here is your information pack! Please read it carefully. Any queries please telephone or email.

Moe Conneeley – 01404 841147 or email: stunmoe@hotmail.com or

Tanya Davies – 07866 430655 or email: tloosemore@rgb.co.uk

Wednesday 8th April

Arrive at 3:30pm

Be ready to ride or attend camp meeting – depending on groups at 4pm

On arrival please park in the Lorry Park (you will be directed) and go and sign in with Moe Conneeley (follow sign to Moe) without your horse/pony. Take your hat with you. You will be told where your horse/pony is to be stabled. Please note – We are arriving as Cotley PC are leaving so stables will not be ready immediately. We will ride etc before setting up camp & stables.


You should have already organised your accommodation, sleeping arrangements and responsible adult. Please confirm with Moe they are as stated on the original camp form or if there are any changes.


Natty Tatty is providing the children with food for camp –breakfasts, lunch and a cooked meal in the evening. They cater for many events so I am sure that they will provide us with excellent food to keep all the children going! Let us know if you have any special requirements – vegetarian etc. Parents - please cater for yourselves. Moe will require the children’s menu choice with the camp form.

There will be a cold drink and biscuit table set up by the stables mid morning and mid afternoon. Parents are invited to bring a pack of biscuits or cake that can be shared for this. Please leave with Moe on registration.

Showers require 50p’s for the meter.

Horses and Ponies

All horses & ponies will be fed their morning & evening hard feed at the same time.

You will have been allocated stables in your rides. Please bring your own hay and bedding (you will need more hay than you expect – the ponies are working hard and will need plenty of hay.)

Please bring 3 water buckets. At night you will be expected to leave a full bucket outside your stable, this will make the stable manager’s job easier when doing the late night check and your horse/pony has no water. There will be a stable manager allocated for each night check and their contact number will be pinned up at the end of the stable block should you need it.

If your pony is an “escapee” please bring a suitable clip to go on the door bolt.

Your horse/pony must have been vaccinated against flu and tetanus.


Parents are welcome at camp and skills will be utilised! We will need lots of help so please don’t wait to be asked – volunteer! You aren’t required to stay all day but you are responsible for your child after 9pm.


Rides are made up as evenly as possible but there is always tons to consider -children of similar ability, ages, pony size, young horses etc; they are also to encourage new friendships aswell as old. You should wear your Pony Club sweatshirts; this must be worn over your shirt and tie. Also allowed are black, brown or blue jodhpurs. No brightly coloured jodhpurs please. Please ensure you have correct footwear, riding hat (no fixed peaks to be worn XC) a well fitting body protector (for XC, SJ optional) and gloves. Hair should be tied back or in a hairnet. No jewellery should be worn.

Please be on time for your ride.
Evening Entertainment

Each evening – more details during camp.

Please be aware that strictly no alcohol or recreational drugs will be tolerated in camp. Anyone found in possession of either, or under the influence, will be expelled from camp.

This bit is just to remind everyone that our club is well known for being well mannered and super supportive. Camp is the best fun and a positive environment. Our instructors and lecturers are there to help you and provide the benefit of their experience and knowledge. They are the best in the business so please make sure you give them and all our helpers the upmost respect and appreciation.


Bikes are great fun at Bicton and the quickest way to get around! There is lots of space to ride your bikes. However please do not bring your best or a valuable bike because it may get damaged. (Bikes are brought at your own risk)

Bikes are not allowed in the stable area and must be parked sensibly at night to prevent an accident.
Let’s hope for good weather!
Look forward to seeing you there.
Jill x
TIMETABLE for CAMP (Day 2 & 3)



Get up



Water, hay and muck out horses/ponies




3 Groups Groom, change and tack up ready for morning rides


3 Rides move off, 3 Groups attend Lecture Session (1.5hrs)




3 Groups Groom, change and tack up


3 Rides move off, 3 Groups Lecture Session


Return to stables, give hay and water to horses/ponies




Tack up


3 Rides move off, 3 Groups attend Lecture Session (1hr)




3 Rides move off, 3 Groups attend Lecture Session (1hr)


Water, hay and muck out horses/ponies


Feed horses / ponies. Prepare morning feed


SUPPER followed by evening entertainment


Check horses / ponies water and hay




Lights out

East Devon Hunt Pony Club Camp
The Camp organisers have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must make sure that all equipment (for horse and rider) is safe and in good condition.
Please label everything


Medical Armband

Back protector
Riding Hat (no fixed peak for XC)
Notebook and pen
Cake and a packet of biscuits to be handed in on arrival these will be used at tea time and mid morning snack
Riding clothes
Bicycle and helmet (at your own risk)
Change of clothes as necessary – be prepared for colder nights
Tracksuit bottoms are useful for putting over jodhpurs
Sleeping bag, blanket, pillow & camp bed or sleeping mat
Washing things / hairbrush (50p’s for showers)



Head collar / rope
Tack cleaning kit
Complete grooming kit as described in the Pony Club Manual

Tail bandage

Boots if necessary
3 water buckets

2 feed buckets

2 haynets

Lightweight wheelbarrow or skip (a wheelbarrow is very useful when carting clobber to and from stables on arrival and departure

Hard feed (in a bin with lid) labelled.

Hay / Haylage

Horse Bedding – straw or shavings
Bags to take clean bedding home
Flu / Tet certificate
Contact numbers of Vet, Farrier, owner etc

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