Department of Health and Human Services Employee Yearly Leave Record Instructions

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Department of Health and Human Services Employee Yearly Leave Record Instructions
Human Resources and Development is offering the use of the attached spreadsheet for use in calculating vacation and sick leave for employees paid on a bi-weekly basis, entitled "DHHS Employee Yearly Leave Record" (HR15). The spreadsheet will assist you in tracking leave so you are aware of your current leave balances. It will also give you vacation leave balances all year so you are not in a "Use or Lose" situation at the end of the year. Employees can only carry over 280 hours of vacation leave from one year to the next.
The spreadsheet can be found on-line at
Getting Started:
You will need to fill in your name, division, service date, employee ID number and FTE (1.0 if you are full-time, .50 if you are half-time, etc). If you do not know your service date or FTE, please contact your HR representative for assistance. You will then need to determine whether your position is covered by the NAPE employee contract or by the State Personnel Rules and Regulations and put an X in the appropriate box. This information is typically included in your new hire or promotion letter but you can get this information from your HR representative if you are not sure. It is CRITICAL that you select the correct option because sick leave earnings rates are different for NAPE-covered and Rules-covered positions.
Once the top section of the spreadsheet is completed, the formulas within the spreadsheet will be activated and will automatically input your bi-weekly sick and vacation earnings amounts based on your years of service to the state.
You will use the vacation and sick leave balances from your final paycheck stub of the previous year to start your balance calculations. These totals will need to be put in the boxes titled Balance from Last Pay Stub. You will not type any additional information on the top section this form. You will need to then scroll down to rows 48 through 125 of this spreadsheet to enter your leave hours used.

Recording Leave Usage:
Rows 48 - 125 have the areas where you will type in the date you took leave and number of hours used under the headings of VL Used and SL Used.
As you type in what you use for each pay period, the spreadsheet will then populate what is used and record a balance for that bi-weekly period on the top section of the HR15. Compare this total to your paycheck stub each payday. Contact your HR representative right away if the balances on your HR15 do not match your paycheck stub!

Additional Information:

Employees are encouraged to verify their comp time in the Payroll & Financial Center or in Kronos. Comp time balances are NOT available on the employee pay stub. The comp time section of the HR15 will calculate totals for your comp time balance after you enter the hours earned and used on rows 48 - 125 of the spreadsheet.

The "Other Column" is where you can record leave without pay, bereavement, civil leave, etc.
If you are in a leave without pay status, you will need to manually enter your earnings on the form by typing the correct accrual amount in the hours earned box for that pay period. Accrual amounts can be found on your pay stub for that pay period. Get in touch with your HR representative if you need assistance with this step.
Reconciling your HR15 to your paycheck stub:

  • Take the cumulative total from each pay period located on your HR15 and compare it to your pay stub for that pay period to ensure that the balances match.

  • The balances on your pay stubs are the OFFICIAL leave balances used by your supervisor and by your HR representative. If they do not match what you think your balance is, you must immediately report it to your HR representative!!

  • Leave amounts used each pay period are located on your pay stub. Employees are also reminded to compare their time sheets or leave slips to their paychecks each pay period to ensure that the leave usage recorded on their paycheck is correct. If these totals do not match your timesheet or if you did not earn any leave, you are encouraged to contact your HR representative right away.

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