Draft document Number: 4761 Date: 7/8/2018

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Document Number: 4761

Date: 7/8/2018

Background Statement for SEMI Draft Document 4761

  1. New Standard: 3D Display Terminology

Note: This background statement is not part of the balloted item. It is provided solely to assist the recipient in reaching an informed decision based on the rationale of the activity that preceded the creation of this document.

Note: Recipients of this document are invited to submit, with their comments, notification of any relevant patented technology or copyrighted items of which they are aware and to provide supporting documentation. In this context, “patented technology” is defined as technology for which a patent has issued or has been applied for. In the latter case, only publicly available information on the contents of the patent application is to be provided.

3D displays (both with and without special glasses) are being commercialized very quickly. However, there are many terms related to 3D displays which are not clearly defined. This causes communication problems between parties in the supply chain. Therefore, standardization of 3D display terminologies will accelerate industry development. In this document, part of the definitions of terminologies are closely related with its measurement method. These will be clearly explained in other related standard documents.

The results of this ballot will be adjudicated at the Taiwan Flat Panel Display Committee meeting scheduled on March 25, 2010 in Hsinchu.
If you need further assistance, or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact SEMI Taiwan Leon Huang by phone at 886-3-573-3399 ext. 217 or by email at standards@semi.org, or, the 3D Display Metrology Task Force co-leaders:

Kuen Lee, whose email address is kuenlee@itri.org.tw,

Jally Chen, whose email address is jally0203@cmo.com.tw, or

Eric YS Jeng, whose email address is eric.ys.jeng@auo.com.

SEMI Draft Document 4761

  1. New Standard: 3D Display Terminology

  1. Purpose

    1. This Standard is written to provide better communication between parties in the supply chain as well as between resale and consumers.

  2. Scope

    1. This Standard starts with the basic and most necessary terms which are used in 3D display (especially for those different from 2D displays). Establishment of other related terminologies will follow.

NOTICE: This standard does not purport to address safety issues, if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the users of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory or other limitations prior to use.

  1. Referenced Standards


  1. Abbreviations and Acronyms

    1. 3DThree dimensional, 3-dim.

    2. 2D — Two dimensional, 2-dim.

    3. DEP — Designated eye position

    4. LMD — Light measurement device

    5. IPD Interpupillary distance

  2. Definitions

    1. 3D display — In general, the terminology “3D display” means a specific kind of display, which utilizes optical means to direct different images with parallax to the left and right eyes of a viewer. The viewer fuses these images in his/her brain to perceive stereopsis. For example, stereoscopic 3D displays or autostereoscopic 3D displays.

    2. Stereoscopic 3D display — A kind of 3D display that uses a pair of 2D images as their image sources for the viewer’s eyes. Optical means or electronic means on the display are used to separate the images. The viewer wearing specific 3D glasses is able to watch stereoscopic images with depth perception.

      1. Stereoscopic display with passive glasses — A kind of 3d display for which the viewer should wear a pair of passive glasses when watching. The passive glasses include linear polarization glasses, circular polarization glasses and color filter glasses, etc. The stereoscopic display with polarization glasses contains patterned retarder type, as shown in figure 1, stacked dual panel technology with passive glasses, as shown in figure 2, etc. The stereoscopic display with color filter glasses contains anaglyph type, narrow-band color filter type, etc.

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