Dentist's Ethics Introduction to Ethics in Dentistry
  Current concepts of pulp protection
  Pulpal diseases
  Fourth Class University of Mosul Dr. Rasha Al-Shamaa (Operative Dentistry) Vital Pulp Therapy Introduction
  The larynx lecture 1 Dr. Basil Saeed Assistant Professor Anatomy
  Miscellaneous Pharyngeal Conditions Paterson-Kelly Syndrome
  د. باسل محمد نذير سعيد Lecture 1 The Nose Anatomy of the Nose 1: External nose
  External nose
  The external ear
  4th stage نسائية Lec-1 د
  Pharynx Dr. Basil Saeed, Assistant Prof. Lecture 1 Anatomy
  The lacrimal system consists of: 1- secretory portion
  Hirsutism & virilism Definition
  Gait Abnormal gait
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