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Born 7 December 1972, in Rho (Milan)

Nationality: italian

Address: 19 Piazza Schiavone, 20158 Milano

Work phone: 0039 02.

Mobile phone: 0039 338. 30.00.091

VAT number: 09739520964


Qualified and Cerified Freelance Medical Translator with 17 years of experience

Providing translating services to private firms and medical journals

Fluent in these languages: Italian (Native language ); English; French


Services included translating and transcribing:

  • General, medical questionnaires, clinical trials, patient information leaflets, pharmaceutical product profiles, medical case reports, abstracts, recommendations, manuscripts.

  • Medical devices; technical aids for the disables; breastfeeding products and medical vacuum technology; equipments and services for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of hospital instruments;heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring systems; stoma care products; bladder and bowel products; wound care products; urology products

  • Marketing materials and brochures, press releases.

2011 Postgraduate level qualification: International Masters Degree in Medical Translation. S.S.I.T. - Scuola

Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori, Pescara (active)

2010 Postgraduate level qualification: Translation for Publishing Houses. Languages: English and French.

Langue & Parole Formazione, Milan ((active)

2003 Postgraduate level qualification: Press Office and Media Relations. Business School IL SOLE 24 ORE,

Milan (active)

2001 Degree in Foreign Languages at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. Specialization in Public

Relations (active)

1991 School-leaving certificate at Liceo Scientifico Cremona in Milan (active)

Freelance Translator, Milano.

Medical area: Clinical trials, translation and proofreading of medical questionnaires, manuscripts, abstracts, patient information leaflets and recommendations, pharmaceutical product profiles and medical case reports.

Active Clients: Transedit Group, Journals Department Edizioni Minerva Medica; Dott. Antonio Triulzi (Nuclear Medicine Specialist); Enrico Triulzi (Cardiology and Internal Medicine Specialist); Fitoplus d.o.o.; Xplanation Language Services; Cosval SpA., PanAfrican Medical Journal

Some of my recent projects include:

Effects of enhanced pacing modalities on healthcare resource utilization and costs in bradicardia patients: An

analysis of the randomized MINERVA trial

Acta Phlebologica (Treatment of venous ulcers with LMWH: effects on healing rate, pain and quality of life.)

Minerva Endocrinologica (Stress hyperglycemia in febrile children: relationship to prediabetes)

Minerva Stomatologica (Overdenture on implants)


Rheumatoid Arthritis master questionnaire


Minerva Cardioangiologica (Medical treatment of chronic venous disease: evolution or involution?)

Medicina dello Sport (Late onset of apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in a former pro atlete in response

to a crush syndrome)

He Shou Wu root extract can prolong the life cycle of somatic cells



Minerva Ginecologica (The role of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in the management of primary breast cancer)

Minerva Medica (Atrial fibrillation: epidemiology, prognosis and therapy)

Minerva Psichiatrica (Suicides, attempted suicides and admissions for depression in Ticino Canton 2000-2007)

Minerva Gastroenterologica ( Echoendoscopy: new therapeutic frontiers)

Minerva Stomatologica (Surviving of bovine teeth adhesively restored with 3 types of fiber post after fatigue


Minerva ortopedica (Rehabilitation after posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction)

Minerva Cardiologica (Update on transcatheter aortic valve implantation registries and trials)

Minerva Pneumologica (Exercise strategies for chronic respiratory diseases)

Giornale Italiano di Dermatologia (Cosmetic procedures in skin of color)

Otorinolaringologia (Genetics of otosclerosis: current research and opinions)

Pan African Medical Journal (Rupture utérine sur utérus bicorne à 12 semaines d’aménorrhée : A propos d’un


Pan African Medical Journal (Carcinome verruqeux de la verge)

Pan African Medical Journal(Le POSSUM: un bon score pour prédire la mortalité du sujet âgé opéré en urgence?)

Pan African Medical Journal (Tuberculome myocardique: localisation inhabituelle de la tubercolose)

Pan African Medical Journal (Aménorrhée chimio induite chez une population Marocaine)

Pan African Medical Journal (Fracture-décollement de l’épiphyse médiale de la clavicule. A propos de 6 cas et

revue de la littérature)


Dr. Dunner (a swiss first quality line of supplements and herbal medicines, vitamins, essential minerals and

advanced mixtures)

Padma Aciben (Heartburn, acidity and gastro-oesophageal reflux - Dietary supplement)

Padma Digestin (Digestive Tonic - Dietary Supplement)

Padma Basic Plus (Immune system regulator - Dietary Supplement)

Padma LX (protective properties of the intestinal mucosa - Dietary Supplement)

Technical area: Instruction manuals, quick guides, product specifications, field safety notice, material safety data sheet
Active Client: Xplanation Language Services
Some of my recent projects include:

Translation of an instruction manual for a siliconized latex urinary catheter

Translation of an instruction manual for bespoke platform lifts – wheelchair access

Translation of a field safety notice (Radifocus Optitorque catheter)

Translation of an instruction manual for a multifunctional positioning aid for early

mobilisation and ICU Rehabilitation

Translation of an instruction manual for a system to help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis

Translation of product specifications: Sterile U.L.I.S

General area: Marketing materials and brochures, press releases.
Active Client: Xplanation Language Services
Some of my recent projects include:

The Value of Breastmilk

What makes breastmilk so unique
Cosmetics and Beauty area: Body care products - Make-up products - Organic/natural/fair trade cosmetics
Active Client: Cosval SpA
Some of my recent projects include:
Locherber Body care products (exfoliators and masks, body cleansers, body creams, BB hands cream, sun creams

creams deodorants, oral hygiene,

Locherber Make-up products (Make-up removers and cleansers, BB cream, CC cream, creamy concealer,

foundation, bronzing powder, mascara, eye liner pencil, eye shadow, lip balm,

lip gloss, Contour Lipline Pencil)

Locherber Organic/natural/fair trade cosmetics (Moisturisers, anti-ageing)


Operating System : Windows 7

SoftWare Applications : Word 7.0 , Excel 7.0 , Adobe Photoshop

Internet Explorer

OutLook Express

Cat tool: SDL TRADOS 2017, Wordfast 6.1, Across 5.7, Passolo 2011, Tstream Editor 6.0


To attain the higher level Company satisfaction tanks to my sound knowledge and proficiency of English and

French and to my professional experience in medical and pharma translations. I’m from a family of doctors and

this allows me to constantly enrich my knowledge in my field and to provide a perfect translation of the

I authorize my data processing according to law L 196/2003

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