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What you need and HOW to play the game:
Get boxes or gift bags (you want what is IN THE BAG to not be accessible to them while they are holding the bag. You don’t want them to know what they are dealing! They have to “DEAL” with you, before they get to SEE what is in there bag/box! This is KEY!) with a picture of product that you will be giving away in each box (you can either have the product in the box or cut and paste the picture of the product from the website and then tape it onto card stock to put in the box—you want each box to be about the same size, you choose what goes in the box but you want at least one item to be worth at least 70.00 or above)
The boxes go in the basket…everyone at the party gets a box at the beginning of the party—they cannot open it!
When they walk in and after they have tried your sea salt scrub at the sink, give them a bag/box to hold. Tell them to “hang onto this and I will tell you what we are going to do with it later!”
At the end of the presentation you say, “ok, we are going to play DEAL OR NO DEAL, In one of these boxes contains a product worth…$___…There are GREAT gifts in EVERY box, but AT LEAST one of them has a gift worth $___”
Then if you can afford to have to (2) $100 bills lying on your display table, have them there during your presentation. When you get ready to play DEAL OR NO DEAL, pick them up and wave them around saying “…the 1st two people that want to DEAL…will win $100 in FREE PRODUCT in addition to what is in your bag/box!”
If no one automatically YELLS “DEAL!!!” then you, the you call on the gal/guy that asked the most questions in the party…”Sally, I am going to start with you…Book a December “get together” with your friends for me tonight and receive all of the hostess benefits, plus the contents of the box…DEAL or NO DEAL?”
Sally says Deal—she gets to open up the box and what is inside she gets to keep.
Go to the next person who asked a lot of questions or who participated a lot…
“Mary, Book a December get together with your friends for me tonight for December and receive all of the hostess benefits…deal or no deal”
Mary says NO Deal—ok, then you take the box…if she asks if she can just see in it, say “only if you say Deal????!!!!!”
The party has to be put on the books that night!! Give a deadline, “book a party by Dec 15th!!”

Use the “Who Do You Know” Game results!!
Use and MOVE page 21 in Arbonne=Results presentation to the BEGINNING OF YOUR PRESENTATION/Party.
Tell your guests you “like to play a game during your parties, because this happens at EVERY ONE OF YOUR PARTIES…guests are always thinking of and even saying OUT LOUD sometimes, that “Aunt Mary, would LOVE the eye cream, or the anti-aging line, because she was just talking about her wrinkles the other day… OR Becky needs this business…she just had a baby and wants to learn how to work from her home and be home with her baby!” So…. I like to play a game and let you see HOW MANY people can benefit from Arbonne’s products and business!” Write down the person’s name EVERY TIME you think of one!
Tell them that you do NOT want their list, it is theirs to keep, and you just like them to see for themselves, how many people can benefit from Arbonne. Whoever has the MOST names on their list at the end of the party wins my DOOR PRIZE!
You will use this list to help them “DEAL!” Some people are hesitant to book a party, because they do not know who they would invite, you tell them, when they are deciding to DEAL OR NO DEAL that they already have their GUEST LIST written out on their “Who Do You Know” list…WHY NOT DEAL???!!!

Question and Answer GAME!!

This is the other game that I play…I start it at the beginning of my presentation. I tell them that I LOVE TO TALK and…I WOULD LOVE TO SELL them some Arbonne products tonight, BUT…more than anything I want to teach them something tonight that they did NOT KNOW before they got here AND make this presentation FUN and NOT A LECTURE on something they don’t really care about!!!

So…in order to make sure that they get all of their questions answered, I like to play the Question and Answer Game. Throughout my presentation, they can ask me ANY QUESTION that they would like…if they ask me a question about my products, they will get 1 piece of candy, if they ask me a question about my business, they will get 2 pieces of candy! Whoever has the MOST CANDY or WRAPPERS (they all LAUGH) wins my door prize (mini hand cream or foot cream)!
This will show who is interested in the products (they will probably order the most and who is interested in the business). Then you can use PAGE 22 in Arbonne=Results presentation (Where Do You See Yourself…1, 2 or 3) when they are ordering and book a meeting to do a one on one or take them to a Discover that is already on the calendar.

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