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Page-flipping stereoscopic display with shutter glasses

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Page-flipping stereoscopic display with shutter glasses

    1. Autostereoscopic display — A kind of 3D display that uses a pair or multiple sets of 2D images as the image sources for the viewer’s eyes. On the display, optical means or opto-electronic means are used to separate the images. The viewer doesn’t need to wear special 3D glasses; however, the viewer needs to stay at a specifically designated location to watch stereoscopic images with depth perception.

      1. 2-view autostereoscopic display — A display with two viewing zones. The viewing zone forming optics of such a display includes parallax barriers, lenticular lens arrays or directional backlight, as shown in figure 4. The viewer should stay at designated eye positions to watch this kind of display. The viewing distance is specified and the lateral position is limited.

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