Dear Nobbs Family

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Dear Nobbs Family:


You "made my day" yesterday and today !   I'm just floating around in a cloud of imagination for returning to the UK.  I've got a lot of unrelated items that I want to share.


I am half Scot (my mother was a Burns),  a quarter English (Holliman) and a quarter Irish (Blakeney).  I know a great deal about my Irish and English lines but have done little work on my mother's line.  I know that she was related to the poet,  Bobby Burns.  There is a little town northeast of London on the Channel Coast named BLAKENEY.  This is just north of Norwich and was home to an early group of ancestors before the Tudor reign.  There were deBlakeneys (Normans) who came over with William I and I believe that they had a influential hand in the Magna Charta.  My Irish line comes from Lancelot Blakeney, a favorite of Elizabeth I.  He married one of her ladies-in-waiting and was deeded large quantities of Catholic land in County Limerick (Mt. Blakeney at Killmallock), and in County Galway (Castle Blakeney)  These two locations were occupied originally by his sons, David and Thomas.  Most of the male descendants were officers in the British Army.  Lord Baron Wm. Blakeney owned and developed Mt. Blakeney and consigned it to his brother, Robert, to manage while the Baron was off fighting wars.  My 5-great grandfather was born there and migrated to the Colonies to become an officer in the Colonial Army in the Revolution.  He fought along side Gen. Francis Marion in the Carolinas.  He (Capt. John Blakeney: 1732-1832)  and many of his family are buried on his plantation site in Chesterfield County, South Carolina: born 1732, died 1832 !  Most of his cousins who immigrated with him remained Loyalists and they fled to Nova Scotia where there is a big clan of Blakeneys today.


I have excellent photos (1999) of Mt. Blakeney Castle (manor house)  but Castle Blakerney burned in the 1800s.  Its out-buildings still stand.  There is a little town nearby called Castle Blakeney and I have some good friends who live there.


I'm delighted that you are going to Majorca.  Maybe the information I've sent will make your trip more interesting.


I remember Borneo from the book I read as a child:  CANNIBAL LAND,  by Martin and Osa Johnson.  On a Caribbean cruise in 1996, we had an assistant waiter who was from Borneo.  His home was about a 3 day canoe trip up one of the jungle rivers.  He told me his grandparents were cannibals !   I remember Borneo from WW II and the problems encountered by our troops, the Aussies, and the Brits.  You are very brave to venture into such a wild place.


The Lord Baron,  Sir Wm. Blakeney, is buried in Westminster Abbey.  His grave is in the floor under the nave shortly after you enter the west door, pass by the Tomb of the Unknown,  and go to about the 5th pilaster.  You have photos of his grave marker "before" and "after" Photoshop restoration.  I made his collage from engravings owned by Aberdeen University.  It is interesting that Scotland has his best portraits because he really won his knighthood by his defense of Sterling Castle against the Jacobites !  He was knighted (KCB) by George II in 1756.


I've rambled enough.  Please know how much I appreciate you.  I've got so many questions that "my cup runneth over" !


Your brother in Christ,   Doc 


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