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Hadrosaur Left Lower Jaw

TC: TC2005.2.3

Contents: one brown resin jaw replica

This is a replica of an entire lower left jawbone from a small Maiasaura. The features are similar to the same bone in an adult Edmontosaurus (and all other hadrosaurs) but an Edmontosaurus jawbone (such as one from X.rex in the Hall of Horns and Teeth) would have been much larger. On the outside of the jawbone the chewing surface on the teeth is visible. On the inside of the jaw the diamond shaped pattern formed by the tooth battery can be clearly seen. The thin layer of bone covering the base of the tooth battery is also evident. The dashed line indicates from where the jaw section (described below) was cut. The upper jaw section described below can also be used with this entire lower jawbone to show occlusion.

  • Hand the replica to visitors and ask them what they think it is. Encourage them to make descriptive observations. What do you think this is? What do you notice about it? This is especially effective after they have seen several different kinds of dinosaur teeth. What kind of dinosaur does this belong to?

  • Ask visitors to determine from where the lower left jaw section (described below) was cut.

  • Have visitors try to recognize individual teeth in the lower jaw. How did the teeth fit together?

  • Encourage visitors to demonstrate how the dinosaur chewed by using the upper left jaw section (described below) with this replica. What do you think this dinosaur ate? Does this dinosaur chew differently than other dinosaurs in the Hall of Horns and Teeth?

  • Encourage visitors to hold the replica up to their own face, as it would have been located on the dinosaur. What would it have been like to have such a long snout? How is your head different/similar to this dinosaur?

Hadrosaur Jaw Sections

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