DataWorks Provides Grade Level Vocabulary a list of Words All k-6 Students Should Know

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DataWorks Provides Grade Level Vocabulary

A List of Words All K-6 Students Should Know

For years, educators have been interested in coming up with a list of words children should know. There have been various estimates of the size of vocabulary acquired by an average adult. However, if this vocabulary is to be taught in 12 years of schooling, the number of words needing to be taught per week is excessive. For example, 80,000 words learned over 12 years of schooling would be 186 words per week.

One approach to reduce the number of words is to select base words only. Base words are words from which other words are derived. For example, from the word "farm," derived words would be farmer, farms, farming, etc. If the base word is understood, students would know the derived words from knowledge of prefixes, suffixes, verb tenses, etc.

Starting in the 1930's, various researchers have tried to come up with base word lists. One of the most recent attempts was done by Marzano and others in 1991.  Marzano's list is described as a list of "school" words since the words were specifically taken from actual textbooks and literature books school children commonly read. In addition, he compiled a second set of 17,000 words taken directly from common standardized tests. This man either has a lot of time on his hands or a lot of help. Marzano's combined list of book words and standardized test words came to 30,371 words!! These words were then edited to select base words only and ended up as a manageable list of 6,768 words for K to 6th graders. Then the words were matched back into the student textbooks and literature books to see in what grade students are exposed to each word in the list.

In addition, each word was checked against common standardized tests to determine again in what grade students would come across each word in assessments. DataWorks has taken the Marzano list and merged in other common and high frequency word lists from other sources such as Fry and Dolch to come up with a master list of words all students should know.

DataWorks also determined an appropriate grade level for each word. The grade level was derived by choosing the earlier grade in which each word occurs whether in books or on standardized tests.

If students were to know these words at the proper grade level, they should have no trouble reading grade-appropriate literature books and textbooks and should also be able to do well on standardized tests.  

Be forewarned. This is an exhaustive list! Although it is organized by grade level, it may be more manageable for you to use a Word document copy, which you can access at the

PDF Version HERE

From DataWorks:


a, after, again, ago, air, airplane, all, already, always, am, an, and, apartment, apply, are, as, ask, at, ate, attack, aunt, away, baby, back, ball, bandit, baseball, basket, bay, be, because, before, believe, bell, best, better, big, bill, bird, blanket, blue, boat, body, book, boot, both, bowl, box, boy, bright, brood, brook, broom, brother, brown, bus, but, buy, by, calf, call, came, camp, can, candle, car, card, cart, cast, cat, catch, chain, chair, cheek, cheese, chicken, child, chime, chip, choice, circle, class, cloth, cloud, clown, coat, cold, come, cookie, cork, corner, could, cow, crane, cricket, cry, cut, dark, day, did, dine, dish, do, dock, doctor, dog, doll, door, down, draw, duck, duke, dust, each, ear, eat, egg, else, end, even, eye, face, fall, fan, farm, fast, fat, father, feed, fight, fire, first, fish, five, floor, fly, food, foot, for, forest, fowl, friend, from, front, fruit, full, fun, funny, game, gay, get, girl, give, glad, glass, glen, go, goat, good, gray, great, green, groundhog, grow, hamburger, hand, happen, happy, hard, hat, have, he, help, her, here, hide, high, hill, him, hold, hole, home, hood, hoot, horse, hot, house, how, huge, I, if, in, into, is, it, its, jar, jump, just, king, kite, kitten, know, lamp, land, language, lay, let, letter, light, like, little, live, lock, long, look, lunch, mad, man, match, maybe, me, meet, might, milk, miss, moon, more, morning, mother, mouse, move, mud, my, name, near, need, net, new, next, nice, night, no, none, nose, not, now, nut, of, old, on, one, open, or, oral, other, out, outside, over, pack, paint, paper, parade, park, patch, pay, people, pet, phone, pie, pin, place, plane, plant, plate, play, please, pocket, point, pool, pretty, print, pull, put, quiet, rabbit, rain, ran, ray, ready, record, red, rock, rocket, room, run, sad, said, sale, sample, saw, say, scale, school, seal, seam, seat, see, she, should, shout, show, sigh, sing, sit, six, sled, smile, smoke, snake, so, sock, some, soon, spin, splash, spread, spring, squeak, stamp, state, stay, stop, store, story, stove, stream, street, string, summer, sun, surprise, swing, table, take, talk, tall, test, than, thank, that, the, their, them, then, there, these, they, thing, think, this, thought, three, ticket, tickle, time, tiny, to, today, too, top, toy, tree, trick, tub, two, up, very, vocabulary, wagon, want, was, wash, watch, water, we, well, went, were, wet, whale, what, when, where, while, white, who, wild, will, wing, wish, with, word, work, would, yard, yell, yellow, yes, you, zoo

1st Grade

about, add, afraid, along, also, animal, ant, any, apple, bad, bag, bake, balloon, bark, barn, bat, bean, bear, beat, bed, bee, been, begin, behind, bike, black, bluff, bob, bread, breakfast, bring, bug, bunny, bush, butterfly, button, cage, cake, cap, care, carol, cave, chance, circus, city, clean, clock, close, color, cone, cook, country, crab, crayon, cross, crow, crowd, cup, cupcake, dad, dance, desert, does, don't, dot, drawer, dream, dress, drink, drum, dry, early, easy, edge, eight, elephant, enough, fair, far, feel, feet, felt, fill, find, firefighter, fit, fix, flag, flower, follow, forget, found, four, fox, fresh, Friday, frog, fur, garden, gather, gave, gentle, gift, god, goes, going, gold, got, grass, greenhouse, ground, guess, gun, had, ham, hang, hardly, has, head, hear, heat, hello, hen, his, hit, honey, hop, horn, hot-dog, hour, hug, hurry, hurt, ice, inside, jack, jam, jet, job, join, joy, June, keep, kind, kitchen, lady, lake, lamb, last, late, laugh, learn, leave, left, leg, line, lion, locate, lose, lot, love, made, magic, mail, make, mama, many, map, may, May, mean, Miami, minus, mom, Monday, money, monkey, movie, much, must, nap, nest, never, nine, noise, noon, nothing, o'clock, off, once, only, onto, our, own, page, pan, papa, part, party, pass, pat, paw, peanut, peg, pen, pencil, penny, person, pick, picnic, picture, pig, pony, poor, pop, pot, present, press, promise, proud, push, race, ranch, rant, read, remain, repair, return, ribbon, ride, right, ring, road, roof, rope, rose, row, rub, rush, safe, sand, Saturday, save, sea, second, seed, send, September, set, seven, shake, sheep, ship, shoe, shop, short, side, sign, silly, sky, sleep, slow, small, smell, snow, soft, song, sorry, special, spell, spot, squirrel, stand, star, start, step, still, stone, strange, strong, subtract, Sunday, sure, swim, tail, tell, ten, Texas, thin, those, through, throw, Thursday, tie, tiger, tire, together, tomorrow, toss, town, train, trap, trip, truck, Tuesday, turn, turtle, twin, uncle, under, until, us, use, wait, walk, wall, warm, wave, way, Wednesday, week, which, why, wig, wind, window, winter, wipe, wolf, woman, write, wrong, year, yield, your

2nd Grade

abbreviate, able, above, ache, across, act, address, age, ahead, alarm, alligator, almost, angel, another, answer, approach, April, arm, August, autumn, ballet, ban, banana, band, bank, bar, basement, basketball, beach, beef, beehive, beep, behave, belong, below, belt, bend, beside, between, bicycle, bit, bite, blame, blank, bless, block, blossom, blot, blow, board, boil, born, bottle, bottom, brace, bracelet, branch, brave, break, breeze, bridge, broke, brush, bucket, budge, build, bump, bun, burn, butcher, butter, cabinet, Canada, candy, canoe, capital, carrot, carry, case, castle, caterpillar, cause, caw, ceiling, celebrate, cellar, cent, center, cereal, change, charge, chase, cheap, check, cheer, cherry, chin, chips, chisel, choose, chop, chuckle, clay, clear, cliff, climb, clue, clumsy, coach, cob, complete, contest, cool, copy, corn, correct, count, cover, cowboy, cracker, crazy, creek, crooked, crust, cub, cube, cupid, curl, danger, dash, dear, December, decide, deep, deer, deliver, design, desk, dig, dinner, direction, dirt, dive, dollar, donkey, dough, doughnut, dragon, drain, drip, drive, driveway, drop, dumb, during, eagle, east, eighteen, eighty, eleven, empty, enjoy, enormous, enter, escape, evening, every, fail, fairy, false, family, fancy, fear, feather, February, fence, few, field, fifteen, fifty, fine, finger, finish, firm, flake, flap, flash, flat, float, flour, fold, forever, fork, form, forty, forward, fourteen, free, frown, gallon, gate, Georgia, ghost, giant, glasses, gleam, glue, gobble, good-bye, goose, gram, granny, gravy, greet, grin, grocery, group, grumpy, gull, gum, hair, half, hall, halt, hammer, handle, hatchet, hate, heavy, heel, helicopter, helium, hope, hose, humble, humor, hundred, hunt, hut, idea, important, ink, island, jacket, January, jay, jeans, jelly, joke, jolly, judge, juice, July, key, kick, kill, knee, knife, knock, knot, label, lad, ladder, ladybug, lag, lane, large, lawyer, lazy, lead, leaf, less, lesson, library, lid, life, lift, likely, limit, listen, liter, litter, loaf, log, lone, loud, low, luck, magnet, March, mark, mask, meadow, measure, meat, melt, merry, message, meter, middle, mile, mine, minute, mirror, mistake, mix, moan, modest, moment, month, most, mound, mountain, mouth, mush, music, nail, narrow, neat, neck, necklace, needle, negative, neighbor, nineteen, ninety, north, note, November, number, nurse, ocean, October, odd, office, often, oil, orange, orbit, Oregon, oven, owl, oxygen, pain, pair, pancake, pants, parent, parrot, past, paste, path, peach, pear, peel, peep, pepper, perfect, piece, pile, pillow, pink, pipe, pizza, plain, plan, plus, pole, police, popcorn, possible, postcard, pour, power, practice, praise, prepare, prize, proper, protect, pudding, puddle, puff, pup, puppet, purple, quack, quart, question, quick, quit, raccoon, radio, rag, rainbow, raise, rare, reach, real, reason, receipt, recite, rehearse, reindeer, relief, reply, rest, rib, rich, rink, ripe, river, roam, roar, rob, robin, roll, rooster, round, ruby, rug, sail, salad, salt, same, sandwich, sauce, sausage, scar, scare, science, scissors, score, scowl, scratch, season, secret, seem, select, self, selfish, sell, sense, sentence, settle, seventeen, seventy, shade, shall, shape, sharp, sheet, shelf, shell, shin, shine, shipment, shirt, shoot, shovel, shut, sidewalk, signal, simple, since, sink, sister, sixteen, sixty, size, skate, skirt, sleigh, slide, slot, smart, smooth, snack, soak, soap, soar, social, soil, sole, sound, soup, south, speak, speed, spend, spider, spill, split, spoon, sprinkle, stack, stairs, stare, station, stick, stir, stock, storm, strawberry, stupid, sturdy, subway, such, sudden, sue, sugar, supper, sweep, sweet, syrup, tadpole, tape, tardy, taste, tattle, tea, teach, tear, television, terrible, thick, thirteen, thirty, though, throat, thumb, tick, till, tip, title, toad, toast, toe, toll, tone, tonight, tool, tooth, touch, toward, tower, trace, track, tractor, trail, travel, treat, tribe, trot, trouble, trunk, truth, try, tug, turkey, twelve, twenty, twig, ugly, understand, upon, upset, upward, urgent, valentine, van, vegetables, visit, voice, wake, wander, war, Washington, waste, wear, weary, weed, weekend, weep, welcome, west, whisker, whisper, wide, windmill, wise, without, witness, wonder, wool, world, worm, worry, wound, yesterday, yet, yolk, young
3rd Grade

aboard, accept, accident, ace, acid, actual, admire, adopt, adult, adventure, adverb, advice, afford, Africa, against, agree, aid, aim, airport, Alabama, Alaska, album, alert, alley, allow, alphabet, although, ambulance, America, among, amount, amuse, ancient, anger, announce, annoy, Antarctica, antenna, anxious, apart, ape, apology, apostrophe, appear, approve, approximate, apron, aquarium, arch, arctic, area, argue, arithmetic, Arizona, Arkansas, army, arrange, arrive, arrow, art, article, Asia, aspirin, ass, Atlanta, Atlantic, attach, attention, attic, attitude, Australia, author, autograph, automobile, avenue, average, award, aware, awful, awhile, babe, baboon, backward, bacon, badge, balance, balcony, bald, Band-Aid, bang, banquet, barbecue, bare, base, bath, bathroom, batter, battery, bead, beak, beam, beard, beast, beauty, beaver, become, beetle, beg, being, belly, bench, beneath, berry, bet, Bethlehem, beverage, beware, bib, bible, birth, bitter, blackboard, bleed, blend, blink, bloom, boast, bone, bonnet, border, borrow, boss, Boston, bother, bounce, bow, bowling, braid, brain, breath, brick, brief, broad, brownie, bubble, buckle, bud, buffalo, buggy, bulb, bum, bunch, bundle, bunk, burglar, burro, burst, bury, business, busy, buzz, cab, cabin, cactus, cad, calendar, California, calm, camera, canyon, cape, captain, capture, carbon, cardboard, caribou, carnival, carpenter, carpet, carton, cartoon, carve, cattail, cattle, caution, celery, cell, cement, cemetery, certain, chalk, chalkboard, chapter, charcoal, charm, chart, cheat, cheep, chemical, chest, chew, Chicago, chief, chili, chimney, chimpanzee, chipmunk, chocolate, chuck, chunk, church, churn, clam, clap, claw, clever, climate, clip, clop, clothing, clover, club, cluck, coal, coast, coconut, cocoon, code, coin, collar, collect, Colorado, colt, column, comb, comfort, comic, comma, command, common, community, company, compass, complain, congruent, Connecticut, consonant, content, continue, copper, coral, cord, corral, cost, costume, cotton, county, courage, course, court, cousin, cowhand, cozy, crack, craft, cranberry, crank, crash, crawl, cream, creature, creep, crisp, crocodile, crop, crown, cruel, cucumber, cure, curious, curtain, curve, customer, cute, cycle, cylinder, daffodil, dairy, daisy, Dallas, damp, dandelion, dare, date, daub, daughter, dawn, dead, deaf, deal, definite, Delaware, delicious, delight, denominator, dent, Denver, department, describe, desire, dessert, devil, diagram, diamond, diaper, dictionary, die, difficult, digit, dim, dime, dinosaur, dioxide, direct, discover, distant, disturb, divide, dodge, dome, double, downtown, dozen, drag, dread, drift, drill, drown, drowsy, drug, drugstore, dull, dump, dwarf, eager, eardrum, earn, earth, earthquake, either, elastic, elbow, electric, elementary, elf, elm, encyclopedia, enemy, energy, engine, entertain, entrance, equal, equator, erase, errand, estimate, Europe, ever, evidence, evil, exact, exam, example, excite, exclaim, excuse, exit, experiment, explain, explore, extra, fabulous, fact, factory, faint, fake, falcon, familiar, faucet, fault, feast, fellow, female, fern, fib, fiction, fierce, fife, figure, final, fir, firecracker, firehouse, fireworks, fist, flame, flask, flee, flop, Florida, flow, flush, flute, flutter, fog, foil, folder, fool, football, force, foreign, forgive, forth, fossil, fountain, foursquare, frame, freeze, frost, fry, fudge, fuel, fulcrum, furniture, garage, garbage, gas, gasp, gaze, germ, Germany, germinate, giggle, giraffe, glide, glitter, globe, glove, goodnight, gorilla, gown, grab, grace, grade, graham, grain, grand, grandparent, grape, grapefruit, graph, gravity, groan, groom, growl, grown-up, guard, guest, guide, guitar, gulp, habit, hamster, handkerchief, handsome, hanger, harbor, harm, harp, harvest, hatch, Hawaii, hawk, hay, headline, health, heap, heart, height, hell, helmet, hem, herd, hero, hibernate, highway, hike, hip, hippopotamus, hire, hitch, hive, holiday, hollow, holster, honest, honk, honor, hook, hoop, hopscotch, hospital, hotel, hound, Houston, howl, hum, human, hunger, hurrah, husband, husky, hydrant, icicle, Idaho, identify, ill, Illinois, image, imagine, imp, impossible, imprint, inch, indeed, index, Indiana, indoors, inn, insect, instead, instrument, interest, invite, Iowa, iron, item, jail, jeep, jerk, jewel, jigsaw, jingle, joint, journey, jungle, kangaroo, Kansas, kennel, Kentucky, kindergarten, kingdom, kiss, kit, kneel, lace, lap, larvae, lasso, law, lawn, leak, lean, least, leather, ledge, lemon, length, leopard, lettuce, level, lick, lie, lighthouse, lightning, lilac, limb, lime, lip, liquid, list, lizard, load, loan, lobster, locomotive, lollipop, London, loop, loose-leaf, Los Angeles, Louisiana, lullaby, lumbar, lump, machine, magazine, maid, main, Maine, major, makeup, male, mall, malt, mammal, Manchester, manhole, manila, manner, maple, margarine, margin, market, marry, marshal, marshmallow, Maryland, Massachusetts, mat, matter, mayor, medal, melon, member, mention, meow, metal, method, Michigan, microscope, microwave, midget, midnight, mild, mill, million, mind, Minnesota, minor, Mississippi, Missouri, mist, mitt, modern, mold, monster, Montana, moo, moose, mop, mosquito, moss, motel, moth, motor, mow, mulberry, mule, multiply, mumps, museum, mushroom, mustard, mutter, mystery, nation, nature, Nebraska, neither, nephew, nervous, Nevada, New Hampshire, New jersey, New Mexico, New York, news, nick, nickel, nickname, niece, nimble, nitrogen, nobody, nod, noodle, North America, North Carolina, North Dakota, notice, noun, numeral, oak, oatmeal, obey, object, offer, officer, Ohio, okay, Oklahoma, olive, onion, opinion, opposite, orchard, order, otter, ought, outdoors, oval, overhead, ox, pacific, paddle, pageant, pail, pajamas, pal, palace, pale, palm, pane, pant, paragraph, parka, partridge, passage, pasture, pattern, peacock, peak, peas, pedal, peek, penguin, Pennsylvania, perform, perhaps, perimeter, period, pest, petal, phrase, piano, pigeon, pilgrim, pilot, pine, pint, pioneer, pirate, pistil, pit, pitch, pitcher, planet, plastic, platform, plenty, plow, plug, plum, poem, poke, polite, pollen, pond, poplar, poppy, popular, porch, port, post, poster, potato, pound, poverty, pray, president, pretend, prevent, price, prince, problem, produce, professor, program, pronoun, pronounce, protest, prove, provide, public, pulse, pump, pumpkin, punish, pupa, pupil, pure, purpose, purr, purse, pus, puzzle, quarter, Quebec, queen, queer, quicksand, quite, quiz, radish, railroad, raisin, rake, range, raspberry, rat, rather, rear, recess, rectangle, refuse, regular, relax, religion, remember, remind, remove, rent, report, reptile, rescue, resource, respect, restaurant, reward, rhinoceros, Rhode Island, rhyme, rhythm, rice, rid, riddle, rip, ripple, rise, roast, robe, robot, Rockies, rod, rodeo, root, rough, rubber, rude, ruin, rule, sack, saddle, Salem, San Francisco, sap, satin, satisfy, saucer, scarf, scatter, schedule, scold, scoop, scrapbook, scrape, scream, scribble, scrub, search, section, seize, separate, serious, serve, several, sew, shadow, share, shave, shed, shelter, shepherd, sheriff, shiver, shock, shore, shorts, shove, shrimp, shrink, shy, sick, sight, signature, silent, silk, sill, silver, sin, single, sip, sir, skeleton, ski, skill, kin, skip, skunk, skyscraper, slam, slap, slave, sleeve, slice, slime, slowpoke, slumber, smash, smith, snail, snap, sneak, sneeze, sniff, snob, sob, soda, soldier, solid, solve, son, sort, sour, South Carolina, South Dakota, sow, space, spaghetti, spank, spare, spark, speech, spinach, spoil, sport, spray, spy, square, squawk, squeal, squeeze, stable, stage, stamen, starfish, starve, statue, steal, steam, steel, steer, stem, stew, sticker, stiff, stitch, stocking, stomach, stool, straight, strap, straw, stretch, strike, strip, stripe, student, study, stuff, submarine, substance, suit, sundae, supermarket, surface, swallow, sweater, swirl, swish, switch, sword, system, tablespoon, taco, tag, tale, tame, tan, tank, tap, task, taxi, team, teapot, tease, teaspoon, telephone, temperature, temple, tender, Tennessee, tennis, tent, terror, tether, thermometer, thief, thirst, thousand, thread, thunder, tight, tights, tin, tinfoil, ting, toboggan, tomato, ton, tongue, tortoise, touchdown, tough, tour, towel, trade, traffic, trailer, trash, tray, treasure, tremble, triangle, trickle, troll, trombone, troop, trust, tube, tulip, tumble, tune, tunnel, twist, type, ukulele, umbrella, underneath, unit, United States, universe, unless, usual, Utah, vacant, vacation, valley, value, velvet, verb, Vermont, vest, village, violin, Virginia, vote, vowel, voyage, waffle, wag, wail, waist, waiter, warn, watermelon, wax, weak, weather, wed, weigh, west Virginia, wheat, wheel, wheelbarrow, whether, whimper, whip, whir, whistle, whole, whoop, whoosh, wicked, wife, wiggle, willow, win, wink, wire, Wisconsin, witch, within, wood, woodpecker, worse, worth, wow, wrap, wreck, wriggle, wrist, Wyoming, yarn, yawn, yeast, zebra, zip, zone, zoom
4th Grade

abandon, absent, absorb, accent, accordion, accuse, acorn, acrobat, adjective, adjust, admit, affair, affix,

agriculture, airline, aisle, alfalfa, algae, almanac, aloud, altitude, aluminum, amaze, ambush, anchor, anchorage, Andes, ankle, anniversary, annual, antelope, anthem, antidote, antonym, appetite, applaud, appreciate, apricot, ark, arrest, artificial, ash, aspen, assign, assortment, athlete, atlas, atmosphere, atom, attend, attract, audience, auditorium, Austin, auto, avoid, awe, axle, babble, background, bait, bale, ball-point, ballad, ballroom, Baltic, bamboo, bandage, banjo, banner, bargain, barrel, barrow, barter, basic, basin, batch, baton, battle, bawl, beagle, bedspread, beer, beet, behold, beige, belch, beyond, bibliography, bid, billion, biography, birch, blacksmith, blade, blast, blaze, bleacher, bleat, blind, blindfold, blizzard, blood, blouse, blurt, blush, bobsled, bold, bomb, bonus, bookworm, booth, bough, boulder, bound, bounty, bouquet, brag, Braille, brake, brand, brass, breast, brew, bride, brilliant, brim, brisk, bronze, Brooklyn, brow, bruise, buddy, budget, buffet, bull, bulldog, bullet, bulletin, bully, buoy, burp, burrow, bushel, butler, butte, buttercup, cabbage, cable, caboose, calorie, camel, canary, cancel, cane, canvas, capable, capacity, capillary, capitol, capsule, caramel, carbohydrate, career, cargo, carnation, carriage, cartwheel, cash, casserole, cassette, catsup, cauliflower, cavern, cedar, cello, cellophane, Celsius, centigrade, centipede, century, ceremony, challenge, chant, chap, chapel, character, chariot, checkers, chestnut, chill, China, chirp, choir, choke, chopsticks, chord, chore, chorus, chow, chubby, chug, cigar, cinder, cirrus, citizen, clang, clank, clarinet, clasp, clatter, click, cling, clink, closet, clump, cluster, clutch, coarse, cobra, cocoa, cod, coffee, coffin, coil, coliseum, college, collie, colony, comet, comment, commercial, committee, communicate, compare, competent, compose, compound, concentrate, concert, condition, conjunction, consider, consist, constellation, constitute, construct, contagious, contain, continent, contrary, control, convenient, convince, coop, cooperate, core, cot, cottage, cottonwood, cougar, cough, council, counter, couple, coupon, courteous, courtyard, coward, coyote, cradle, crate, creak, crease, create, crew, crib, crime, croak, crook, crossword, crouch, crumb, crumble, crunch, crush, crystal, cuckoo, cuddle, culture, cumulus, cupboard, current, cushion, custom, dab, dam, damage, dandy, dart, daze, deacon, deadline, death, debt, deciduous, decimal, deckhand, decline, decrease, defend, define, degree, delicate, den, denomination, dense, deny, depend, deposit, depot, deputy, deserve, desperate, destroy, detergent, detour, Detroit, develop, dew, dial, diary, dice, diet, dip, disappoint, disaster, discipline, discourage, discuss, disease, disguise, dismal, displace, dispose, dispute, dissolve, distinct, ditch, dizzy, dodo, doodle, doubt, dove, downpour, doze, drab, drama, drape, drawbridge, dribble, drizzle, drought, duel, dunce, dune, dung, dungeon, ease, echo, educate, effect, efficient, effort, electron, elegant, element, elk, elsewhere, embarrass, emergency, empire, England, enlarge, enrich, enthusiasm, entire, envelope, environment, epidemic, equilateral, error, erupt, essay, establish, evaporate, event, excellent, except, exchange, exercise, exhale, exhaust, exhibit, exist, expect, expensive, experience, expert, express, extend, eyebrow, eyelash, factor, fade, Fahrenheit, faith, fame, fashion, fasten, fathom, favor, fawn, fee, ferry, festival, fetch, file, film, fin, finch, firebox, flannel, flare, flavor, flea, flesh, fling, flip, flipper, flock, flood, fluff, fluid, foam, folk, forbid, ford, forearm, forehead, foreword, formula, fort, fortune, foul, fraction, fragment, frail, freckle, freeway, freshmen, fret, friction, frustrate, fumble, fungus, furnace, furnish, further, future, gallop, gander, gang, gangplank, gap, garter, gauze, gear, general, generous, genie, geography, geranium, gigantic, glacier, glance, glare, glaze, glimpse, glisten, gloom, glossary, glow, gnaw, goal, goblin, goggles, goldenrod, golf, gong, goo, gossip, gradual, graduation, grammar, grasshopper, grate, grateful, graze, grease, Great Britain, greyhound, griddle, grill, grind, grip, grouch, grumble, grunt, gulf, gully, guppy, gurgle, gust, gut, gutter, guy, gym, gypsy, hail, halo, hammock, handball, handcuff, hardware, harmonica, harpoon, Harrisburg, harrow, harsh, Hartford, haul, hazard, hazel, headdress, headquarters, heal, heave, heaven, hedge, hemisphere, hesitate, hiccup, hind, hinge, hint, hiss, history, hobby, hobo, hockey, hoe, holler, holly, holy, homespun, homonym, hoof, horizontal, horror, household, however, hubbub, huckleberry, huddle, humid, hunch, hurricane, hush, hutch, hydrogen, hymn, hyphen, iceberg, icebox, ideal, idle, igloo, ignite, ignore, imitate, immediate, improve, increase, indent, India, individual, industry, influence, initial, inner, inning, innocent, insist, inspect, instant, instruct, intelligent, interrupt, intestine, introduce, invent, invisible, inward, iodine, irrigate, itch, jabber, jackknife, Jacksonville, Jamestown, janitor, Japan, jaw, jellyfish, jersey, Jerusalem, jewelry, jig, journal, jug, juggle, junction, junior, junk, Jupiter, juvenile, kernel, kettle, keyboard, kid, kidney, Kiev, kimono, knit, knothole, knuckle, lab, labor, laboratory, lack, ladle, lame, landlord, lantern, lariat, lark, lash, lass, latch, launch, laurel, lava, lavender, layer, leap, lease, legend, lend, lens, lever, liar, liberty, licorice, lily, limestone, limp, lipstick, liver, llama, lobby, locket, lodge, loom, lope, lord, loss, lotion, loyal, luggage, lunar, lurch, macaroni, magma, magnificent, magnify, maintain, manage, mane, mantle, manufacture, manure, marble, marigold, marmalade, Mars, mascot, mash, mass, mast, master, material, math, mattress, maypole, McKinley, meanwhile, mechanic, Mediterranean, medium, melody, memorial, memory, Memphis, mend, mental, menu, Mercury, mercy, merit, mermaid, mesa, meteor, metric, Mexico, migrate, Milwaukee, minnow, miracle, mission, mister, mittens, moccasin, mock, model, moderate, moist, mollusk, monitor, Montreal, mood, mortgage, Moscow, motion, mount, muff, muffin, muffler, mug, muggy, mumble, mummy, munch, muscle, mustache, mutt, myth, nab, naked, napkin, nasty, native, naughty, navy, necessary, Neptune, Netherlands, neutron, New Orleans, nibble, nightmare, nook, nor, Norway, notch, novel, nozzle, nucleus, nudge, numb, nun, nuzzle, nylon, oar, oasis, oats, oblong, oboe, observe, occupation, occupy, occur, Omaha, omit, ooze, operate, opportunity, orchestra, ordinary, organ, organize, Orient, oriole, ornament, ornery, ostrich, ounce, outfit, outskirts, overalls, owe, pad, padlock, pantry, papoose, parable, parachute, paraffin, parallelogram, parcel, pardon, parenthesis, participate, particular, partner, passenger, patent, patient, patio, patrol, pause, pave, peace, pearl, pebble, peck, peer, pelican, penetrate, penicillin, pennant, per, percussion, perennial, perfume, permit, Persia, petticoat, petunia, pheasant, Philadelphia, Phoenix, phonograph, photosynthesis, piccolo, pickle, pickup, pigtail, pill, pillar, pinch, pineapple, pinwheel, pistol, pity, pixy, planetarium, plaster, plateau, platter, plaza, plop, plot, plumber, plump, plural, Pluto, pod, poet, poison, policy, polish, polka, poll, pollute, polygon, poncho, poodle, popover, porcupine, porpoise, porridge, portfolio, position, positive, postage, postmaster, postpone, posture, poultry, practical, prairie, preach, precious, precipitation, predicate, prefer, prefix, preposition, pride, primary, principal, prism, prison, private, process, procrastinate, product, profit, project, proof, proofread, property, protein, proton, protrude, providence, prowl, publish, pueblo, pulley, pullover, punch, punctuate, puncture, purchase, putter, pyramid, quadrilateral, quail, qualify, quarantine, quarrel, quartet, quilt, quiver, quotient, racket, raft, rage, rail, railway, ramp, rapid, rate, ratio, rattle, rattlesnake, raw, razor, realize, reap, receive, recipe, recognize, recover, redcoat, reduce, redwood, reed, refer, reflect, regard, region, regret, rein, relay, rely, remark, repeat, represent, research, resemble, reservoir, respond, responsible, restore, result, reveal, revoke, revolution, Richmond, ridge, rifle, rigid, rinse, risk, rot, route, routine, royal, rubbish, ruff, ruffle, runaway, rung, runt, rural, Russia, rust, rustle, rustler, sag, Sahara, sake, salary, salmon, San Diego, sandal, sash, satellite, Saturn, sawmill, saxophone, scalp, scene, scent, scoot, scramble, screw, screwdriver, scrimp, scripture, scum, seafood, Seattle, seaweed, secrete, secure, security, seek, seldom, sensitive, series, sermon, sewer, sex, shack, shale, shallow, shame, shampoo, shawl, sherbet, shift, shortening, shorthand, shortstop, shoulders, shred, shrill, shrub, shrug, shuffle, sideburns, sideways, sierra, sift, silverware, similar, simile, siren, sissy, situation, skein, skid, skillet, skim, skinny, skipper, skittish, slab, slacks, slang, slant, slash, slate, sleet, slender, slick, slight, slim, sling, slip, slop, slug, sly, smack, smear, smog, smokestack, smother, smudge, snapdragon, snicker, snip, snoop, snooze, snore, snort, snub, snug, snuggle, sober, soccer, sofa, softball, soggy, solar, solo, somersault, somewhat, sonar, soothe, sore, source, souvenir, soybean, spa, Spain, spangle, spaniel, sparrow, spat, spatula, spear, species, speck, spectacles, sphere, spice, spike, spiral, spit, splice, splinter, sponge, sponsor, spook, spore, sprain, sprout, spur, sputter, squash, squat, squaw, squirm, squirt, St. Louis, staff, stagecoach, stain, stale, stalk, stall, stallion, staple, starch, startle, steadfast, steady, steak, steep, steeple, sting, stingy, stink, stockade, stopwatch, strain, strait, streak, strict, stride, stroke, stroll, structure, struggle, strum, stubborn, stumble, stump, subject, succeed, suck, suffer, sufficient, suffix, suggest, suitcase, sum, sunflower, super, superior, supply, support, suppose, surround, suspect, suspender, swamp, swan, sway, swear, sweat, swell, swift, syllable, symbol, synonym, synthesis, tab, tablet, tack, tackle, talent, tambourine, target, tassel, taupe, tax, tee, teenager, teepee, teeter, telegram, telegraph, telescope, telltale, temper, tend, term, termite, terrain, terrier, territory, text, texture, thaw, thee, theft, therefore, thimble, thistle, thong, thorax, thorn, thou, thrill, thud, thumbtack, thump, thus, thy, tiddlywinks, tide, tilt, timid, tingle, tinsel, tint, tiresome, toadstool, Tokyo, tom-tom, tomahawk, tomboy, tong, toot, topic, torch, tornado, total, tow, trademark, tramp, trampoline, translate, trapeze, treble, tricycle, trim, trinket, trio, trophy, trousers, trudge, trundle, tuba, tuck, turnip, twine, twinkle, twirl, twitch, typewrite, umpire, unicorn, uniform, union, upland, upright, Uranus, urge, Uruguay, vampire, vapor, vary, vase, vegetation, vehicle, veil, vein, Venus, verandah, vessel, veterinarian, vibrate, video, view, vine, vinegar, violet, vitamin, volcano, volume, vulture, waddle, wade, wallet, walrus, waltz, wasp, wealth, weasel, web, wedge, wee, whack, wham, wharf, wheelchair, whiff, whine, whinny, whirl, wick, wicker, widow, wigwam, wildcat, wilderness, windpipe, wine, wizard, workout, worship, wreath, wrestle, wrinkle, xylophone, yak, yap, Yellowstone, youth, zero

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