Dyskinesia Challenge 2012 Principal Investigator Name

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Dyskinesia Challenge 2012
Principal Investigator Name: ___________________________________________________________

First Name Last Name Suffix

Institution: ____________________________________________________________________________
Project Title: ___________________________________________________________________________

The proposal should contain a concise description of the experiments you propose to perform. Applicants should state the ultimate goal of the proposal, explain the rationale and impact of the proposed studies, and provide relevant methodological detail. References to published literature should be included as appropriate. A single supplemental page containing figures, micrographs or data tables may be included in addition to the 3-page narrative. These supplemental data must be referenced in the narrative.

Required Materials:

(These materials should be combined into a single PDF file with this page as the coversheet)
Title Page and Checklist

Project Narrative - 3 page maximum (Please address the topics raised on the following page)

Literature Citations – 1 page maximum

Personnel Information (Biographical Sketches) – 2 page maximum per investigator

Other Funding – for each paid investigator on the grant

Support Documents – 1 page figure, table or micrograph

Please use this template as your project narrative (no more than THREE pages)

Briefly state the specific target/target feature being studied and the hypothesized mechanism for how the novel target contributes to or is a potential counter to dyskinesia.

Provide a short statement of the specific hypothesis you will test or the specific objective you are attempting to reach within the project period that can directly validate your dyskinesia target.

Describe the specific study(ies) you will perform over the project period to directly address the stated hypothesis/objective. Include sufficient detail of study methods to allow reviewers to understand your plan to ensure reviewers can evaluate your strategy without reference to extensive external sources of information (e.g., reagent concentrations, assays and specific animal models used, measurements to be assessed, subject recruitment strategy, statistical power and analyses planned, etc.).

Explain how your proposed activities will address novel targets to further our understanding and/or treatment of Levodopa-induced dyskinesia.

Briefly describe what expertise is provided by the Principle Investigator and investigator team to ensure successful completion of the project within the award period, including relevant experience in all methods and techniques proposed.


All proposals must be submitted online through the following link: https://www.GrantRequest.com/SID_592?SA=SNA&FID=35183

Applicants will be required to complete an online submission form before uploading a proposal file.
To access the MJFF online submission form, please click on the above link and either create a user account or sign in to your existing account. Please retain your username and password because MJFF does not have access to this information.
Information Required for the Online Submission Form:

  • PI Contact Information: Institution, Mailing Address, Email, Phone

  • CoPI and/or Collaborator (if any) Contact Information: Label as CoPI, Collaborator, Consultant, etc., Paid, Unpaid, Institution, Mailing Address, Email, Phone

  • Project Duration: one year maximum

  • Project Budget: $125,000 maximum total budget inclusive of indirect costs of no more than 10% direct costs. If awarded, MJFF will request a formal budget to be submitted with your contracting information.

Please upload your proposal (the components should be combined into ONE PDF DOCUMENT) including the following REQUIRED documents:

  1. Application Checklist

  2. Project Narrative: 3-page limit; Please utilize the template provided

  3. Literature Citations: 1-page limit

  4. Personnel Information: Biographical sketches for Principal Investigator and all other individuals on the grant. NIH-style forms are acceptable but should be limited to no more than two pages.

  5. Other Funding: Include for each investigator receiving funding from the grant

  6. Support Documents: A single page of photographs or figures which MUST be referenced within the proposal narrative section.

Please Note:

• Application document components must be combined into ONE single PDF document

• Project Narrative

    1. Use letter-size pages (8.5 x 11 inches) with a minimum of one-inch margins on the top, bottom, and both sides of every page.

    2. Pages are to be typed and may be single, 1.5, or double-spaced in Times New Roman, 12-point font.

Photograph or figure

    1. No less than one-inch (1”) margins on the top, bottom, and both sides of this page

    2. Both the figure and any legend must fit on this single page

    3. Fonts should be typed in Times New Roman font and be no smaller than size 12-point

• Other elements of the application:

    1. Outside the narrative, margins are no less than half-inch (.5”) on the top, bottom, and both sides of every page

    2. Outside the narrative, font should be no smaller than 10-point

• Symbols do not transfer correctly to our online system. Please make sure to spell out any symbols in your application online form. For example, please type out alpha-synuclein.

• Please type your login email address correctly otherwise you may not receive important information regarding your submission, or be able to access your account.

• Once you begin an online application, you may save and return to it before final submission. When ready, please click ‘submit’ to ensure that your submission is delivered promptly to MJFF.

• Notices of proposal receipt are automatically sent by email upon online submission. If this automatic notification is not received within one hour of submission, please contact MJFF to check on the status of your proposal (research@michaeljfox.org). Please also expect an email within one-week of the submission deadline notifying you of administrative review status.

Please note that all funding decisions are final and no appeals process is available.
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