Deadline – Sunday, March 1, 2015

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University of Connecticut

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

2015-2016 Scholarship Application Form
DEADLINE – Sunday, March 1, 2015

  • The Scholarship Committee will make their final selections no later than May 1, 2015. Scholarship recipients will be notified by mail. Non-recipients will not be contacted.

  • All scholarships will be administered by the Office of Student Financial Aid Services.  If you are a need-based financial aid recipient (loans, grants, work-study employment) your financial aid package may be revised as a result of this award.  If no adjustment is necessary and your fee bill is paid in full, you may be entitled to a refund.  If you have questions about how a scholarship could affect your financial aid package, please call (860)486-2819.


The application process has gone green!

  1. On Page 2, select the scholarship awards for which you are applying.

  1. Type your responses to all items in the form on the following pages.

  1. Create an unofficial copy of your University of Connecticut transcript as a PDF. This transcript must include your Fall 2014 grades. Incoming freshmen do not need to submit a transcript.

To create the PDF of the unofficial transcript:

  • Access unofficial transcript via, Main Menu, Self Service, Student Center, My Academics, View My Unofficial Transcript

  • Click “Print This Page” link

  • Select Adobe PDF option from Printer Name drop-down menu, click OK, and save.

  1. Submit the completed form and unofficial transcript as attachments via email to no later than Sunday, March 1, 2015. Paper applications will not be considered.

Scholarship Awards

Please select the awards for which you are applying.

 Arthur O. Bayer CLAS Scholarship

Incoming freshman, financial need, academic achievement

 Robert F. and Margaret Dodge Belden Scholarship

Graduate or undergraduate, Past and potential academic achievement

 The Betty ’50 and Bish ’50 Bishop Scholarship

Undergraduate, 2.8 GPA, financial need, CT resident, academic achievement

 Jacqueline Brown-Dickstein Fund

Undergraduate, minor in Women’s Studies, CT resident, financial need, academic achievement

 Patrick M. Campion Scholarship

Incoming freshman or continuing undergraduate, academic achievement, financial need

 Covenant Insurance Co. Summer Fellowships

Graduate student, past and potential academic achievement and professional accomplishment

 Peter and Hinda Drotch Family Scholarship

Undergraduate, academic achievement, financial need, preference to Biological Science major

 Dr. Patrick E. Fontane Memorial Scholarship

Graduating pre-med, accepted by accredited med school (for an M.D.) in the continental US, former undergraduate at UConn no less than 2 years

 Greenblatt Undergraduate Research Award

Academic excellence, interest in conducting academic research in US race relations, US civil rights, or US human rights

 Agnes B. Harrison Scholarship

Undergraduate, social science major, academic achievement, financial need

 Susan Herbst and Douglas Hughes Family Scholarship in Humanities

Incoming undergraduate, intending/enrolled in a Humanities division major or individualize

major focusing on one of the humanities, academic achievement, financial need
 Hogan Family Scholarship

Incoming or continuing junior, majoring in History or English, academic achievement, financial need, CT resident

 Dr. Ilpyong Kim Fellowship in East Asian Relations

Graduate (Ph.D.) student majoring in social sciences or humanities; having passed Ph.D. exams with distinction; pursuing approved dissertation focused on domestic/international relations of Korea, Japan, and/or China

Scholarship Awards (Cont’.)

Please select the awards for which you are applying.
 Lange Family Endowment

Undergraduate, majoring in a physical, life, or environmental science or math, 3.5 GPA, financial need

 Fleur and Jerry Lawrence Endowed Scholarship in International Relations and Human Rights

Undergraduate, studying international relations and/or human rights

 Dean Ross MacKinnon Endowment for CLAS Graduate Fellows

Graduate student, academic achievement, financial need

 McMahon Family Endowment for Global Education

Continuing undergraduate, demonstrating interest in global education via coursework, academic achievement, financial need

 Myles Martel ’65 Leadership Award

Demonstrating leadership within a University student organization, campus activity, or similar organization, academic achievement, financial need

 Crystal Molina Memorial Scholarship

Continuing undergraduate, demonstrating financial need and an interest in social justice, environment, and/or advocacy outreach programs assisting disadvantages populations

 Dennison Nash Graduate Fellowships in Sociocultural Anthropology

Full-time graduate student studying sociocultural anthropology; academic achievement, financial need

 Frank and Frances Nigro Scholarship

Undergraduate preferably majoring in Economics, academic achievement, financial need

 Arwood S. and Mary Northby Scholarship

Freshman, majoring in Math, or upper classman majoring in a physical science

 Fred and Kathleen Otter Scholarship

Graduate or undergraduate, academic excellence, financial need

 George C. Parker Memorial Scholarship

Orphaned by age 14 or in foster care for minimum 3 years, citizen or legal US resident, financial need, academic achievement

 Linda Louro Petrella ’78 Scholarship

Graduate or undergraduate, majoring in Literatures, Cultures & Languages

Scholarship Awards (Cont’.)

Please select the awards for which you are applying.
 Posselt Family Opportunity Scholarship

Undergraduate, financial need, preference to sophomores and upper classmen who demonstrate overcoming obstacles (i.e. socioeconomic, educational disadvantage), are members of an underrepresented group at UConn, have experience living/working in diverse environments, or interest in urban education/studies.

 Dr. Victor Rizza Scholarship

Incoming freshman, majoring in Chemistry or Biology, CT resident

 Rosen Family Scholarship for Science and Studies Abroad

Undergraduate, financial need, 3.0 GPA, majoring in s physical or life science, has participated/is participating in an approved study abroad program administered by Study Abroad Office

 Marsha Pomerantz Roth Scholarship

Undergraduate, academic achievement, financial need, CT resident

 Ron Roy Fund for Future Writers

Junior or senior, majoring in English or Journalism with a focus on creative writing, children’s literature, or literature, Hartford, Tolland, or Middlesex county resident and high school graduate, 3.0 GPA, financial need

 Slavik Family Endowment

Undergraduate, academic achievement, financial need

 William and Lucretia Dewey Tanner Scholarship

Undergraduate, financial need

 Paul J. Volpe ’67 Award

Undergraduate, accepted into the University Honors Program, CT resident, US citizen

 Anthony E. Wallace and Helen B. Wallace Memorial Scholarship

Rising junior, 3.0 GPA, financial need, CT resident

 Grace Yeagle Scholarship in Math and Science Education

Undergraduate, majoring in Math, a life science, or a physical science, academic excellence, commitment to teaching as profession
 Anthony P. Zemetis and Helen Noonan Zemetis Scholarship

Undergraduate, financial need

University of Connecticut

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

2015-2016 Scholarship Application Form

Applicant Information

Last Name

First Name


PeopleSoft ID

Academic Major

Academic Minor

GPA (as of Dec. 2014)

Year come Fall 2015 (ex.: Sophomore)

Please include your Permanent Address information (some scholarships have residency requirements)

Street Address



Zip Code


Email Address

Collegiate Activities, Awards and Recognitions

Organization or Event

Office or Award


Work Experience/Community Service

(List Name of Employer, Location, Position Title, Duties, and Dates)

Special Qualifications

(Please describe any specific academic or extracurricular activities or accomplishments that qualify your for this scholarship)

(continued on next page)

Personal Statement

Given the eligibility requirements for these scholarships, please describe why you are the best applicant.

I hereby grant permission to the University of Connecticut to release information pertaining to my academic standing and qualifications for scholarships and awards to any individual or organization that maintains an authorized scholarship or award at the University for which I may be eligible.

Signature Date

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