Doctor's specialization in Switzerland (Federal post-graduated training)

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Doctor's specialization in Switzerland

(Federal post-graduated training)

The I.S.F.M * is the institute to consult before entering or being allowed to enter a specialization in medicine in Switzerland. The I.S.F.M is part of the F.M.H** but it is independent though. / Tél.: 0041 (0)31 359 11 11

*I.S.F.M = Swiss Institute for post-graduate medical training (translation from the French)

= SIWF in German (Schweizerisches Institut für ärztliche Weiter- und Fortbildung)

**F.M.H = Swiss Medical Association (In French : Fédération des médecins suisses)

Questions/Answers and procedure :

 Which swiss organism gives information about the specialization of general practitioners ?

 The ISFM (which is a part of the FMH)

 Is the procedure of specialization the same for a Swiss doctor and a EU doctor ?

 Yes. It is the same. The EU general practitioners must complete the dame training programs. No examens necessary. But recognition of qualifications must be requested at the OFSP.

 OFSP = Federal Office of Public Health :

 Where is it possible to specialize ? What kind of structures are allowed/able to specialize general practitioners ?

o University College Hospitals ?

o Non-university college Hospitals?

o Private clinics ?

o Private medicine practices?

 In all of them it is possible to specialize provided they are officially registered to I.S.F.M and if all those institutions follow the specialization's program set by I.S.F.M.

 To sum up :

o Step 1 (to do at first ! ):

The candidate chooses his/her specialization (cardiology, immunology, pediatric,….) using the post-gratuated training program
Ø then choose "Formation postgraduée médecins-assistants", then go to "Bases", 2nd: "Programmes de formation postgraduée"  here, there are all the titels/trainings available. For example if you clic on "Ophtalmologie", you'll find all the training program. .
The duration of the different specializations varies from one year to five years in general.

o Step 2:

Choose the hospital/establishment on the same list

 Another important thing : the legal basis (the regulation) (= "Réglementation" in French)

Go to

Then "Formation postgraduée médecins-assistants" (on the left side of the screen)

Then "Bases" (on the right side)

Then "Réglementation pour la formation postgraduée"

> You will find (in that example) the rules for the FMH port-graduate Certificate

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