Duluth Police faq’s on Department Policies 22-04-05 general issued vehicle regulations

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Duluth Police FAQ’s on Department Policies

Employees of this Department who have been issued vehicles will be permitted to drive them to and from work, to and from court and while on city related business.  The use of issued city vehicles for other approved part-time work is permitted if the job has been approved (See 53-08 Secondary employment). Other uses of the vehicle must be approved by the Chief of Police or his designee.

The current distance for take home vehicles authorized by the city is a radius distance of 25 statute miles from the city limits to the officer’s home. This distance is subject to change and is not grievable.
11-03-03       MUSTACHE

A neatly trimmed mustache of reasonable length is acceptable. Generally a mustache should not extend more than two inches below the lower lip, unless it is part of a full face beard or combined with a goatee type beard. A military style mustache is preferred where the lip line is visible and the ends do not extend below the corners of the mouth.


11-03-04       BEARDS

Beards (of any type) may be worn as long as the beard is kept neat, trimmed and well-groomed at all times. Patchy, bushy and/or unkempt facial hair is not authorized. Facial hair should not be of such a length that would present an unprofessional appearance when the uniform is worn.

11-03-09       TATTOOS

A.      Definition

Tattoo: A permanent mark or design made on the skin by a process of pricking and ingraining an indelible ink pigment or by raising scars.

B.      Generic Standard

1.       The wearing of a visible tattoo that depicts nudity, violence, vulgarity, obscenity or racially/culturally/religiously/sexually prejudicial designs is not authorized.

2.      Employees are encouraged to seek guidance prior to obtaining the tattoos regarding any visible tattoos to avoid confusion regarding their acceptability.


The following are the elements of the promotional process currently in use by the Duluth Police Department.  The Chief of Police, having overall authority over promotions, may choose to change the order or elements of the process prior to any promotion cycle. Any employee who does not meet the eligibility requirements; but believes that they should be considered for the position, may apply for a waiver from the Chief of Police. If a waiver is granted the applicant may participate in the promotional process. If a waiver is not granted, the applicant may not participate in the promotional process.

All applicants for all promotion must be in “Good Standing” at the time they apply for promotion. To be in “Good Standing” means that the candidate is not currently under investigation by the department, Ga. POST, or any law enforcement agency; not under indictment; and they are current and valid with all certifications and licenses required for the position; and not under disciplinary suspension or termination proceedings.     

  1. Non-competitive positions. The following are non-competitive positions within the department:

  1. Master Patrol Officer

Must successfully pass a written test and must have one year of continuous service as a full time sworn and Ga. certified officer with the City of Duluth from the completion of the FTO program. The year does not include time spent in the FTO program.
51-02-02       POSITION VACANCY

When a position is vacant, the Chief of Police or his designee may determine that the position is open. If the position is open, the Chief will advise the Pre‑employment Investigator. The Pre‑employment Investigator will be responsible for conducting all aspects of the pre‑employment investigation, and prepare all necessary and related documents for review by the Chief of Police. While the Chief of Police is generally the only person who has the authority to make an offer of employment; he may delegate this authority to another such as the Deputy Chief of Police or a member of the Command Staff.  


All applicants must:

1.       Be able to read, write and speak standard American English.

2.      All applicants must meet or exceed all physical requirements for the position for which they have applied. Be able to pass the pre-employment medical screening.

3.      Be able to pass a pre-employment background checks.

4.      Have the ability to acquire and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities to satisfactorily perform all job tasks related to successful job performance as required for the position. All police officer and radio operator applicants must meet or exceed all Ga. POST requirements for the specific position.

5.      Have a High School Diploma or state-issued G.E.D. All positions.

6.      Be at least 18 years of age for all positions

7.      Meet the requirements of the job - such as police officer applicants must meet the requirement as provided by O.C.G.A. 35-8.

8.      This agency participates in E-Verify

20-01-02       WATCH OPERATIONS

A.      Shifts

         The Uniform Patrol Division operates watches or shifts. They may be organized as follows:

      1. Day Watch             

      2. Evening Watch

      3. Morning Watch


        1. Day Watch

        2. Night Watch

Shifts may be organized in an 8, 10, or 12 hour duration time frame. Shifts may vary as to being eight hours, ten hours or twelve hours in duration. Some units in a division may operate at various lengths in duration depending on the nature of their assignment. Currently the Uniform Patrol Division works 12 hour shifts with rotating off days. Traffic units and K9 units work shifts as per their supervisor schedules.   

See O.C.G.A. 35-8-8 and 35-8-9 for state certification requirements. http://www.gapost.org/

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