Dear First Grade Parents

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Dear First Grade Parents,

We are excited to welcome you and your student to TICKET TO READ at Simonds Elementary.
Ticket to Read is an interactive, Web-based, student-centered learning component that

promotes practice of text reading. The program enables students to build fluency, strengthen vocabulary, and reinforce comprehension skills as they navigate a self-paced instructional path. Motivational features provide students with incentives to practice. These features include ticket rewards for completing certain tasks — tickets that can be redeemed to purchase items that students use to decorate their customizable clubhouse. Students receive constant feedback to monitor their performance, and reports are available to teachers through the VPORT data

management system.

Ticket to Read Phonics has 14 different instructional Phonics Paths and the reading component has 16 Reading Levels. Students are assigned a Level or Path based on their Online Phonics Placement Assessment. Ticket to Read has a motivating reward system where students can earn tickets and purchase items for their Clubhouse (reading) or earn tokens for the Toy Shop (phonics).

Ticket to Read can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection at school, at home, at the library, or in any after-school setting. Your child’s login is the same one they use for the Math Facts in a Flash Website. If we were unable to use the same log in information, we will contact you via email.
Attached to this letter is the System Requirement document and the Quick Reference Guide for Parents to Ticket to Read Phonics and Ticket to Read Reading Components to assist you and your student to get started in Ticket To Read.
Join your student online in Ticket To Read and share the rewards. Watch your student’s reading development and skills soar!


The First Grade Teachers and Mrs. Kwock

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