Doing political art since 2004, I consider the importance of meaningful reaction

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Eike Waltz
Doing political art since 2004, I consider the importance of meaningful reaction to political art as both positive and negative. Negative is the extraordinary silence, complacency, ignorance and need for characterization of being classified as an activist or with other words …a freak. Whilst positive is... that this intellectual vacuum provides for an enormous fertile ground to educate citizens expressing social and political concerns.

What is happening in to-days America is the lag of comprehensive education allowing for a political environment nurtured by a freak show hungry press and We The People let it happen (see my attached poem “I hate history as it repeats itself”).

.... Intellectual vacuum example: A college student when interviewed about the significance of Benghazi responded: He is not my favored Republican Senator.

  1. Proposal

Yes, it is sad, that we have to remind our public funds receiving “contemporary arts” institutions that they do have a social justice and a political engagement obligation to preserve dialog and thus our “democracy”.

I propose that every Museum of Art claiming to be contemporary and receiving public funds (how ever much) has the obligation to engage in political responsibility and present every year and specifically during an election year a balanced or unbalanced point of view of political and social justice related art expressions. Furthermore, access should be free and part of the college curriculum with students having to write a thesis.

The state of the Nation as viewed by the arts.

The public funded Museums of Art have to display and Q/A these events at their main Galleries, for the period of 1 month min, at least 20% of their available space.

See our website: (click on Video Art and see our videos “We the pissed off” – “Art bites back” – “Citizen Sheila” – “Sanctus Picasso” – “Schmoozing the Weird”.

  1. Political charged poetry by eike waltz

a) The coronation of the Dada Donald
>100 years ago WWI was raging – The Great War…also called the last war or the last honorable war (whatever that meant to the 37 million casualties including 940K Americans …killed).

In the midst of that senseless turmoil DADAism was born and became thee counter culture.

>Dadaism was founded 2016 in Zurich’s Cabaret Voltaire. The meaning of Dada is best explained by blubbering baby talk, protesting against the bourgeois, nationalist and colonialist interests, which many Dadaists believed were the root cause of World War I.
>Dada activities included public gatherings, demonstrations, publications of art and literary journals, resulting in a passionate and revolutionary coverage of art and politics. Topics where often fiercely discussed in a variety of media. Duchamp, Man Ray, Arp, Schwitters and poets like Tristan Tzara, Yeates, E.E. Cummings, Amy Lowell are typical representative artists of DADAism.
>Well, 2016 is not only an election year but also the 100s anniversary of DADA.

Here is my DADA contribution, based on historical abnormalities and the infamous characters of Mussolini and Donald Trumpolini:

The coronation of the Dada Donald

Dodo is long dada

long live dadody…

What do we da have

100 dadadadadadas later?

Give us

da T

Give us

da R

Give us

dad U

Give me

da M for M M Meeeeee

Relieve me

of da yellowy, da smelloy, da spewy… Pee

Gone in da flash

Cesspool splash

Dada, one hundad dada dad?

Yada, Yada…Yada

Ohhhh… nada, nada…nada

Dad means da Dodo

Long live ….dada da daa

Haddy …Baddy …DADA

Kiss da Donald

On da Trumpolini

Gone ….da blabber lightweight joker

kicking ….da Christian lawyer liar

DADA o DADA why o whya

I like da punch you in da face

Bore me again ….as you only won Ohia

O yeah… America… the press saw me comin

The best clown in town


Build da Mexican wall

high and higher

deport da gangsters all

[is he really paying for that all???]

What can da loose?



Brilliant Putin is tutin:

Hey badddy…Nukes are for hire

Load da trumpet with fire

Da dara dara da da da daaaaaa

Da dara darata tata taaaa

….Sch>>>>>it… happens

Donald breath… breath…

Just dooooo…. what you say

You do it… anyway….

Our goldie locks

Our commander….

Heil da King …Brag-a-Lot

Don’t mess with da messsssss…sssiah


….Ha’ Ha’……………..

And…and… I see…

What remains

…Of… me
b) The Wiki Demagogue

A demagogue is a political leader in a democracy who gains popularity by appealing to the passions, prejudices, and ignorance of the common people. Demagogues usually oppose deliberation and advocate immediate, violent action to address a national crisis; demagogues accuse moderate and thoughtful opponents of weakness. Demagogues exploit a fundamental weakness in democracy: …because ultimate power is held by the people, nothing stops the people from giving that power to someone who appeals to the lowest common denominator of a large segment of the population…This is called a demagogue.

Take this as an Example
The cruzification of Hilary

That demagogue says:

She is crooked

And the media

is in euphoria.
That demagogue says:

She is crooked

And we the people

let it stick…sensing strange erotic pleasure.

That demagogue says:

She is crooked

And we the people

tolerate in silence

insults and character assassination.
The who …we became

now bystanders of national shame…

Yes, this is insane…

And all we react?...

act like we are charmed by an historical process of the abnormal.
“in god we trust”

now conveniently bust.

Hale… get on your knees

we praise the arrival of our powerful messiah…

Our god send…pathological liar


The demagogues mind boggling spew…

calls her crooked

and by passive association

we all become crooked too

Why… we don’t want to know

Or is it

…because a messiah preaches this dangerous shit

….So…. at least something must be true?

She is crooked.

and we ….

Eyes wide open

In trance… mesmerized

Swallow such venomous elixir

And are ready to join this so …intoxicating cheer:

Lock her up

Lock her up

Lock her up….




…Just one thing I like you to remember:

That we live in a culture

where facts don’t matter

is no excuse for complacency.

After all…

It is on our watch

It is on your watch…

You were there…as you are here…

Your silence = support for a demagogue

Your Bernie or bust = support for a demagogue

And forever…

You will have this ignorance to bare.

PS: Dear lord…is this… our future…

Is this what the 21st century is to become?

What do I tell my daughter, ….my grand son?

A demagogue … did highjack our patriotic soul…

…This demagogue…

already claims…

….. What he has done….

He is inside us… all of us

He won sanctuary in our hearts…

This hateful seed

“That she is crooked”

Has taken roots

Inside you and me….and every one
….This… is… his victory…
c) My presentation to a young group of passionate poets

A real live interview

In the 1960’s the Beatles had a famous song called Revolution

Here are a couple of lines:

You say you want a revolution,

Well, you know, we all want to change the world.
You tell me that it's evolution
Well, you know, we all want to change the world”.

Fredric Jameson argued that when the fitful apprehension of history does enter people’s lives it is often through the feeling of belonging to a particular generation

I hate history

as it repeats itself.

Lawmakers bore me

as they repeatedly

analyze a constitution

in historical crisis…

A nation unequal in dialog.

Every self-serving clique

emerges in cliché

rearranging a future

suckers can’t even see

as if self-destruction is the only option.


let me ask you

who is your teacher

what is your school

where have you been:

Who voted in 2000?

Not many I see…It was the Supreme Court

Who voted in 2004?

Why was Bush voted in for a second term?

Because the American people voted so.

With other words: Collectively, We the People were responsible…Don’t even think…not me

Who voted in 2008?

The Obama revolution.

Change we can believe in…and we danced and cried in the streets. Sweet intoxication, …real hope for change…and the Democratic Party rested on their laurels.

Itch McConnel promised a one term presidency.

Who voted 2010?

The Teaparty revolution

Why were they absent in the devastating Bush years? ….Was it racism?

Supported by the forever poor, the outsourced middle class, the right wing media, the elite.

And you, who had hoped for that all embracing change…remember… you became dormant and embarrassingly complacent.

Teapartiers took control of Congress…. And the NO’s have it.

You responded with ….Occupy, Occupy Santa Cruz, Occupy Wallstreet…..can you even remember that feverish shit…
Who voted in 2012?

I see….

Some Democrat’s limped out of hiding for a last ditch to save Obama’s way …and Boehner could only mumble NO…. Itch O’Connel followed with ….shit, shit, shit.
Who voted 2014?

Democrat’s … fund-raising their re-election …take no risk …and so risked more than they had bargained for….They lost the majority in the Senate as well. And the NO’s strangle it.

Change, now a faint disappointing Wiki record of the past…as, all of you became dormant and embarrassingly complacent. Yes, “We the people” …what an embarrassing lot.
Who will vote in 2016?

Obama we can forget.


the finest President we ever had.

The ecstasy, that fever of revolutionary democracy, the Bern or bust.

Promising ….arevolution” in place of the now so stalereal change”

I bet,

If you sink in contempt

If you sink into hatred

If you protest to self-destruction

And forget what is at stake

This will freeze your Bern

faster than you can put him into a populists urn….

Your passionate heat …a flash in time.


Is not revolution

but all nagging confusion

even you cannot define.

I hear you…

I remember mine.

I hate history

as it fades so easily into obscurity.

The first woman for president ?.

Hurray for presidents: Golda Meir, Benazier Bhutto, Maggi Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Indira Gandhi, Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Gloria Arroyo, Aung San Suu Kyi and now Theresa May.

I hate history

It may be of notable interest that none of these remarkable women had or have a… penis.

The republican harvest

does not sting like a bee

but it makes the horny press publicly pee.

Trumpolini…the American face of fascism based on celebrity television and casino greeters come-on. Comparable with the 1930’s Mussolini re-incarnation of the Roman splendors of Italy’s glorious past.

Halleluiah …Halleluiah we built a wall….thank god …you can’t convince us all

I hate history

as calls for walls that repeat themselves.

And as for you

I challenge you

to be different at last…

Don’t play

this placid, boring same

I hate history

As revolution always eats its children.

And nothing… nothing really changes

as long we indulge

in that satisfying

that cancerous religious righteousness

for all we know….blond… blue eyed …Jesus was born in Texas

after all….
I hate history.

And we lobby god…

Yes, we do

to bless our wicket guns.

Why…does god take that money …

Why can’t he say no for once…

…we lost sisters

…we lost brothers

black, white and for all it matters…all shades of gray

we pray…we pray

and you …do nothing

but divide…


…Dear Lord

I refuse to give up…in you…and…. for a better world

And you…my brothers…my sisters …despite…

please… make it a better world

I want to love history.

As I don’t want to be the tyrant of my own mind

I urge young boys

the importance

of carrying their first love

on their naïve backs

And for once …I don’t mind… to repeat… myself.

As if there is no history nomore

The end is a “very …sad… time”

(Fukuyama wrote)

O save me ….save me…

from my dismal lapses of short memory…
Liberty Suspended

It would be difficult to argue against the claim made for it, that the Statue of Liberty, which stands on Liberty Island in the Upper Bay of New York Harbor, is the most famous statue in the world. Every visitor who arrives in New York by sea sees this symbol. She represents Liberty freed from her chains, holding in her right hand a torch and cradling in her left arm a tablet representing the Declaration of Independence.
My Statue of Liberty became “Barbie the shareholder” and “we, the shareholders” don’t care (as long as our share rises).

“Liberty Suspended” has replaced the original statue of Liberty with Barbie mindedness.

To prove my point I interviewed approx 800+ individuals.

The following questions where asked to University Professors, School Teachers, Students, the Public and Local Politicians:

1. Q: Have you seen with your own eyes the statue of Liberty in NY Harbor ?

A: Most had visited the statue of Liberty in NY Harbor and took the Circle Line.

2. Q: Do you know why she is there ?

A: “The French gave it” was the overwhelming response

3. Q: Why was she given by the French ?

A: “No Idea” was the overwhelming response (a French ship got lost in a storm and ended up in NY)
4. Q: What does the NY statue of Liberty hold in her right hand ?

A: approx 50% responded “a torch”; other: “a candle, a book, flowers, pointing a finger”, etc

5. Q: What does the NY statue of Liberty hold in her left hand ?

A: Only 2 out of 800 responded with “The Declaration of Independence”

One responded “something with independence”

697 out of 800 responded with:

The Magna Charta

The Bible

A Book

Some tablet

The Constitution

The Bill of Rights

Don’t know
6. When explaining that it is the date of the Declaration of Independence I had followed up with the question: Independence from whom ?

Response: The French


The Southern States


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