Dental anomalies associated with cleft lip and palate in Northern Finland

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Dental anomalies associated with cleft lip and palate in Northern Finland

Lehtonen V, Ylikontiola L, Koskinen S, Pesonen P, Sàndor GK, Anttonen V.

Dental anomalies are known to occur in cleft lip and palate patients. AIM: The aim was to investigate the prevalence of dental anomalies in the permanent dentition of patients with different types of clefts in Northern Finland. METHODS: Patient records of 183 patients with clefts treated in Oulu University Hospital, Finland during the period 1998-2012 were analyzed regarding dental anomalies (number of teeth, morpholocial and developmental anomalies) and their association with the cleft type. The analyses were carried out using cross-tabulation and Chi-square testing. Differences between the groups were considered statistically significant with p values < 0.05. RESULTS: Of the patients 54.1% had cleft of the hard palate, 17.0% had cleft in the palate and lip, 14.2% had cleft lip of at least some degree, 14.7% had sub mucosal cleft or cleft in the soft palate. About 37% of the patients had some dental anomaly, 15.7% at least two different anomalies. The most common type of anomaly in permanent teeth were missing teeth (20.2%) and supernumerary teeth (13.1%), which were significantly more apparent when the lip was involved in the cleft compared with palatal clefts. Missing teeth also appeared in association with submucosal palatal clefts. About 8% had hypoplasias, 6% hypomineralization, and 11% had morphological changes. Hypoplasia and morphological changes were associated with the most severe clefts, while no association with the clef type was seen with hypo mineralization. CONCLUSIONS: Children, especially with the most severe clefts possess considerably high prevalence of dental anomalies in their permanent dentition. This may complicate the treatment and increase burden of the disease for the individual and must be considered in treatment plans.

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