E. T. Neutzler Sec Directors Meeting Jan 26, 1950

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2 Wm Turnerto Frederick Turner

1 Wm Wendler

2 Ad. Wegner

2 Ed. Wegner

2 Wm Wegner Trans to O. F. Wegner

2 A. Witschorke B. C. Watson

1 4 1 Wm Wehring

1 Otto Wehring

1 H. C. Wehring Mrs. Ella Wehring

1 A. Weinert

1 Ed Wickel

#52 2 C. L. Wilkerman To Gus Bredthauer

2 A. S. Whitener

1 R. Witschorke Chas. Witschorke

2 John Zettler

2 Henry Stolz to Gin Ass and again transfered [sic] to Charlie Meier Meyer

45 Charlie Meier

(1) Wm Meineke to Gin Ass. To R A. Fuchs

2 1 Fritz Bosse

1 Ed Kieke

1 Kirvin Kieke

1 Oliva Jane Whitener

1 Ura Lee Whitener

2 Gus Maass

2 Gus Draeger

1 Fritz Sommerfeld

1 John Bethke

1 Emil Muehlbradt

1 Emelie Oevermann

2 Rich Krause

2 H. Knittel

1 Thad Knittel H. Dieckmeier Ed Schatz

1 Fritz Kunkel

1 Mrs C. Heilhecker

2 Paul Ganske

2 O. H. Hueske

1 Fritz Hopmann 1 2 W R. Wiesner Ora Nell Wehring

1 Ed Hopmann

1 Richard Hanath

4 R. Jaroszewski

4 Mrs Bertha Jaroszewski

2 G. Jaster

1 A. Jaster

1 Fritz Jaster Burton Lumber Co.

3 2 W. G. Krause Fritz Bosse – Anna Bosse & Ed J. Fuchs

1 Rud Krause & H G Krause

1 Geo. Hewitt Minnie Hopmann

6 Fritz Knipstein

2 Otto Knipstein

2 & 2 Wm Knipstein 2 P A. Maass

2 Louis Knipstein

4 2 Alb. Knipstein

3 L. Lange Fred Broesche

6 Mrs C H. Laas Gin Assn To Wm Wehring 5 R A Fuchs 1 Ura Lee Whitener

2 Mrs Aug Lentz Transfered [sic] to Theodore Felder

2 Willie Hinze Transfered [sic] to Steiner & Dallmeyer

1 Ad. Mackenroth

2 E. T. Matthies

2 W. Meier

1 John Ludwig

2 A. J. Neutzler

2 Mrs Alma Neutzler To Louis Bethke

2 F. Oevermann

2 Chas. Oevermann

6 2 Hy Oevermann

2 F. Prenzler

2 Paul Pfundt

2 Wm Quade W L. Luedemann Mrs Emma L. Kusch

2 Henry Quade

5 5 1 L. Schatz (Hy) Emelia Oevermann

1 Adolph Stark


Stockholders 107
No of shares

1 Mrs T. J. Awalt

2 Carl Boehnemann Fritz Boehnemann

2 G. Bethke

2 Ben Bosse

1 Louis Bosse

1 Ernst Bosse

1 Wm Bredthauer

4 2 Aug. Bethke Two shares were issued to Mrs Augusta Bethke

2 H. A. Broesche

1 Fred Broesche

2 G. A. Broesche

2 John Braun Louis Braun

1 Otto Braun

2 Gus Boeker

1 Chas. Boenemann Jr

2 J. R. Cunningham

2 A Drews

2 F. Dallmeyer

2 C. Dallmeyer

2 C. D. Dallmeyer

2 H. Dallmeyer

4 W. Dallmeyer

1 Wilfred Dallmeyer Erwin Dallmeyer

1 Rudolf Draeger

6 H. Dieckmeier

1 Hy Dieckmeier Ed Schatz John Bethke

1 Fritz Dietrich

1 Rube Dement

1 Beth Dement

1 C. F. Derrick

2 J. E. Felder

5 6 1 R. A. Fuchs

1 Hy Goldberg

3 Emil Ganske Chas. Oevermann

1 Louis Klanke

2 Mrs Emilie Kieke Willie H. Keke [sic]

1 Louis Kieke Miss Mamie A. Buck

2 Mrs E. Koerth Thos Watson

2 Alb. Kuehn

Directors Meeting Aug 8, 1959
Directors Meeting called to order by the president with all directors present.

Previous Minutes were approved as read.

Motion made and seconded to charge for Ginning as follows: Hand pick cotton $1.50 per c.w.t., Bollies $2.20 per c.w.t., Bagging and Ties $4.25 per B/c. Carried.

Motion made and seconded to allow H. C. Wehring, 12 cts a ton for loading cottonseed & Hulls for his seed Conveyer. Carried.

Motion made and seconded to buy nessary [sic] rubber stamps at Warehouse. Carried.

Motion made and seconded that it: Be resolved by the board of Directors of the Burton Farmers Gin Ass’n Inc. that Frankie J. Jaster act as Power of attorney in behalf of the corporation and sign all legal transactions. Carried.

Following are charges for loading 1958 cotton into Freight Car. $252.60, cotton 51 cts per unit, a total of 4735 units would equal to a amount of $2414.85

Motion made and seconded & Carried.

To Who It may be Concerned:

Whereas: During cotton ginning season additional funds are need to buy cottonseed, Bagging & ties etc, Therefore be it resolved that our manager H. C. Wehring be permitted to secure a loan up to $2000.00 from the Burton Sate [sic] Bank.

No further business adjourned


Directors Meeting Nov 5, 1959
Directors Meeting called to order by the president with all directors, manager and representative of the Continental Gin Co. present.

It was agreed by the directors to give a Blanket order for Continental Gin cleaners and same be left up to the stockholders at the annual meeting.

Motion made and seconded to buy extra gin saws for shaft for Gin Stand.


Motion made and seconded to find out the price of another section or story for tower drier. Carried.

Not further business the meeting adjourned.

E. T. Neutzler


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