Diocese of mbaise presidential address delivered to the third session of the eight synod

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Truly, we have continued to appreciate the effort of our Diocesan Council of Knights. She has been prompt in meetings and activities and in defence of her obligations.

We commend her strive to making sure that her secretariat building at St. Barths Ngurunweke is finished, which if assiduously pursued will be dedicated on a record time; considering the extent of work done.

However, we have noted with dismay some sense and impression of incoherency in ideas, forms, values, patterns and exhibition amongst the council; though obvious in human organizations and units, but not to be orchestrated in a Christian institution. These and more may deter oneness of purpose and enviable progress. We therefore advise that the Exco and members should come to terms and forms of standard as to achieve the very essence of Knighthood.

The Knighthood is an order and should be in-order (orderly). The Exco has been advised on a thorough and unbiased stewardship report and we may not on our own part under God fail to discipline the undisciplined.

We affirm that you have been made a knight to defend and promote God’s business and Christian virtues. We thank those who have been faithful and committed in service and pray them not to relent. For God surely rewards in good measure a faithful servant.


To the Glory of God, the Diocesan AYF is 20. The celebration though not extensively marked but was celebrated with adore and glamour in a thanksgiving service at the Cathedral Church of St. Michael and All Angels Ife on Sunday 17th April 2016. Prior to the thanksgiving service, the AYF had a week long activities centered on cleaning and inspection on all our church premises, seminars and prayer session; a show of commitment and responsibility which we quite appreciate.

The thanksgiving service was spectacular; the national executive of the AYF, the Provincial executive and the Diocesan Executive with numerous members of the AYF from all the churches in the Diocese including the past leaders, the Patrons and Patronesses and many faithful were in the service. Our Bishop - The Rt. Rev’d Chamberlain Ogunedo was in that service honoured with the ‘highest honour in the AYF’ – A National Patron’ and the Bishop’s wife Mrs Oluchi Ogunedo – Mama Mbaise as A National Patroness.

We continue to appreciate the Youth Fellowship on her new zeal, understanding and fellowship. We thank the leadership of the AYF; the Clergy and wives and all our members who sponsored the programme.

Our AYF has the project of establishing a water processing factory; this is quite good; we are their parents, they need our comprehensive encouragement.

We therefore implore us to privately and collectively give them support it is to our success and development as a people and Diocese.

We urge the youths to be obedient, simple hearted and diligent in service.


The Children Ministry as a veritable arm of the church with the underlying understanding that our children are the ‘Church tomorrow’ is waxing strong.

Our children are doing well in knowledge, number and strength.

As a Diocese, we were privileged to host the 2016 Provincial ACM Conference at the Cathedral Church of St. Michael and All Angels Ife on 30th March – 2nd April, 2016. It was quite an enriching Conference for our Provincial ACM Teachers.

The presence of Parents, some who were made Provincial ACM Patrons and Patronesses including us as grand patron on the occasion graced the ceremony.

We commend the effort of our ACM Chaplains, leaders and teachers and the Conference Planning Committee for a successful Provincial ACM Teachers Conference.

We thank the Clergy and members for their support and urge parents to always be conscious of the spiritual growth of our children and assist the teachers to catch them young for Jesus. ‘They are the leaders of tomorrow’.


Though we mourn the exit of our indefatigable Chancellor, Sir Bon Nwakanma SAN OON; the leader of our legal unit; Nevertheless, we continue to thank God for a formidable legal unit.

Our legal unit has gone for and secured for this Diocese a “Certificate of Incorporation”. By this, Our Diocese is certified a corporate body and legal entity. She can ‘sue and be sued’, and can go for any relevant advantages attached to a Corporate Organization (Church Institution). The legal unit is not relenting in pursuing all matters as it were requiring legal attention and as it affects the Church.

We commend the effort of the deputy Chancellor, Sir Barr Ernest Nwagwu and his lieutenants – Sir Barr. Sam. Onyeike, Barr. Kester Enwereonu, Ugoeze Lady Barr. Ihuarulam Nwogu and Sir Barr. Chike Osuocha.

We wish them well and encourage them to do more exploits in the Lord’s service.


The Diocesan Fathers’ Fellowship with her Chaplains and executive is waxing strong. Her 2015 Convention at St. Thomas Church Udo was very successful.

The fathers with concerted effort and the vision of a laudable project have purchased a piece of land for a capital project in view.

We commend the fathers and ask them not to relent in defending their God given roles in the homes, church and society.


Our Secondary Schools; Ife Grammar School, Amumara Secondary School and Mary Sumner Juniorate are at their various locations and environmental variables impressively receiving attention to attain the desired standards academically and otherwise. On Friday 4th March 2016, our sons from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN): Sir Erasmus Okoro, Prof Obinna Njoku, and Prof Chukwudi Anyanwu in conjunction with the Diocesan Education Committee paid special visit to these our schools. It was a fact finding mission by these our sons so mentioned towards assisting us curb some of the challenges facing the schools. It was heartwarming. From the visit Mary Sumner Juniorate Okpofe now have a Standard laboratory with the necessary reagents, laboratory apparatus and ceiling fans required of a standard school laboratory supplied; courtesy of our UNN sons mentioned.

The school – Mary Sumner Juniorate had also received a face lift in structure; courtesy of our son, Sir Solomon Opara; The school’s Board of Governors (BOG) Chairman who had renovated the doors and windows of the school dormintory; fixed mosquito net on all the doors and windows and painted the dormitory. He had also discussed with the Diocesan Engineer, Engr Emeka Chukwuocha to raise and make it a storey block, the already decked students’ refectory built by the Diocese to ease accommodation - the work is on-going.

Amumara Secondary school is recuperating; renovation work is on-going; the school is adequately staffed but the number of students is not encouraging; nevertheless, there is every impression for improvement. For Ife Grammar school, renovation work is on-going and the school is adequately staffed with number of students fairly encouraging. The school celebrated her Diamond Jubilee on Tuesday 29th March 2016 which was a home coming to some of her old boys who graced the occasion and made some donations and suggestions on the way forward to returning the school to its former glory.

We commend the untiring effort of the education committee, staff, Board of Governors, Parents and some of our sons and daughters on the pursuit of achieving standard in these our schools.

We earnestly ask us for a conscientious concern for this school business. These schools belong to us, please give your support.


Work on the Diocesan Secretariat two Storey building has progressively advanced. It is at the roofing stage and negotiations had been made, after which the fittings shall follow. It is financially intensive. We are believing God that our donations for the secretariat building in this synod, would bring it nearer to if not completion.

With the spirit the Cathedral building was built, we ask for your usual generosity in giving toward God’s work. God’s reward is definite and in due season.


The inevitability of proper application of music in our act of worship is an understanding that calls for conscientious sustainability. The observed poor performances of our church choirs and in our general presentation of our traditional hymns and songs of praise during our act of worship is a great concern.

We have alerted the Diocesan Music Council and the Clergy on this; and solution proffered including the attention of some of our sons and daughters who are church music lovers.

We shall have a meeting and seminar for all our church choirmasters and mistresses on an upcoming date which will be properly arranged and involving our concerned sons and daughters.

This year’s singing competition programme is out. We advise that our church choirs in their respective grades should adequately participate; while we ask the music chaplains and the entire council to ensure proper arrangement. We urge our church members to give their support and guard our heritage.


The Akpodim Rehabilitation Centre for the physically challenged has continued to receive attention from within and out.

The eye section still enjoys the services of the Mission Ophthalmologist and optometrists attached to the centre for surgery and refractive cases.

The centre participated actively in the 2016, World Glacoma week 7th-12th March 2016 which enabled many of our people with eye challenge to access the services of the centre.

The nurses at the centre and the eye doctors visited and attended to people at the designated areas during the World Glacoma Week. The eye section is prompt and active.

The Staff Welfare Association of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Owerri area paid a visit to the centre with a donation of 7 modern brail machines; 7 customised and updated laptops, 5 tables and 5 chairs for the blind inmates.

In conjunction with the Diocese, they also sponsored one month free computer training for the blind students from various secondary schools and higher institutions.

We have initiated for the engagement of two blind instructors to consistently manage the blind education aid materials for a maximal use.

The area of challenge is the Agric Section; the Piggery, Poultry, Fishery and Crop farms are not yielding as expected which has over-time given us concern. The Diocese therefore has appointed a seven (7) man committee charged with the responsibility of due assessment of the centre and presenting to the Diocese a comprehensive and concretized documented way forward.

The Committee members are:

  1. Prof. Chukwudi Anyanwu – Chairman

  2. Lady Monique Nwachukwu – Member

  3. Sir Erasmus Okoro - Member

  4. Mr. Vincent Mgboji - Member

  5. Sir J. B. Ugochukwu - Member

  6. Sir Nelson Ahaneku - Member

  7. Mr. Angus Onwuzuruike - Member

We continue to appreciate all the support we have received from the staff, groups and individuals to keep the centre alive.


The new phase of the Diocesan Hospital Obohia was commissioned on Tuesday 4th September 2015. It has been well equipped and with qualified personnel to attend to all your medical needs.

We commend the effort of our zealous partner – the Unified Informatics USA – Mr Chamberlain Nwanne and his team of staff towards raising the hospital to an enviable standard in offer of medical services. The hospital needs our encouragement and vigorous patronage.

It is our hospital and moreso a mission hospital. Always go there for medical attention and sustenance of good health.


As a people and Diocese, we have continued to bear testimony to God’s favour.

Many of our sons, daughters and friends have not relented in supporting and encouraging us financially and materially. Reports presented by our parishes attest to that.

During the 2015 Christmas Season, we directly received

  • 180 bags of rice, 30 cartons of vegetable oil and 25 cartons of tomatoes from Sir Stanley and Lady Ifeyinwa Amuchie,

  • 80 bags of rice and 20 cartons of tomatoes from His Excellency Rt. Hon. Emeka and Lady Ebere Ihedioha.

  • 50 pieces of wrapper from Ezinwa and Barr Mrs Emeka Aririguzo.

These gift items were adequately distributed to all church workers serving and retired of every cadre. The Clergy widows, widowers and indigents from our parishes inclusive.

  • Cartons of Communion wine and wafer were also received from Rt. Hon. Emeka & Lady Ebere Ihedioha, Her Excellency Lady Dr. Ada Okwuonu and Sir Dr & Mrs Benjamin Azubuike.

  • We also received a 3 week USA Sumner holiday package from Sir Stanley and Lady Ifeyinwa Amuchie. It was a Comprehensive package.

  • Ambassador Sir J. C. Nnaji gave to us his fairly used big Yamaha Piano which we have kept for use in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit Ife.

  • Nigeria Air force Chaplaincy Yenegoa, N50,000.00 and fairly used clothing & other material things after their mission week

  • Some Brethren at Kubwa Diocese – N50,000.00 assistance for the Akpodim Rehabilitation Centre.

On behalf of the Diocese, we express hearty thanks to these our brothers, and wives, other sons, daughters and friends not mentioned who have given money, materials and have affected lives variously in their local churches including those who assisted in making our stay in the USA comfortable, all towards the development and relevance of the Diocese. May God ever reward them – Amen.


In consideration of the proposal of the Diocesan Investment Committee on Property acquisition and with the support of the Diocesan Finance Committee, the Diocese has been able to procure the following properties.








Palm Plantation at Chokoneze:

For Palm Plantation and Development





Land at Isi Ugwu Uvuru:

For Development(Filling Station/Guest House)





Land at Akpim: For Church Planting





Ala-isi-ozo Nnarambia Ahiara along Owerri Road





Land at Nekede Federal Polytechnic back gate:

For Hostel Building





Land at Amaisi Uvuru Road:

For Development or Resale





Land at Umuoriaku Lude Ahiara Ahiazu Mbaise





We thank God for this feat and commend the effort of the committees involved.

We implore our legal unit and Secretariat to ensure proper perfection, documentation and filling of the acquired properties.


We rejoice and congratulate all our members and friends who have received various blessings from God.

27/06/15 50th Wedding Anniversary of Sir Dr. Dan & Lady Wereuche Emereum

25/07/15 28th Post Consecration thanksgiving: Rt. Rev. Prof & Mrs A. O. Iwuagwu

01/08/15 Wedding of Rev. Chijioke Nwachukwu & Dr Mrs Chidinma Osuegbu

14/11/15 Uzoamaka Belema Osuegbu and Ogbon Emmanuel Nglass at St. Andrew’s Church, Rumu Obiokani Port-Harcourt

24/12/15 Wedding of Dr. Kelechi & Adanze Ibe – Ekeocha

28/12/15 Golden Birthday of Barr. Kester Enwereonu

09/01/16 Wedding of Obinna Nwaogu and Jane Okoligwe

29/03/16 Diamond Jubilee Ife Grammar School (60th Anniversary)

02/04/16 Wedding of Mr. Damain & Amarachi – Diocesan Accountant

09/04/16 Wedding of Eze Amuchie & Chioma

29/04/16 Wedding of Rev. I.D.D Adiuku & Oluchi

07/05/16 50th Birthday thanksgiving of Rt. Revd Ephraim O. Ikeakor – Bishop of Amichi


21/10/15 Chibueze Oluebubechukwu Promise, son of Rev’d Canon & Mrs Chibueze Ahaneku

12/01/16 Godstime Onyinyechukwu Kaosisochukwu – son of Rev & Mrs Darlington Anyanwu

We commiserate with the families of these our brethren departed.

09/07/15 Burial of Bishop Samuel Ebo – Diocese of Okigwe South.

10/07/15 Late Ezinne Ngozi Loveline Mgbodo (Mother in-law of Bishop Henry Okeke)

17/07/15 Burial of late Sophia Adiole – wife of Late Rev. Canon Gabriel Adiole

23/07/15 Mrs Sussan Chukwunenye – mother of Bishop Chukwunenye – Bishop of Oru.

25/07/15 Burial of late Lady Onyekachi Njoku nee Ihedioha

24/09/15 Lady Abigail Uttams – Immanuel Church Otulu.

26/09/15 Late Sussan Mgbeahuru – Mother of Rev. Clifford Mgbeahuru – All Saints Uvuru.

29/09/15 Burial of Lady Priscilla Nwachukwu – Immanuel Church Otulu

30/09/15 Burial of Late Bridget Nwakanma – wife of our Chancellor

09/10/15 Burial of Ezinna Margaret Ihuaku Ekechukwu Nwagwu – Mother of the Deputy Chancellor – Sir Barr Ernest Nwagwu

22/10/15 Burial of Sir Sam Amechi-Cathedral

20/11/15 Mrs Selina Amuchie (Mother of Rev. Clifford Amuchie at All Saints Uvuru)

20/11/15 Nneoma Esther Chukwu – Mother of Mrs Esther Amaghiro (Woman worker) at Christ Church Awaka.

29/10/15 Burial of Sir Aneke (Udi)

05/11/15 Burial of Lady Caroline Dimeke @ Ihitteafoukwu

10/11/15 Burial of Late Vincent Osuka – father of Rev. Vinson Osuka

27/11/15 Ven. Paul Onyeze Ohame at St. Cyprians Church Umuojima Isiala Ngwa South

04/12/15 Burial of Hon. Justice Sir C. O. C Izima (Chancellor, Diocese of Aba Ngwa North)

04/12/15 Burial of Late Ugoeze Uchechi Njoku @ All Saints Church Uvuru.

17/12/15 Burial of Sir Michael Mmereole – St. Matthew’s Nguruukwu

21/12/15 Ezinna Japhet Eke – Father of the Ven. E. N. Eke at St. Silas Mpam

07/01/16 Burial of Ezinne Beatrice Ekenna (Mother of Rev. Canon Barth Ekenna)

14/01/16 Burial of Late Mrs Winifred Ogbe at St. Andrew’s Ahiara

21/01/16 Burial of Ezinne Catherine Esonu (Mother of Ven. Clinton Esonu) at St. Thomas Udo.

22/01/16 Burial of Sir Tom Amagbo – Ihiala

11/03/16 Burial of Noel Ihekoromadu – Church Teacher at Amumara

18/03/16 Burial of late Sir Humphry Onuoha (father of Bishop David Onuoha)

15/03/16 Burial of late Edna Emenogu mother in-law of Ven. Chris Ukabiala

15/03/16 Burial of Most Rev Emmanuel Nglass – Former Achbishop of Niger Delta

19/04/16 Burial of Sir Festus Okenwe

23/04/16 Burial of Mrs Ogechi Iwuagwu wife of Rev. Nnamdi Iwuagwu

28/04/16 Burial of late Sir Mike Nkworji (Mike Machandize) – Awka Diocese

02/05/16 Burial of Sir Emma Onyekwere at St Paul’s Church Chokoneze

05/05/16 Burial of Sir David Njoku at St. Michael’s Cathedral Ife.

13/05/16 Burial of late Sir Fredrick Aguwa Bishop’s Maternal Uncle.

The Diocesan Chancellor – Sir Bon Nwakanma SAN, OON to be buried on 03/06/16.

May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace-Amen.


By the 31st of December 2016, our brother and priest, The Venerable Reuben Chinwuba Amadi presently serving at St. Andrew’s Obizi shall retire from official service.

We wish him happy retirement.

Within the period under review, the Province of Owerri held two Episcopal and Council meetings in September 8-9, 2015 and January 27-28, 2016 at the Dioceses of Egbu and Ohaji/Egbema respectively. We commend the Bishops, their wives and their Dioceses for good hosting.


The Episcopal Synod and Council meeting of Eastern Provinces was held at Leru in the Diocese of Isuikwuato/Umunneochi 17th-18th February, 2016. We thank the Bishop, his wife and the Diocese for a successful hosting.


Within the period under review, the Church of Nigeria held the following

1. Two Standing Committee meetings at St. David’s Cathedral Church, Akure 21st-25th September 2015 and St. Andrew’s Church Kubwa 1st-5th February 2016 respectively.

2. The 2016 Annual Bishops Retreat at Ibru Centre Agbarah-otor 4th-9th January 2016 with the theme “Sundry Issues of Episcopal Concern”

The communiqué and Pastoral letters issued at the end of these meetings are attached as appendixes to this address.

The 2015 Divine Commonwealth Conference was held at the National Christian Centre Abuja 9th-13th November 2015 with the theme “Dare to be a Daniel”. It was quite enriching and our participation as a Diocese was encouraging.

The next edition comes up in November 7-11 2016 at Abuja.

Our Diocese has continued to obey this directive, monies realized had been remitted to the Church of Nigeria.

We thank the Clergy and members for this sacrificial giving.

May God reward your labour of love- Amen.


The following Bishops retired from active service

1. The Rt. Revd James Akinola – Diocese of Igbomina West

2. The Rt. Revd Oluranti Odugbogun – Diocese of Ife

3. The Rt. Revd Anga Fred Nyanabo – Diocese of Northern Izion

4. The Rt. Revd Yusuf Lumu – Diocese of Dutse

We wish them happy retirement.

1. The Rt. Revd Olajide Adebayo – Diocese of Igbomina West.

2. The Rt. Revd Yinka Akinlade – Diocese of Ife

3. The Rt. Revd Nedison Foreman – Diocese of Jalingo

4. The Rt. Revd Prof. Andrew Igenoza – Rector Crowther Graduate School Abeokuta

5. The Rt. Revd Timothy Bako – Diocese of Dutse


The Rt. Revd Timothy Yahaya of the Diocese of Jalingo was translated to the see of Kaduna.

We congratulate them and wish them well in their Episcopal Ministry.
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