Daniel 3 Messages from Heaven An Autistic’s World 2008 2009

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Daniel 3 – Messages from heaven

Daniel 3

Messages from Heaven

An Autistic’s World

2008 - 2009

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לעילוי נשמת נתן בן יעקב הלוי
לעילוי נשמת נחמיה בן פרידה


The messages

72 The tragedy of this generation
73 WW3 (Midrash)
75 The greatest moment in history
76 2000 more
77 Soon all of Israel will look like Sderot
78 Dearest brothers; a sword is being held to our necks!
79 Getting out of slavery
80 Six steps to redemption
81 The final moment
82 In memory of a tzadekes (righteous girl).
83 Batya
84 Part of the Complete Creation
85 They don't want to see the truth
86 Until the last day of our lives and after that
87 On the threshold of redemption
88 Come back home
89 Why were the Torah Scrolls burnt?
90 An urgent message to the Diaspora
91 Judgment day
92 4 messages
94 The great and terrible day is getting closer
95 The world of decadent materialism is dying
96 "Why must you die, People of Israel?"
97 A black star has engulfed the world in darkness
99 Why were the Tzaddikim killed in India ?

* Not all the messages where translated.

The messages

100 To merit eternal life

101 A hospital for Neshamas
102 “The sinners of my people will die by the sword"
103 The bottom line
104 The End - a story of clinical death.
105 A message to the Jews in Russia
106 The final message to Am Yisrael
108 it's all over
109 The Golden Calf has been crowned
Q&A with Binyamin and Daniel. May 2009
110 The moment before the end
111 They will be suitable for the new world
112 Lost Forever

72 The tragedy of this generation
FC with Binyamin Feb 14, 2008

(This session took place between Binyamin and a group of women)

We will discuss the situation of modesty in this generation and the importance of modesty. Of course we can only speak about the Chareidim because the secular Jews do not have even the basic concept of modesty and as for the modern orthodox world - the Dati-Leumi; their whole concept of modesty is completely warped from the beginning.

The Chareidi Jews are supposed to be the holiest, but a lot, and in fact, most of the Chareidi community is very confused when it comes to this vital matter. There are those who want both the secular - goyish - Hellenistic world together with Yiddishkeit; their whole desire is to combine Yiddishkeit with goyish concepts, particularly regarding modesty.

"Kedoshim Tihiyu" ("And you shall be holy") is the essence of Yiddishkeit [Judaism]. However, the concept "kedoshim" in this generation has taken on a completely warped meaning. According to the Hellenistic terms, kedoshim means: A Torah- learning Charedi Jew, dressed in black, wearing a white shirt, a black hat and either a short or long black jacket.

But in many cases, this man's wife is walking around wearing a beautiful wig, with real hair and a skin colored part to look like a real head - really beautiful hair, looking exactly like a non-Jewish model! The sleeves of the shirt she wears just barely cover her elbows, the top button of her shirt is open, her shirt is tight against her body, her skirt is short and not wide and her stockings are transparent. As for the shoes, if she wants to dress comfortably, she wears white tennis shoes and if not, she wears shoes with very high heels that click loudly against the floor, plus makeup, plus jewelry, and so on and so on, just like the non-Jewish women. Sadly enough, this is how a lot of the wives of the Charedi men look nowadays.

There are righteous women whose husbands are really sitting and learning Torah properly and they - the women - may be either Rebbetzins (wives of Rabbis) or wives of well-known Talmidei Chachamim (Torah scholars). These women wear a short and simple looking wig, perhaps with a hat on top, with relatively modest clothes and thick stockings.

Then there are even more righteous women who are wearing shawls upon their heads and over their shoulders, wide long skirts, loose-fitting shirts, without makeup on their face, without jewelry, etc. and everything about them is modest. These women are a true example for real modesty.

Regarding the Yerushalmiot, though, there are those who wear black tichels on their head, but yet the way they dress goes completely against the teachings of their Rebbe, the Shomer Imunim, zt"l. These women wear short skirts that show at least part of the leg, and so on. Although there are some Yerushalmiot who wear longer skirts, still, many of these skirts are considered immodest because they are tight on the body and certain movements show the shape of the leg.

Their stockings may be black but they are still often transparent. Often, they wear Jewelry and makeup and this is a most strange and unfortunate thing.

These women make fun of the most righteous women who are wearing shawls on their heads and over their shoulders, wide clothes and so on. Why do they make fun of them? Because they are terrified that they will soon be asked to let go of their tight grasp on the 'Golden Calf' (the world of materialism) they love so much. They are really afraid that they will be robbed of the precious toys they are so in love with (the makeup, jewelry, fancy and expensive clothes…).

This is the greatest tragedy of our generation that is destroying everything. Every time a Charedi woman chooses to deviate from the Truth, she inflicts more tragedy upon Am Yisrael, G-d Forbid, and brings the spiritual level of this generation one step lower.

And every husband that approves of his wife dressing this way, is no less to blame than her, since that is clearly what his heart desires. Every woman that does not dress according to the Torah laws negatively influences everyone around her.

And if she happens to be a Rebbetzin who is basing her anti-Jewish behavior on the Torah [as if that were permitted] - this is a disastrous tragedy and I do not envy this Rebbetzin. Her husband, the Rabbi, would certainly be upset with the poor autistic person who dares to say such things, but baruch Hashem there are very long, impressive lists of great Rabbis over time who have outright objected to the wearing of wigs and the immodest dress code that has erupted throughout the Charedi community.

Q. Some of the women we have spoken to about modesty say that there is no point talking to them about shawls when they have so many other middos (traits) to work on first. Are they right in their way of thinking?

A. The first and foremost essence of the Torah is "Kedoshim tihiyu", and that is the root of modesty. Yet there is such great confusion on this matter and now there is even a new fashion of wearing shawls among the Goyim. So now you might see American Charedi tourists wearing shawls while continuing at the same time with their usual immodest behavior. This refers to women who are supposedly connected to the holiest of holies in the Charedi world but they are very influenced by the Hellenistic, modern world.

Why is modesty so important? Because Hashem commanded us to be holy - "kedoshim tihiyu", and a person who is unholy is looked upon in Heaven as something filthy and disgusting, since that person is full of uncontrollable lusts, and how can holy words and prayers come out of the mouth of one whose heart and mind is completely wrapped up with desires for the pleasures of this world?!

The Jewish People, who stood before Hashem at Mount Sinai and received His Torah, were the most modest nation of all and yet, today, even the Charedim - the most orthodox Jews - have started behaving like the Goyim.
"Kedoshim tihiyu" is the essence for all of Yiddishkeit. A person who is drowning in gashmius (materialism), who davens (prays) like a tzaddik but looks for pleasures like a Goy… his prayers cannot reach up to Heaven.

Q. How can we bring down the wall that is resistant to shawls?

A. There is nothing else to do but to daven for everyone and explain to people that anyone can see what a difficult situation we are in and that everything is happening precisely as our Sages, z"l, predicted [Masechet Sota page 49: the face of the generation is like the face of a dog, the child is not respectful of his father…]. They predicted that in this generation (preceding the Redemption), a Jew will have to truly sacrifice himself in order to live like a Jew. It is much more important to live like a true Jew than to die as a martyr. The more a person covers himself the better protected he is from all the troubles of this world and this pertains also to the men.

If the men would demand modesty from their wives it would save the whole situation but even most of the men are not dressing appropriately. For example, there is a new fashion among many of the Litvish / regular Chareidi (not Chassidish…) men who wear tight pants. Their jackets are short and tight as well. This is not a true avrech - a true Torah learning Jew. A man who wears a striped suit, his clothes tight against his body so that you can see each and every move the body makes - his head is not in the right place.

A true Jew wears clothes as wide as possible. Both men and women are obligated to cover their bodies as much as possible.

There are many Rosh Yeshivas who do not put any emphasis at all on the matter of modesty in their yeshivas. They look at it in a "psychological" way which says: What can you do? Every boy has an evil inclination…

Yet, if this is the case, G-d Forbid, it is a terrible tragedy, and something drastic must be done to rectify the situation. But they overlook it in silence, something which destroys the entire generation and many generations thereafter. In many situations they are even teaching the boys to be forgiving about matters relating to modesty amongst each other. They are following the psychological rules of the modern Goyish world. This is a mistake and absolutely forbidden.

Q. Regarding the women who wear shawls on their heads, people say that there is no way they can influence others because they look too radical.

A. As with every thing in life, one must be real. If he is real (not just doing things to impress others), people will respect him - even if they are upset with him. Therefore, definitely wear shawls and wide-cut clothes because if not, all the mussar (rebuke) these people give will be completely worthless.

Q. Do you think there is still a chance to change the situation of modesty in our generation?

A. Hashem is Omnipotent. We must all make efforts and pray for all of Am Yisrael that we should all understand what is the path of truth and follow that path. And we must rebuke and arouse people's awareness even more now, but be sure to pray beforehand that you should be successful.

As we have said many times, only a fifth (at the most) came out of Egypt, etc. - very few, relatively. Every generation the Jews suffered under the hands of others (such as in Egypt, the holocaust, the Spanish inquisition, etc.), only few managed to do teshuva and survive. This is why it is very advisable for people to live with Jewish extremism. The women should be true "Bas Yisraels" and "Eshes Chayils" (women of valor) and the men should be true "talmid-chachams" (Torah Scholars).

Q. There are parents who love modesty and want to live by it but are not managing to influence their daughters. What should they do?

A. They must pray for their daughters and build small schools and discuss the topic often. But there is not much time. This whole party is going to come to an end very soon. Hashem is bringing everything to an end. The Judaism level is about to drop so low that it will not have any resemblance to Yiddishkeit anymore. If another generation goes by, it will be hard for anyone to discern who is Jewish and who is not.

This generation is orphaned from leaders, and it is facing such harsh times, the likes of which have never been seen throughout the history of mankind. Only those that decide to follow Hashem all the way, with as much loyalty as possible (i.e. taking all the steps to really come close to Hashem, like dressing modestly, detaching ourselves from gashmius, etc.), will receive our righteous Moshiach.

We have disassembled the Jewish home. Without a Jewish home there is no future for Am Yisrael. The Jewish Home of the past generations still exists, but only with a few individuals. Yet now, it is almost history, with only a few examples left here and there. Woe to us, woe to us!

Only one thing will help us now and that is real teshuva, along with the foundation of "Kedoshim tihiyu". We must delve deep into ourselves and extract every stain, every point of transgression or of the desire to transgress, and the needs we have for this world which have no connection whatsoever to the purpose of our existence.

This will help us remove every single defect within our body and soul. Then we must pray and shed tears over every single sin we have performed and feel truly sorry for wasting our lives on foolish things, and make the firm decision that from now on we are returning to Hashem with everything that involves.

Q. Regarding modesty do we need to go back to the way our grandmothers used to dress?

A. You must go back, yes. But if we say "like our grandmothers", it depends on which grandmothers.

Grandmothers from 100 years ago were very modest but there were also those who did not cover their hair and there were avrechim (Torah learning men) from 100 years ago who spent part of their time learning and part of the time occupying themselves with things that are absolutely forbidden! So which grandmothers are we referring to? Even 200 years ago there were grandmothers and grandfathers that were not modest.

People must be modest, men and women, with appropriate head-coverings, wide and long clothes, simple, dark shoes, etc. But beyond that, you must really want the modesty and love it - for it is the Will of Hashem. We must literally run after everything Hashem wants us to do.

Start with modesty, because the exterior of a person influences the interior [as written in Messilas Yesharim chapter 7].

The aspirations of one who is dressed like a tzaddik are to be a tzaddik and likewise the opposite. A Jew who is dressed like a Goy certainly wants to live the life of a Goy. This does not mean that there are no Jews who dress appropriately yet are rotten on the inside. But if you take a closer look at them you will see that they are not really 100% modest either.

All I can tell you is that in the very near future you are going to see some very frightening things. If you stick to the kedusha, everything will go over peacefully. Unfortunately, a lot of blood will be spilled, but because of your (to the group of women wearing shawls…) messirus nefesh (devotion), a lot of Jews will be saved.

Q. But why must blood spill at all?
A. It is a fact. Look at our history; the Jews were always given the chance to do teshuva and because they didn't, it ended in blood.

(not FC).

Everyone can sense that the situation throughout the world has reached a dead end. The question remaining in people's minds is not will there be a world war 3 but rather, when? When will WWIII break out? Anyone who is realistic realizes that according to the types and amounts of weapons the countries possess, there is no way anyone can protect themselves and stay alive - at least, no way short of a miracle.

We wrote this page in order to bring to you all an explanation of the situation the world is in today. We even found an amazingly accurate description of this situation and the situation we are about to face, in the words of our Sages, z"l, from around two-thousand years ago, an in the words of our holy prophets who were alive even before that.

We will bring clarifications on all of this, as well, G-d Willing.

Rabbi Yitzchak said: (Yalkut Shimoni, Yishayahu 60)

"In the year when the king, Moshiach will be revealed, all the kings of the nations of the world are provoking each other. The king of Paras (Iran) is provoking the Arab king (Saudi Arabia) and then the Arab King will turn to Edom (U.S.A.) for advice.

The king of Paras will then go and destroy the world. And all the nations of the world (that remain) will shout from terror, fall upon their faces in fear and undergo such horrible pains as strong as labor pains.
And the Jewish people will shout from fear and say, "to where do we turn?! To where do we run?"

And He will say unto them (Hashem), my children, do not be afraid; all that I have done here, I have done only for you. What do you fear? The time for your Redemption has arrived!"

Rabbi Yitzchak said: [2000 years ago!] In the year when the king, Moshiach will be revealed [what will happen in the year Moshiach will be revealed], all the kings of the nations of the world are provoking each other [threats of war will be heard all over the world].

The king of Paras [the president of Iran] is provoking the Arab king [threatening the king of Saudi Arabia - the only country who still has the word "arab" in its name - with war] and then the Arab King will turn to Edom for advice [the king of Saudi Arabia will turn to the western countries led by the U.S.A. for advice on how to react to the Iranian threats].

The king of Paras will then go and destroy the world [it is quite obvious that one cannot destroy the whole world with conventional weapons. In this case it is obviously referring to nuclear weapons. "the world" of course means most of the world, not the whole planet].

And all the nations of the world [the countries that will remain, see in Zecharia 13, the prophecy that says that 2/3 of the world will be destroyed] will shout from terror, fall upon their faces in fear and undergo such horrible pains as strong as labor pains [the whole world will be gripped with such a fear, since it is known that nuclear weapons can mean only one thing and that is: certain death].

And the Jewish people will shout from fear [they will be afraid that Iran may attack Israel, as well] and say, "to where do we turn?! To where do we run?"

And He will say unto them (Hashem), my children, do not be afraid; all that I have done here, I have done only for you [everything Hashem will do is for the Jews, to destroy the reign of the wicked Edom, to eradicate evil from the world and allow the Moshiach, our righteous king to take over the kingdom]. Why do you fear? The time for your Redemption has arrived!

What is written above refers to the destruction of two thirds of the nations of the world. However, if Am Yisrael does not return to Hashem and do teshuva, G-d Forbid, their situation may also become much worse.

75 The greatest moment in history

FC with Binyamin Q&A Feb.2.08

Abba: What do you think about all our preparations for the sacks and ashes campaigns?
Binyamin: I am very excited because the Geula is near and it is approaching now at a very great speed. And the fact that Jews are coming together, wearing sacks on their bodies and ashes upon their heads, sitting upon the floor and weeping, beating their hearts and feeling so sorry for all their sins, wanting to do real teshuva, might be reason enough for Hashem to save Am Yisrael and bring us the Redemption with mercy.

The way to bring the Redemption closer is by lowering our heads and our pride, then looking up to Heaven and asking Hashem for forgiveness and mercy. And this (the sacks and ashes campaigns) is a very strong sign that the Geula is so close, you can taste it already.

But, unfortunately, most of the people are still wrapped up in their world of gashmius (materialism) which allows them physical pleasures that are much easier to attain (i.e. easier to attain than the pleasures of the Geula which involves a lot of hard work).

Abba: You have all spoken a lot against wigs. Someone asked me how can you - the autistic and brain-damaged people - interpret halachos (Torah laws). Only Rabbis have that authority, no?

Binyamin: That's true, but the matter of wigs does not fall under that category. It falls under the category of eating pork. No one can rule that pork is kosher. No Rabbi can rule that pork is kosher and the wigs of today are like eating pork. It is not even a question. There isn't even a question of whether wigs are permissible or not. All the wigs available today are forbidden to wear. Any person with even a little bit of common sense realizes that they are forbidden. It's just like when a woman walks around without a blouse - it is obvious that this is forbidden, one does not need to ask a Rabbi if that is permitted or forbidden.

When women began wearing wigs over a hundred and fifty years ago, because the goyim forbade Jewish women to cover their hair, the great Rabbis of that generation knew and saw visions of the future of wig-wearing and therefore forbade it.

Abba: But it's hard to stand up against everyone on this matter - our friends, the public, etc…
Binyamin: Now is the time for messirus nefesh (true devotion). A person looking for shortcuts will not live to receive our righteous Moshiach. A person who believes that his actions will go unpunished, that he can continue living his imaginary life, will not survive, G-d Forbid. We must return now to Hashem with all our will and all our might.

This means we must clean ourselves out of all the unnecessary things of this world and sit only in the house of Hashem (Psalms 27: "I will sit in the house of Hashem all the days of my life).

Soon, very great things will take place and then I will speak more in length. I just want to remind everyone that there is only one way to be saved and that is by doing teshuva.

We must recognize the truth, make efforts to do the will of Hashem and not give ourselves all kinds of allowances. Become radical Jews! What does it mean to be a radical Jew? It means following the will of Hashem all the way, with all the hidur (elegance and flair).

Abba: How come you have been speaking so much lately about sacks and ashes?

Binyamin: Sacks and ashes are external things. A person wears a sack which is something materialistic, something you can touch, while its' purpose is to lower the person's pride (Shulchan Aruch) and bring him to a state of weeping and feeling that he lost out on a great and beautiful world; he lost Beis Hamikdash and the korbanos (sacrifices). He must come to feel the intensity of the great loss of these two things. He must realize the immense greatness of this loss.

The person sits on the ground wearing sacks on his body and ashes upon his head because he is in mourning. He weeps over everything he has lost on account of his sins throughout all of his reincarnated lifetimes. This is the time to weep, feel sorry and say to Hashem: "I sinned, I transgressed… forgive me and all of Am Yisrael, etc." and ask Hashem to bring us the complete Redemption, the third Beis Hamikdash, the korbanos and our righteous Moshiach.

It is really a matter of pikuach nefesh (life-saving) for Jews to participate in these prayers now, to give themselves the chance to prepare for the greatest moment ever, which we are about to see very soon. For those that are prepared, mentally and spiritually, it is going to be the absolute greatest moment in history. But for those that are not prepared, G-d Forbid, who have not done teshuva, who have not lowered their pride, who have not wept over their sins, for them it will be the most frightening day in history. That day will be their end, G-d forbid. May Hashem have mercy on us all.
To give themselves
the chance to prepare
for the greatest moment

76 2000 more
FC with Daniel, March 9, 2008

I want to say that the tragedy that took place last week was only the beginning of all the difficult times we are approaching and again, whoever wants to survive MUST do teshuva. This means doing self examination, internally and externally to see where we have gone against the will of Hashem and then feel so sorry about it that we would shed buckets upon buckets of tears. We must then make the firm decision to fulfill the will of Hashem, pick up a stone and smash anything that has any remote connection to the "Egel hazahav" (materialism and the pleasures of this world) until it turns into nothing but dust.

It was not by chance that that specific yeshiva was chosen. Not by chance at all. Nor were any of the other acts of terror. They all cause us to want to do some deep thinking.
Every tragedy that takes place has a specific reason, a root, and there is a reason that we cannot understand. We must therefore try and figure out the reason that we are able to understand.

Abba: Why was that yeshiva chosen?
Daniel: The Dati-Leumi (modern orthodox) movement tries very hard to be the elite of the Zionists. They think they have secured themselves a place in this world as well as in the next world.
A person that is truly spiritual does not feel that he possesses any power, that only Hashem possesses power. This is a person who believes that the reason of existence is Torah, mitzvos etc. and that this world is purely for the sake of fulfilling Hashem's will from morning to night and from night to morning and nothing else but the will of Hashem.

Yet, in the case of the dati-leumi, this is not their entire goal.

These are not people whose entire lives evolve around the constant fulfilling of Hashem's will; these people think they can be part of the secular world as well as being religious -more or less believing in Hashem.

A person who seeks education from the secular - Hellenistic world must return to the real, proper Yiddishkeit and become a true follower of Hashem.

The Dati-Leumi Jews have great weaknesses when it comes to Yiddishkeit.
The difference between the weakness that has ensnared the Charedi community lately, and the weakness of the Dati-Leumi community is, with the Dati-Leumi, their weakness is a part of their idealism whereas with the Charedim it is just a personal weakness each individual has with his or her connection to this world.

The Yiddishkeit of the so-called radical Jews or Ultra Orthodox is true Yiddishkeit.

Abba: The eight people that were killed were all complete tzaddikim, no?
Daniel: Of course they were all tzaddikim. They were simply the sacrifices of this generation, just like the tzaddikim that passed away during the holocaust. The sacrifice needs to be complete and they were complete.

Abba: Is there anything you want to add?
Daniel: I just want to say that in the very near future there will be some very amazing and terrifying developments and it is crucial for people to do self-examination and figure out where they are defying the will of Hashem.

Abba: What do you think about the 'sacks and ashes'?
Daniel: I am very excited about it although it's not exactly being done the way it's supposed to and the amount of people doing it is not very big, but it is the base and Be'ezras Hashem that base will grow and save many Jews.
There are going to be such harsh times soon, people won't know where to turn and will be forced to turn to Hashem. They will have to try and figure out how to turn to Hashem because so many people have forgotten the way, so now they will have to search for it.

Abba: When should we have the next 'sacks and ashes' campaign?
Daniel: Rosh Chodesh Nissan, if a tragedy does not occur beforehand.
If something big happens before, then we will speak again.

Abba: Someone asked me what are our chances of the Geula coming with ease and mercy?
Daniel: That depends upon all of Am Yisrael.

Abba: What do you think about the prayers in the streets with fifty children?
Daniel: Very impressive, very impressive.

Abba: In Ofakim over 100 people attended. The Rabbi of the city gave a drasha (Torah speech) and I heard that the prayers there were very strong.
Daniel: That is very important and since Kassam rockets have fallen in Ofakim, they knew how to pray from the heart.
When there is fear, and that is what is about to take place - a very great fear, it can bring the people closer to Hashem. And that means everywhere, not just in Netivot, Sderot, Ashkelon, Ofakim, up North and down South.

Abba: You know, I ran out of sacks. I had 1000 altogether. Should I make more?
Daniel: Make two-thousand.

Abba: 2 0 0 0 ?!
Daniel: Yes.

Abba: Someone sent us an email, asking if Daniel can give us some short notice before the big things take place?
Daniel: If a person is prepared, he does not need any notice.

Abba: Are you and the other autistic people (who give messages) all in tuned with each other at all times?
Daniel: Yes.

Abba: With Galia as well?
Daniel: With everyone. Galia is simply showing people a different angle.

Abba: Her new message is so gentle, full of love.
Daniel: That's why the people need her as well as the rest of us. Because the reality we are facing is very harsh, they sent in Galia to relax some of the people. People are starting to panic; they don't know which way to turn first.
There are even Jews who don't know there is such a thing as the Geula and that that is what is supposed to happen. They are taken aback by all this.

Abba: I thought perhaps Galia's messages were intended more for women, no?
Daniel: Not (just) for the women; the men are actually more liable to panic. (We all laughed at that)

(The person who helped arrange the 'sacks and ashes' march in Jerusalem called and asked how it was, in Daniel's eyes.)

Daniel: What they did was excellent (they marched from the Geula neighborhood all the way to the kosel (Western Wall) wearing sacks and ashes although there were not very many people but the amount will grow. It will grow very big when the missiles start falling all over the place, G-d forbid or when other disasters, lo aleinu happen and then people will start running, frantically looking for Hashem.

Abba: Someone suggested we do this in the streets and not just in Jerusalem. Every day somewhere else, with loudspeakers, tallises and sacks to arouse people to do teshuva.
Daniel: Not yet, it's not yet time. It's a great idea but the time for that has not yet come.

Abba: Daniel, should we be sitting on the ground during the 'sacks and ashes' campaigns?
Daniel: That is a big part of the whole matter of sacks and ashes; a person sitting humiliated on the ground mourning over everything we lost on account of our sins.

Abba: A yeshiva asked us for a donation. Should I tell them I will donate to them if they do a 'sacks and ashes' assembly?

Daniel: Definitely. If they say that they don't want to cancel the learning time, tell them it is an emergency. Abba, whoever wants a donation has to first do teshuva. You don't like suicidal people, only people who want to live. Whoever wants to live must do teshuva. You are prepared to invest only in those who have a future.

I want to explain something; when a person is dying - let's say he's drowning, as he's drowning, if he suddenly asks you for some ice cream you would say, "are you crazy?! You can have ice cream, but take hold of a lifeline first and save yourself! Then you can have your ice cream!"

People must now do teshuva. You should bring the awareness of this to the yeshiva boys and kollel men. A large amount of the Yeshiva boys are completely on the wrong track and their lives are thus in great danger. If we want to save them we must get them to start a 'teshuva campaign'.

The Rosh yeshiva should lead the prayers with shouts and cries, they should accept upon themselves the yoke of Heaven and he should say strengthening words of Torah. If they won't then, don't donate.

Doing self examination,

77 Soon all of Israel will look like Sderot
FC with Daniel March/2008

Message to the residents of Sderot:

Dear residents of Sderot,
I know how difficult your lives are; from moment to moment you don't know from where the next bomb will come. As hard as it is though, Hashem does love you and He is using this situation to give you the chance to return to him - to do teshuva.

When a person sees that he has no one to rely upon for help, not the army, not the police, not the government, he knows - and not just by thought, he knows and realizes inside and out, that there is no one else to rely upon aside from Hakadosh Baruch Hu (G-d).

Now, the residents of Sderot are being given their greatest opportunity to return to Hashem and do complete teshuva. In the very near future, really near, all of Israel is going to look just like Sderot.

I pray with all my heart that throughout all of Israel, there will be very great and blatant miracles as Sderot has been witnessing until now and that the miracles will cause masses of people to return to our Father in Heaven and to His Torah and I pray there will be no victims, that Hashem will just frighten us enough to wake us up.

If, G-d forbid, we do not wake up, then I don't even want to try and imagine what could happen.

Hashem loves His people, Am Yisrael, and He wants them to return to Him. Let us all start the process of returning to Him and begin specifically with Sderot and may we, all of Am Yisrael, merit receiving our righteous Moshiach with joy, soon, in our day, amen.

Message to the volunteers who distribute the messages:
To all the distributors,
I want to wish you all a happy Purim and may we all merit the complete Redemption. I want to thank you all for your efforts, trying to save Am Yisrael.
We are rapidly approaching the end. Anyone can see this. One does not need to be autistic to see this now. And those who believe in Hashem, who put their trust in Hashem, those who are truly waiting for Moshiach, those who weep over the destruction of Beis Hamikdash, those who want to spend the rest of their lives "in the house of Hashem", all these will merit receiving our righteous Moshiach and will live to enjoy the next world.

I bless us, all of Am Yisrael that we should merit receiving our righteous Moshiach very soon, our righteous Moshiach ben David.

Message to the organizers of "sacks and ashes":
Woe to us, what awaits us, woe to Am Yisrael and woe to the world. These are the final and most difficult tikkunim (rectifications). Yet, those who, with all their hearts and their entire beings, go and wear sacks on their bodies and put ashes on their heads, lower their pride, sit on the ground and weep over everything we have lost on account of all our sins, weep over the grief of the Shechina (Divine Presence), over Beis Hamikdash, Eretz Yisrael, all those who are weeping and shedding many tears, repenting and making the firm decision to change their ways and go now only in the way of Hashem, who have decided to live only according to the will of Hashem, with G-d's help, only these people have the chance of saving themselves and other Jews as well. And I bless everyone that we should all merit receiving our righteous Moshiach and also that we should be able to enjoy the next world.

78 Dearest brothers; a sword is being held to our necks!

The Hezbollah have around 30,000 rockets (according to the minister of security advertised on the news) and Iran and Syria are continuing to supply them with weaponry.

Among the weapons are advanced, long-ranged Iranian rockets that are a threat to all major populated areas in Israel; power stations, airports, harbors, etc. the range extends all the way to the nuclear plant in Dimona ("Ha'aretz", March 2, 2008).

In addition to all this, there is an even greater threat of simultaneous rocket launching from Iran and Syria themselves, which include weapons that are conventional, chemical, biological, and nuclear, may Hashem protect us.

Throughout the entire Lebanon war (as well as the war in Sderot and Ashkelon), the Israeli air force have been unable to prevent rocket launching.

Unfortunately, these are only part of the lurking threats against us.

In light of all these dangerous threats, the Israeli Home front Command has set a date for a five-day country-wide drill, something which has never yet been done, to prepare for possible upcoming attacks on Israel.

So, what must we do now to be saved?There is a Jewish tradition that has existed already from the time of the Nevi'im (prophets) and was also done in the time of Mordechay and Esther: When Am Yisrael is in grave danger, a large group of Jews go out into the streets wearing sacks on their bodies and ashes upon their heads, pray, do teshuva and cry out together,

asking Hashem to have mercy on Am Yisrael.Just as it saved them in those days, so too, can it save us now.

This is also what is written in Shulchan Aruch:

"All the people [of Israel] gather together, covering themselves in sacks... one of the people takes the ashes... each and every person takes from the ashes and places it upon his head. After that they bring one f their older wise men... and he says capturing words (words that capture the hearts of the listeners and arouse them to teshuva)... until their hearts surrender (to Hashem) and they then do complete teshuva."

Bottom line - what needs to be done now:

With Hashem's help, we have merited gathering together and implementing the words of the Shulchan Aruch with temimus (innocence) and simplicity.

However, we do this not only so that Hashem will nullify the harsh decrees upon us; the purpose of the sacks and ashes is to lower our pride [as written in the Gemora, Ta'anis 16 and Shulchan Aruch as it says, "Why do we cover ourselves with sacks? Rabbi Chiya bar Abba said: so we should say "we are no more important than beasts."].

It will then lead us to tears, to the feeling that on account of all our sins and evil ways we lost a great, wonderful and beautiful world; we lost Beis Hamikdash and the korbanos (sacrifices) [the ashes remind of Beis Hamikdash that was burnt down. Ashes are also put on top of the groom's head at his wedding for the same reason - to remember the burning of Beis Hamikdash, as written in Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 560]. Now is the time to weep and feel regret and say to Hashem: "I have sinned, I transgressed... forgive me and all of Am Yisrael. Show me the way to completely return to You." [This is complete teshuva as instructed in Shulchan Aruch, ibid.] We must then ask Hashem to bring us the complete Redemption: the third Beis Hamikdash, the korbanos and our righteous Moshiach. "Bring us to Zion, Your city, with joy and to Jerusalem, Your Holy Temple with the joy of the world."

79 Getting out of slavery

FC with Binyamin Mar.25.08

[Everything in parenthesis is explanations and clarifications approved by Binyamin]

We are now truly approaching the great moment in history to which we have been looking forward for centuries. That is why we have all been going through such difficult times, such difficult tests ["Just as in Egypt, before the redemption the slavery and hard work was increased as it says in Shmos 5, 'And the work became harder for the people, etc.' and this is the Pre-Messianic pangs" [Hagra, Even Shlomo].

The whole world is experiencing its' final rectifications and 'classifications' (i.e. deciding the future of); the Jews, the gentile nations, the water, the earth, the mountains - everything that is alive, that grows and that is inanimate.
Every living thing is now being put to the test - its final assessment until the next phase of the creation [as the Ramcha"l wrote that the creation continuously develops in preparation for the level of eternity], which is the days of Moshiach, together with our righteous Moshiach, the third Beis Hamikdash, etc.
Yet, we are not ready. Most of the Jewish people, the most important beings in the entire creation, are simply not ready. They are not at all ready to live in a rectified world; a world of living a spiritual life. People still prefer the gashmius (materialism) over the spirituality.
If people read our words and it sounds harsh to them, they are unhappy, because they want the easy way [only the beginning is easy; the end is difficult and bitter]. They want materialism together with so-called "spirituality" - what they think is spirituality [but they don't realize that the entire materialistic way of life they once knew is completely crumbling all around them].

If they would read what is written in the holy prophecies of the Torah, they would see that our words are very gentle compared to the prophets' descriptions of all that is in store for the Jewish people and the rest of the world. They envisioned the most terrible times. Most terrible! Trials and tribulations that are almost impossible to withstand and pass.

But people don't want to hear harsh words.

Before every time of Es ratzon ('times of favor' - where our prayers are more accepted in Heaven) comes, such as Purim or any other holyday, I hear that the prayers said on these holydays are going to sweeten the harsh judgments. But don't forget that before the Second World War broke out, there were also holydays such as Purim, Pesach, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Succos: all the holydays, all the times of favor. Nevertheless, a horrendous holocaust occurred that was so terrible it cannot even be described in words!

Now, too, nothing will help us if we do not repent. Nothing will help us if we do not repent. Nothing will help us if we do not repent! This is the message and this people do not want to hear.

They are prepared to do all sorts of symbolic things, but this - doing real teshuva (repentance), putting up a mechitza (divider) between themselves and the unnecessary materialism of this world - this they are not prepared to do. [See Mesillas Yesharim, 81 "the essence of all is distancing ourselves from materialism and this world and coming close to Hashem, which is the purpose of our life."]

When the moment of truth arrives, when we witness such dangerous situations beyond the perception of a tiny, weak person's mind, when the fear is tremendous - when we reach that moment in time, those that are unable to separate themselves from the "golden calf" will disappear from the world along with it - the 'golden calf' - the nonsense of this world. Since they were so wrapped up in all the materialism of this world and got used to putting such importance on every thing connected to materialism, they are therefore, not fitting to live in a world of total spirituality.

The Jews in Israel are facing the greatest danger. The greatest. The Jews living here in the Holy Land are starting to realize this. They are starting to get a little scared, even though they are continuing with their lives as though nothing was happening.

However, in Israel there is also a movement of people doing real teshuva. It is a small movement, though. The movement is made up not only of secular Jews who are now becoming religious and returning to Hashem, blessed He be, but mostly of observant Jews who are really trying to come closer to the real truth and to our Father in Heaven. These are Jews who are prepared to separate themselves from the materialistic, goyish (gentile) world [as explained in "The way of G-d", by the Ramcha"l who says that without this one cannot come close to Hashem, see there: part 1, chapter 4, 2].
Those who are not prepared to leave the excessive, goyish (non-Jewish) materialism, even though they may live in Charedi (Ultra-orthodox) places such as Jerusalem, Bnai B'raq, Beit Shemesh, Beitar, Elad, Kiryat Sefer and so on, but if they are still trying to live a materialistic life like the goyim or like the secular Jews, they will not know our righteous Moshiach.
Now, at this very moment, everyone must decide why they are alive? Why are they in this world? They must think about the day of their death and what their future holds. ["Most of his days, man thinks about his business, from hour to hour. Why should he not give even one hour of thought to his purpose in life? His purpose in the world? To what, Hashem, the king of all Kings wants of him? And what will be the end of all his dealings in life? What will come of it all? This is the best and strongest medicine man has against the Evil Inclination." Derech Etz Chaim, 60]

What will they do in the Olam Haba (World to Come)? Do they think they are going to enter the Olam Haba with their credit cards and B.M.W.? What about the men whose wives are wearing long beautiful wigs and dressed immodestly the way the gentile women dress? And the men with all their toys - with their computers and cell phones that are also digital cameras and play all sorts of fancy music, etc.

With all these toys, he will definitely go straight to Gehennom because in Heaven he will be testified against, with the claim that these toys were his whole life. Even if he davened at shul - not always, but whenever he could - put on teffilin, gave charity, etc. but his heart and mind were focusing on goyish things.
Contrarily, the Jews who distance themselves from anything Hellenistic [the Greek way of life was based purely on materialistic pleasures - as is the way of the Western world and even many religious people now who aSre straying from the correct path], like with the story of Chanukah, these few Jews, if they continue following the true path, will be the ones to merit living in the days of Moshiach and the third Beis Hamikdash, etc.
There really is no time. There really is no time. We must do teshuva. (see chapter 80)
That is our only lifeline and it will protect us against every type of missile; against the biological, G-d forbid, the nuclear, G-d forbid, the chemical, G-d forbid and even against the 'simple' ones that 'kill on contact'. It will also protect us from all the terrible illnesses and other such Heavenly punishments.

Hashem is going to perform very great miracles for those who do teshuva, those that drop all the materialism of this world and want nothing aside from closeness to Hashem, which means doing nothing but sitting for the rest of their lives in the 'House of Hashem'.

The 'House of Hashem' is the only real shelter and the only thing people can trust; not the IDF, not the Home front Command, not the government, not the prime minister, not the president or any other Knesset member. Only our Father in Heaven.

And if we are not with Him, He will, likewise, not be with us. It is our duty to stick with Him. And if we do so, we will be saved. We will be safe from any kind of existing danger.

What I have said so far, is not new. But it needs to be repeated, over and over again, because THAT IS THE MESSAGE. There is no other message. When exactly it will take place [the moment we have been awaiting for centuries] is interesting to know, but not the most important thing. Knowing who's going to drop what kind of bomb on whom is also not what matters.

It will happen and it will be very frightening, but it is not the most important thing.
What's important now is coming close to Hashem and becoming servants to Him alone ["For Bnei Yisrael are servants to me, etc." Vayikra 25] and not to bank debts and all sorts of toys, nor to our will to be young and beautiful, etc., to food or smoking or any other gashmi (materialistic) thing. Just servants and followers of Hashem.

We are
great moment
in history

80 Six steps to redemption

FC with Binyamin, April, 2008

Am Yisrael, listen well, there is no time. We must prepare for the upcoming war, not necessarily the war of rockets, atom bombs, chemical weapons etc., that, too. But the main war we need to get ready for is the war against the Evil Inclination. And we MUST win, because only those who win will receive our righteous Moshiach. G-d forbid, those who fail…
Therefore, I am now going to present to you the method of doing full teshuva and becoming worthy of the Redemption.

1) Every person must lower his head (his pride) and humble himself before Hashem.

2) Regret. This means that we must regret and cry over each and every sin we have done. Every thing we do against Hashem, against His Torah, every one of these things puts up a mechitza (a barrier) between us and the Creator of the World. [This is what the prophet Yeshayah said, (chapter 59) "Your sins separated you from your G-d."] This mechitza distances us from the Truth, and then we are at risk of disappearing from the world together with the sheker (falsehood of this world), which means eternal death, G-d forbid.

Therefore, every Jew must now regret and feel very sorry for each and every sin he ever did, to the point that he sheds tears. We must sit on the ground and tear our clothes, or wear sack and ashes, and cry and cry and cry over all our sins and the sins of our ancestors, starting with Adam Harishon.

We must also cry over the Beis Hamikdash that was destroyed and taken from us on account of our sins. We must cry over this tremendous spiritual glory that we lost and the chance we had to bring sacrifices and atone for each and every sin. Woe to us!

3) We must then say vidui (prayers of confession), but really feel remorse while saying it. Say, "Our Father, our King, we have sinned before You… Our Father, our King, we have no one besides You… treat us with charity and kindness and redeem us."

Say it again and again, again and again, until it sinks deep into your head and heart and entire body. Until you understand this and are really weeping.

4) After that, we must make a firm decision that from now on we are throwing away all the unnecessary materialism of this world (the "golden calf"). This will free us and enable us to live a life of spirituality [as it says in Chovas Halevavos, "Just as water and fire cannot be together with each other in one vessel, so the heart of a believer is not able to contain the love of 'this world' together with the love of the Olam Haba (World to Come)”] Then we will be able to observe the Torah in every aspect of our lives.

5) Then we must act and remove from our homes anything that has any connection at all to the goyish (gentile) world and go back to doing nothing else except following the Will of Hashem. We must rid our homes of every filthy or impure tool that brings the "golden calf" (materialism) into our lives. Whether it is newspapers or books - even Charedi books - which are inappropriate, clothes, radios, computers, whatever it may be. We must clean out our houses thoroughly from anything unnecessary, anything goyish, anything that lures us into materialism.
By doing this kind of teshuva, we will be able to reach the highest spiritual level which is love of Hashem. This means to love Hahsem by truly yearning for Him and His way.

To yearn for him more than we yearn for the person we love most in this world. We must also long for the Beis Hamikdash and the sacrifices with the kind of longing that brings a person to great pain and tears.

6) To successfully accomplish all this, we must realize that doing the will of Hashem is not something boring. Whoever starts working on this starts becoming a true son of Hashem. Then he will know that this life of Torah and mitzvos is absolutely the most natural, the best and the happiest way of life.

Living a life of fulfilling the Will of Hashem, this life is the only real way of living that exists. Any other way is utter falsehood and deception. Therefore, whoever lives – or at least tries his hardest to live – this kind of life, will be worthy to receive our righteous Moshiach and the Redemption. Whoever does not, will disappear together with the sheker.

Every one must make their choice. But now, because time is really running out. If we do teshuva (repentance) we can save ourselves. And then, G-d willing, we will merit to greet our righteous Moshiach with great joy. This will be the greatest moment in history, to which Am Yisroel has been looking forward to for thousands of years. Remember however, that we must do true teshuva in order to save ourselves and merit living in the world of Moshiach.

81 The final moment
FC with Daniel Apr.14.08

Am Yisrael, we are approaching the Seder night and everyone knows that the Jewish people are in the greatest danger they have ever been in throughout our entire history. It may seem like only the Jews in Israel are in danger but this is not true; all of the Jews, everywhere, are in great danger.

Moreover, Yiddishkeit - Judaism itself is in great danger, because we have created a whole other Yiddishkeit/ Judaism, one that is similar to the Goyim (the gentile nations), G-d forbid, and even most of the chareidim (Ultra-Orthodox Jews), who are supposedly the frummest (most religious) of the community, cannot tell the difference anymore between what is real torah and the Torah they have created for themselves, which has no relevance to the true Torah and is all sheker (lies).

They want both worlds; the Goyish one together with Judaism, this [deceitful] world together with the spirituality. Yet this cannot be.

This situation has brought us, the Jewish people to such a low level, below the borderline, that there is no way of turning back. Some of the Jews have crossed this line and some have not yet.

I am asking Am Yisrael to stop in their tracks, look back and see what a true Jew used to look like and then return to that point.

And if there are Jews who are still going down the wrong path, grab them with your hands and drag them onto the right path, but if they fight you and don't want to come, then leave them be and save yourselves.

Whoever drops to this low level, and crosses the borderline, the line that says he is no longer a Jew and cannot go back to being a Jew because he is already so caught up with the sheker that he simply cannot change anymore, this person has lost his place in this world and also, possibly, in the World to Come, G-d forbid, lo aleinu.

This Seder night, G-d willing, we will truly feel the exodus from Egypt, we will relive it and whoever relives it like the 20% or less [Jews] that survived and got out of Egypt, if we feel what they felt and even more than what they felt, the Redemption will come quickly. A lot of it is dependant upon us, but not all, since Hashem has a plan and that plan has a time limit.

Am Yisrael, we are approaching the end - which is really the beginning of the next world. It is the end of this world and the beginning of the next.

Soon, all the materialism we love so much will completely disappear and all those that are caught up with the sheker - in their imagination they will think they will still be able to get it all back (the materialism, etc.) and won't do teshuva (repent).

Those who realize that all the unnecessary materialism is just part of their imagination will see the truth and survive.

We are rapidly approaching that point in time. There is really no time, Am Yisrael.

May we truly have a kosher and happy Pesach and may we and all of Am Yisrael merit the complete Redemption.

(End of the message)

Q&A with Daniel:

Abba: Can't Am Yisrael be judged favorably? All the technology and materialism that surrounds us... the gentile world that comes at us from every direction... its all confusing and it affects us.

Daniel: When they realize the truth it will not be simple.
The Jewish people were sent to this world in order to fight it (the desire for materialism, etc.).

We will all be sentenced by Heavenly judgments. These are the final rectifications. We were sent to this world for this exact purpose: to rectify these matters. If a Jew, an Ultra-orthodox Torah learning scholar complains and says: "I'm not to blame for my inappropriate thoughts - I go out into the streets and women are simply not dressed modestly... if I lower my eyes I can still see their legs because their stockings are transparent and everywhere I look, there is something to distract me so it's really not my fault... Yet, he is to blame, since as a Torah-learning Jew, his duty is to fight the immodesty.

The first place to start is his own home: He hasn't insisted that his wife not wear a wig, that she dress modestly, that his daughters who attend Beis Yaacov schools should not wear tight clothing and thin socks.

He isn't saying to his friends, "do something, help me tell our wives to change their ways."

A secular man will say, "I can't be blamed, I am secular. I was born into a secular family, it's not my fault at all; I never knew anything else."

That is not a good excuse anymore because he knows he is Jewish and he knows that Jews believe in Hashem and that there are specific things Jewish people are obligated to do. Therefore there is no excuse and nothing stopping him from learning all there is to know about Judaism. He can easily get all the information, even by looking on the internet.

This person's tikkun (rectification) is to go back to being a kosher Jew. This is why he was born secular - so that he will return to Am Yisrael.

The phenomenon of a non-observant Jew who knows he is Jewish but cannot become a true Torah-observing Jew is almost non-existent in our world.

Every person in this generation was sent to the world to rectify a difficult tikkun, a final tikkun, and he must make the greatest effort to complete his tikkun. He has to work hard and suffer in order to fulfill the tikkun, or at least be on the right track to completion.

Claiming that Am Yisrael cannot be blamed for all sorts of sins they committed is not reality. The reality is that we must rebuke each other now because that is the lifeline: "Jew! You are drowning!"

He can insist from now till the end that he is not drowning and this is not water. But the reality is that he IS drowning and this IS water.

The rebuke might bring him back to reality and Yiddishkeit is the life-line.

The next world (the days of Moshiach) is a world of truth and there is nothing better than truth, therefore there is nothing better than living in a world of truth, since it contains no sheker (deceit), there are no doubts, everything is clear.

That's it.

What's better than that?!

(I am very curious about the Olam Haba - the next world / World to Come, so I tried to get some details out of Daniel)

Abba: Are there computers in the Olam Haba?

Daniel: Listen, don't worry, Abba, you'll have plenty have livelihood. Man will have specific needs and Hashem will give everything.

Man will externally look similar to how we look now. Hashem gives us everything we need now and will in the future world as well.

But here, because we have to work we get confused and think that we are the ones bringing in our livelihood. In the Olam Haba the truth will become clear. Hashem will give us everything without the unnecessary materialism.

Life will be spiritual with much more satisfaction. Don't forget, it will be a world without any evil inclination.

I don't even know if anyone today can imagine a world without the evil inclination.

The evil inclination finds its way into every nook and cranny, into every tiny crevice within the person. People are not even aware of how much the evil inclination motivates their every move.

Abba, you know Hashem once took away the evil inclination from the world for three days and nothing, not a thing moved. [Gemmara chapter 7, daf 69]

Abba: The chickens did not lay eggs for three days throughout Eretz Yisrael.

Daniel: Nothing in the world moved at all. The evil inclination also motivates good things.
We are simply not equipped to understand or even imagine what it can be like.

Abba: It is hard to understand how the world can go from one situation to an entirely different situation.

Daniel: When the time is right we will know everything. It cannot be described at this time. It will be a new reality that has never existed before. One thing I can tell you; there will be no IRS!

Abba: I was asked about the effect of our 'sacks and ashes' operations.

Daniel: Your sacrifices are making a great impression in Shamayim (Heaven). Every Jew that sacrifices himself now, by going out into the streets with sacks and ashes in front of all of Am Yisrael, even though people are making fun of him and saying nasty things about "those crazy people" sitting on the ground wearing sacks on their bodies and ashes upon their heads, crying over the destruction of Beis Hamikdash and weeping over the sins of Am Yisrael as a whole and the sins of every Jew as an individual, making the decision to do complete teshuva (repentance), G-d willing, these Jews that are not afraid to sacrifice themselves and go through embarrassment in order to save themselves and Am Yisrael, by merit of these people, many Jews will receive our righteous Moshiach, G-d willing.

(Daniel said it is advisable to add Binyamin's words about this topic as well)

Binyamin: And perhaps, what we are doing (spreading the messages, etc.) will open a tiny opening that as soon as the great light comes, at the final moment of this world, then, perhaps, through that tiny opening we will be able to receive the great light.

82 In memory of a tzadekes (righteous girl)
FC with Binyamin and Daniel, Jerusalem
Chol-hamoed Pesach, Apr.22.2008

(My remarks are in parenthesis, Daniel's father.)

Monday, Chol Hamoed Pesach, we thought of going to Jerusalem to visit Daniel. That afternoon, I received a phone call form someone in Jerusalem. I was informed that Batya, a young girl who had CP had just passed away last night.
They just had the levayah (burial ceremony).
Tomorrow there will be an FC session in her memory.

I never knew her and actually, no one really knew her greatness. That's how it is in the world of the autistic and brain-damaged people. They are usually being raised in special hostels and the only people that know them are the families and caretakers and if they are being cared for at home then perhaps also the neighbors.

I don't need to elaborate and there are really no words to describe the life of a family raising an autistic or brain-damaged child at home, as Batya's family did.

We agreed to meet the following evening, five o'clock in Har-Nof, Jerusalem.

On Tuesday, we drove to the hostel to pick up Daniel and after a slight delay arrived in Har-Nof.
There were about twenty people present, some of which I knew, Rabbis who deal in kiruv (bringing Jews closer to Hashem) were present as well as people of different backgrounds that had known, respected and loved Batya.
The atmosphere was unique, a kind of silence I cannot describe. We took our seats and the session began.


We have gathered here today because of Batya, may she rest in peace. Not only did she suffer from CP, she was a tremendous soul and it is time to explain to some people who she really was. I won't tell you who she is a reincarnation of and I won't tell you how many times she has been in this world. All I can say is that she was a great, lofty soul that was sent here in the years preceding the Moshiach in order to help Am Yisrael do teshuva (repentance). To bring down some clarity into this world and help people learn what the real truth is.

In our world so full of confusion, of unnecessary toys and junk, that for the sake of these ridiculous toys, normal people are prepared to sacrifice their place in this world as well as in the next - the Olam Haba. They are prepared to lie and kill and commit terrible sins even against their own families, just so that they may continue playing their imaginary games of this modern world and unfortunately, many of these people are even Charedi (Ultra-orthodox).

Batya was sent here and her name has significant meaning. She came here to give the Jewish people some guidance on how to truly serve Hashem.

Over the past few years Batya did not write very much because of various reasons but during the first years that she was communicating, she said some very, very great things. And here I would like to request that you gather everything she has ever written and if there is time, please advertise her words on the site Dani 18 and put out a booklet because Batya was one of our greatest - of the brain-damaged people who were sent here to help Am Yisrael.

It is written that when a tzaddik (righteous people) leaves a place [passes away], the merits of that place go down and the risk of danger coming to that place grows and can cause destruction (Rashi, Parshas Vayetzeh: when a tzaddik leaves a place it makes a great impression. As long as the tzaddik is in that city, he is the light, he is the glory, he is the honor of the city. When he passes away, the glory, the light, and the honor leave the city [with him]).

I want to tell you all something now, so it will be clear, that the fact that Batya passed away now, is certainly not by chance. She knew that just before Moshiach comes would be her time to go. She knew it in advance and that is another sign that the end is ever so close now and all the people sitting here are truly looking forward to the end, any day now. They wake up every day and ask, "Nu? What's new? What's happening?" They pray and ask Hashem to put it all to an end already, to put the sheker to an end, but it just keeps dragging on.

They think "Oh, finally, the Americans will attack now, maybe the Arabs will attack, something should happen somewhere, so that we'll know that it is the end and Moshiach is coming already, we don't care what happens, let us suffer! The agony of being in this deceitful world is worse, there is no greater agony.

Because of this, all the people sitting here were also chosen, since only a person who feels this way can receive Moshiach. Only a person who is sick of the sheker (the lies of this world), who doesn't even know how we can go on one more day without the Moshiach, without the Emes (the Ultimate truth; Hashem's truth). Only a person like this can receive Moshiach. This is why Batya passed away at this time, and not alone; other righteous people passed away also at the same time - some righteous children, some tzaddikim, some lofty women - in those exact days when Batya passed away, so did these other righteous people.

This is just to show us that the end is truly near. The fact that Batya passed away means that now is truly the time to start getting ready. Not just by preparing supplies of food and water, prepare yourselves mentally and spiritually for receiving Moshiach. The test we are about to go through will be particularly in the area of bitachon (trust in Hashem). In Israel, the greatest nissayon (test) will be a tremendous fear. Overseas there will be very real and vicious dangers. Here, in Israel, everyone will be placed in a situation where they will have no one else to turn to for help, and will have to turn to Hashem. There will be no where else to go and nothing else will save us.

The fear will be immense. Anyone who has never yet experienced what will happen cannot even begin to imagine the fear we will feel. I can't even describe the fear - it will be so terrible. Overseas it will be even worse; not just fear but terrible events.

You are saying to yourselves, "Well, if its just fear, we'll get over it." But it won't be that simple. This is going to be such a fear that only few will be able to truly get through it and remain calm and balanced and ready to receive Moshiach.

Hashem has now given all sorts of troubles to people from different directions in order to train them how to place their faith in no one else but Him. We must pay no attention at all, whatsoever to the daily difficulties we face, to the illnesses, G-d forbid, may we not know, to the financial troubles or any other kind of problem. Just act as though none of it is happening. Let Hashem take care of everything, since in any case He is the one who handles everything.

You can make a small effort to help bring in the livelihood, but not wholehearted efforts. Make an effort because you are obligated to at least do something, but not beyond that.

Since now we must strengthen our faith in Hashem, we are coming into all sorts of troubles and being put to the test continuously.

Any person who has no troubles now or nissyonos (tests) - I am very concerned for him. Very concerned. Because a person like this is simply not seeing his nissyonos, he does not understand that he has nissyonos and therefore he will not ever be able to receive Moshiach, G-d forbid.

There are all kinds of Jews in this world, many different types. The only ones that are following the correct path, the path of Truth, are those that want with all their might, with all their heart, who want 'body and soul' to be servants of Hashem, to do nothing but Hashem's will. They live purely for the sake of doing Hashem's will. These Jews can be sure they will receive Moshiach.

Even though here and there they err, that's not what matters. What matters is that they get up again and continue with all their will and might to try and overcome their evil inclination and go on.

In order to accomplish this, one must be strong in his faith in Hashem. Now is a time of sacrifice. It is a time where one must put up mechitzas (dividers) between himself and the unnecessary things of this world. When I say "the unnecessary things of this world", I mean that of course we have to eat, sleep, get dressed, etc., it's very good to have a separate outfit for Shabbos and at least one for the weekdays, etc. These are the necessities of this world in order for a person to be able to do mitzvos. But we should not go beyond that.

Bring down

some clarity
into this world
and help people learn
what the real truth is.

83 Batya

In a session with Binyamin (chapter 82a) Binyamin asked me to put together a booklet with Batya's messages. Here are five of her messages:

1. G-d's love

Hashem is full of love. Every creation of His is full of love and every single thing in the world, was created with love. The first man, Adam Harishon, was created in perfection because he was a product of love.
Hashem, in His infinite wisdom, created man with free will, which also was an act of love. This act made man a partner in the creation of the world. Man had to willingly accept that Hashem is the Creator and the ruler over everything that exists and not man.
Hashem, in His infinite humbleness, accepted man as a partner in His divine plan; He wants man to achieve completeness with his own strength, but man was deceived by the snake, which is the Evil Inclination, who taught man to think that he can rebel against the will of Hashem and crown himself.
From that moment on, man lost the ability to recognize and feel Hashem's divine love.
Every generation since has had to go out, search and discover the Divine love, in the creation as well as within his self. The more we recognize the Divine love, the closer we become to shleimus (completeness).

Chessed - kindness is the way to shleimus. The more we emulate the kindness Hashem performs with us, the higher level of ruchnius (spirituality) we will attain. If we work very hard in Torah and in chessed we can achieve completeness.

This search for the Divine love by way of performing acts of chessed for the sake of Heaven is the answer / solution.

When a person decides to accept upon himself the battle of emulating the middos (traits of his Creator, he has then accepted His kingship.
We, Hashem's chosen people, must accept upon ourselves this search for once more achieving the completeness that Man was created with, so that we may soon become completely surrounded by the love of Hashem.

However, I must at this point add a warning, regarding what I have written above; time is running out. If we do not search to achive completeness on our own, Hashem will bring us to the completeness through His infinite wisdom.

Ad when He does this, it will not be the easy way. All I can say is that it would be much better if we personally took the initiative and did teshuva (repentance).
Q. Can you elaborate - what is the teshuva you speak of?

A. I have said it already - do acts of kindness with all your hearts, with everybody. Start first with the people you come in contact with.

Q. To what extent is one obligated to do chessed?

A. Even those who are accustomed to doing chessed must push themselves harder. When you are doing the Will of Hashem, you must work so hard that you tire yourself out completely; there is no time for rest, there is no limit to the difficulties a person can take upon himself. In our world, 'working very hard' is usually not hard enough. We have gotten used to pampering ourselves.

Q. In your words, you related only to chessed. What about the other mitzvahs we are obligated to do?

A. Everything is chessed. If a person comes to true chessed he will automatically repent for all his other sins.

Q. What about a Torah scholar who is constantly busy learning Torah? Must he also take time away from his learning in order to do chessed?

A. He must work on both aspects because Torah is chessed and chessed is Torah. The great tzaddikim of each generation were always busy doing chessed. Only in our generation, full of so many Torah-learning men does such a question come up. How can one understand what they learn without having love for the rest of the Jewish people? And how can you love the people without having feelings for them - without doing chessed with them?!

Q. There is a story in the gemara, in Yerushalmi that tells about how Rabbi Abahu sent Rabbi Chiya to Tiberias to learn Torah and then then he found out he was busy doing chessed, he complained that he wants him to learn Torah, etc. Don't we learn from this that learning is preferable to chessed?

A. That is because there are people who deal in chessed for the wrong reasons, not for the sake of Heaven but because they prefer doing chessed than learning Torah. A person must learn Torah and do chessed and then he will come to shleimus (completeness).

Q. What is the borderline between Torah and chessed? In other words, how much time should a man take away from Torah learning in order to deal in chessed?

A. If it is done for the sake of Heaven, things will be good for you in the Heavenly Court.

Q. What is the limit? How much time should a man take off from his learning to do chessed? Should he do chessed all day?

A. He should do both. I don't understand the problem. Hashem gave us Torah to learn and chessed to do. That means you can do both.

Q. The Gemara in "Moed Katan" says that a person should not stop learning Torah to do a mitzvah that can be performed by another. Thus, do we not understand from this that there are times where a person must not stop his learning in order to do chessed when others could be doing that same chessed?

According to what you have written, one must give first priority to chessed, no?

A. No, that is not what I said. Any person can find a chessed that only he is capable of doing. A true Torah scholar understands exactly what he can or cannot do.
Q. What is the main problem of this generation - the learning or the chessed?

A. The problem is the selfishness that has a negative effect both on the chessed and on the Torah learning.

Q. How do you know all these things?

A. I'm a creation of Hashem. You also know these things but your brain gets in the way.

Q. What will happen to the secular Jews when Moshiach comes?

A. Those who do not repent will disappear from the world.

Q. How should we treat people who do not follow the will of Hashem?

A. You should patiently try to show them the truth but not allow yourselves to enter their world, even a bit, in the process.

Q. What is your opinion about the dispute between the misnagdim (Litvishers) and the Chassidim?

A. At the end of time everyone will know the truth, not now.

Q. How can we know the correct path to follow in the meantime?

A. Be good Jews, without dispute.

Q. Do the secular Jews contribute to the status of the generation?

A. Yes, they do, because they have the option of doing complete teshuva and there are religious Jews who don't have that option anymore because they are only disguised as religious Jews.

Q. Are there people who will not have the option to repent?

A. If a person enters the king's palace every day and kneels before the king, but in his heart he feels like he really does not have to fulfill the will of the king because he thinks he is smarter [than the king], such a person can no longer fear the king, even if the king gets angry and kills him he will die without accepting his kingship. Yet, a person who does not sense the king's greatness, and does not accept his kingship without seeing him first, after such a person enters the king's palace and sees his greatness, he will realize his mistake and accept his kingship instantly.

Q. There are people who run to a Rabbi for every single little question that comes up in life. Is this the correct way to behave?

A. Because they are so far from the truth that every tiny little decision frightens them. Yet, on the other hand if a person wholeheartedly accepts what his Rabbi says, he is to be commended because he accepts him as a true representative of Hashem.

Q. What do I need to rectify?

A. You must always check yourself and make sure you are doing this work for the sake of Heaven. Man's ego is the snake and one must always check to see if the snake managed to sneak its way in. Even great tzaddikim were constantly checking themselves. Your work is very holy. You must be cautious because the snake cannot bare success in your area of work.

Q. What must I improve regarding my Torah learning?
A. You must learn more mussar (self-improvement issues).

Q. Is it a good idea to film you in order to show this to people that are distant from Hashem, in hopes of bringing them closer?

A. The secular Jews will believe things that were discovered in University. That grabs them first and then you show them the real truth.

84 Part of the Complete Creation
FC with Binyamin Golden.
Am Yisrael, listen well, because everything written in the holy prophecies has already taken place – except for the very end (the Redemption). That is about to take place very soon. I therefore want to say to all of Am Yisrael; there is no time. You must immediately do teshuva, the only thing that will merit us life in Yemos Hamashiach (the days of Moshiach) and a life of eternity.

And what is teshuva? Throwing everything away (all the vanities, etc.) and devoting ourselves and our lives to the fulfillment of Hashem’s will and nothing else. Nothing else at all but the will of Hashem. Everything else in our lives should disappear and we should put all our efforts into doing the will of Hashem. How do we know what is the will of Hashem? For that we have the sacred Torah books [such as Mesillas Yesharim, Chovas Halevavos, Shulchan Aruch, Midrashes etc.]

Am Yisrael, I am a little tired of speaking already. But the end [of the exile] really is near and we must, must do teshuva. You’re tired of hearing, “Do teshuva, do teshuva. But there is no other way to receive our righteous Moshiach.

And receiving Moshiach Tzidkenu does not only mean living to receive him; it means being a part of the complete creation [the Olam Haba, eternity]. Hakadosh Baruch Hu is completing creation. If we want to be part of that, be’ezras Hashem, we must be worthy of being part of it. For a person who is not worthy of that, there is no way that he can be part of the shleimus [completeness]. It’s like trying to screw a big screw into a tiny hole – it doesn’t work. You can’t fix it, the screw is simply unsuitable.

Am Yisrael, we must be part of that shleimus. If not, such a person will be a part of nothing, chas veshalom.
Am Yisrael,

I’m a little tired of speaking already

But the end really is near.

85 They don't want to see the truth

FC with Binyamin, After the earthquake in China

Q. DO you have something to say about the earthquake in China?

A. Every thing that happens in the world, whether it is the earthquake in China, the Cyclone in Burma the tornado in America, is all warnings. Everything is a warning for Am Yisrael: do teshuva! Return to Hashem! Throw away the 'Golden Calf', become holy.
Thousands upon thousands of goyim have dies in all these natural disasters, over 100,000 goyim died and much more are going to die because the conditions there are not sanitary enough to save them from all sorts of illnesses, etc.

Hashem is trying to draw the attention, the hearts, heads and minds of the good Jewish people - His people, to show them an example, although very small, in comparison to what will happen to those - Jews and non-Jews who do not accept Hashem as the Master of the Universe.

Time is running out. Wake up… wake up…
Q. There was an article in the Bnai Braq newspaper that said that there was a tragedy in Bnai Braq, in Kiryat Herzog, five young people (from separate families), all living in the same apartment building, passed away from 'the known illness' over the last year. DO you have something to say on this matter?

A. It's all signs form Hashem to help His people do teshuva and return to Him. It is also personal rectification, of course, but the rectifications appear in such a way in order to wake up the Jewish people and make them repent.

Indeed, how much does Hashem need to do to wake us up? How much?!

Q. Regarding the disasters in the world, our hearts are already numb to these disasters. Even if a million people die in China, I don't think it will affect us, so how did the earthquake help?

A. Hashem causes these disasters to happen over a short period of time, one right after the next, in all sorts of places. That is certainly not natural and should get our attention and make us realize the situation we are in. It wasn't just an earthquake in China, there was also the Cyclone in Burma (100,000 died), the hurricanes in Florida - one right after the next, lethal hurricanes, and all sorts of important people who passed away, one right after the next in groups of 3 -4 at a time.

All kinds of things are happening and these are just examples, and if all these things do not draw the attention of the Jewish people and you claim they are numb to all the disasters - they are not numb. They just don't want to know, they don't want to see the truth because they don't want to change their way of life.

They just don't want to know,
they don't want to see the truth
they don't want
to change
their way of life.

86 Until the last day of our lives and after that

FC with Menachem, June 19th 2008

The world is now preparing for the coming of Moshiach. This is why the chutzpah [insolence] has crossed every limit, as we know from the prophecies of our Sages [at the end of the exile, before the coming of Moshiach the insolence will grow, Sanhedrin page 97, Sotah 49, etc.]. The chutzpah will reach its peak if Heaven forbid, the parade takes place as planned.

This is the chutzpah of the world before the days of Moshiach and now we are living that period in time. Now, the chutzpah has become unbearable. This is a time of such great insolence that has spread throughout every place in the world.

Yet now, of all times, is specifically the time where every Jew must return to the truth, to his root [to Hashem]!

Now is the time that in order to survive, every Jew must do complete teshuva. They must separate themselves from all the gashmius [materialism] and purify themselves from all their sins. And now, particularly at this immensely important time, the time of Heavenly judgment, the time where every Jew must accept upon himself the Yoke of Heaven, specifically at this moment in time, a group of grave sinners, whose leader is the Evil Inclination himself, is coming to Jerusalem, the Holy Land and want to carry out an impure parade right in front of the holiest place!

A group of despicable perverts who blatantly go against the Torah [a sin for which the punishment is stoning or spiritual excision] in front of the whole world. Specifically in the Holy Land, this group, with all their chutzapah, is getting together to parade immodestly, in a way that they are shamelessly praising very serious sins relating to incest and the likes, before the whole world.

They want to say to Hashem, "We've won, (Heaven forbid), we are going against the Torah, we rule... (Heaven forbid.) Here, we have come to the Holy City with our impurity and we are parading through the streets in the most disgusting way and the Jewish police officers are protecting us - and the Charedim [Ultra-orthodox] remain silent."

True, we, the Charedim, are generally silent. But that silence is screaming up to Heaven, and bringing down a flood of tears. And why are we silent?
There are a lot of excuses -their so-called 'reasons' people give for this:
One 'reason' is that you mustn't pull Jews out of their yeshivas to face such impurity and filth.
A second 'reason' is - it won't help to speak up in any case.
The final 'reason' - the main reason they don't try to fight it, is because they just want quiet.

But it will not go over quietly. Hashem, Himself, will punish us all directly because of this, G-d forbid, because this is the last straw, the last insult Hashem is prepared to take.

There will be a punishment from Shamayim [Heaven] and don't be surprised. A punishment will come [One who is able to speak up against the transgressors but does not will also be punished for the sin, see Maseches Shabbos page 54.].
Those who do something to prevent the impurity will not feel the punishment.

But those who remain silent because they feel uncomfortable, or because of all sorts of reasons that are simply not good enough,

and the actual people who with all their nerve, immodestly transgress a sin that is completely immodest and obscene, one which is particularly detestable in Hashem's eyes,
these people will very strongly feel the wrath of the Master of the World.

Am Yisrael, Am Yisrael, the end of this deceitful and materialistic world is coming. It is coming at the speed of lightening. Everyone can see this. A most frightening situation.

Throughout the world and particularly in the Western countries, the wealthiest countries, the financial situation is becoming very worrisome. The price of gasoline is going up in a way it never has before, which is causing a drastic rise in costs of all other materialistic aspects in life as well [as is written in Sanhedrin, see above, that the prices will soar.] A lot of banks are about to collapse and the poverty throughout the Western world has gone up frighteningly. The price of food throughout the world is uncontrollably going up.

In addition to all this, the world is on the verge of a World War. In this war, people are planning to use the most vicious weapons that have ever existed throughout history; massive amounts of biological, chemical and nuclear warfare.

The final war is going to be the greatest and most vicious war that has ever been. According to the prophecies, two-thirds of the world will be destroyed [see Zachariah 13].

The world of nature is also on the verge of collapse. Whether it is the infamous tsunami or the destruction of the city New Orleans by a hurricane, the global warming, the ice that is melting in the north and south poles [see Yerushalmi 9, 5"2 that says that this certain sin causes earthquakes...], floods, hurricanes causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and leaving millions of people homeless etc., etc. wherever these things are happening, whether in China, Burma, the U.S.A. or any other place throughout the world.

We see how the world is falling apart, financial-wise, nature-wise, shaking from the sounds of the wars already taking place all over and from the great World War about to take place.

FC with Daniel

Woe to us,
Woe to us!
Such a low generation, such a pathetic generation, a twisted generation, such a dirty generation, a generation that cannot tell the difference between good and bad, between mutar [permitted] and asur [forbidden], a generation that does not respect teachers, righteous people - tzaddikim, the Torah and the mitzvos and generally does not respect Hashem, blessed be He.

They do not respect Hashem, the One who created and redeemed us, Who gives us air to breathe, food and every other necessity and asks of us only one thing - to do His will: to keep His mitzvos, come close to Him and trust that He is the Omnipotent. He gives us life and sustains us up until the very last day of our lives and after that.

Every person who wants to be saved and merit receiving our righteous Moshiach is going to have to do complete teshuva [repentance]. Hashem is willing to accept every ba'al teshuva [repenting person] and is willing to receive and welcome them back into His home and give them a life of eternity.

And every person who wants to be saved must clearly ask Hashem with all his heart, his entire being, for the complete Redemption [Ramba"m Hilchos Melachim 11], our righteous Moshiach and Beis Hamikdash and he must be willing to wholeheartedly accept the Yoke of Heaven.

Only such a person will be redeemed.

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