Declaration and Copyright Transfer Form

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Declaration and Copyright Transfer Form

I/We, the undersigned author(s) of the manuscript entitled “---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------” give an undertaking to the following effect with regard to our article submitted for publication in the Journal of Contemporary Medicine and Dentistry:

  1. I/we declare that the manuscript is valid and work is original.

  2. I/we declare that all ethical guidelines are followed during the research work and ethical permission was obtained for the study.

  3. The article mentioned above is not published in part (except abstract in conference proceedings) or whole or submitted or accepted for publication in any form, in any other journal/magazine.

  4. I/We also declare that the authorship of this article will not be challenged by anyone whose name(s) is/are not listed in this article.

  5. I/We confirm that we have significant contribution in this research work including conception, design, analysis, interpretation of data and drafting of the article.

  6. I/We are fully aware of final version of the article & responsible for the thought contents included in it.

  7. I/We give the undertaking that if required, I/We will provide full (details) data and information to the journal.

  8. I/We have declared (if applicable) source of support, conflict of interest in the Title Page.

  9. I/We have mentioned acknowledgement (if applicable) with permission from the person mentioned in that.

  10. I/We agree and accept copyright policy of the journal and I/We hereby transfer(s), all copyright ownership exclusively to this Journal of Contemporary Medicine and Dentistry.

  11. I/We have given full rights to the corresponding author for making necessary changes as per the request from the journal and do all correspondence on behalf of us.

  12. I/We agree to authorship of the article in following sequence:

Author Sequence

Name of the Author in Sequence



Affiliation (Institute/ Organization)










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