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Viewing the Discussion Threads

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Viewing the Discussion Threads

D2L now offers two viewing options when you’re looking at your students’ posts in a topic:

Reading View: It’s the default viewing option. Messages display individually.

Grid View: Posts and replies are displayed in form of a list (i.e., thread) in a topic. The Print view
is available when you use the Grid View.

*Note: Students also have the option to change the view, if they wish to do so.

Reading View Grid View

Message List

To change from the Reading View to the Grid View:

        1. Go to your D2L course and click on the Discussions tool on the Main Navigation Bar.

        1. Click on Settings on the right-hand side of the screen.

        1. Under Default View, choose Grid View.

Deleted posts show up in gray and crossed out the Message List.

A list of all the discussion forums and topics appears on the left-hand side of your screen.

Check to display a topic’s description in the Message List (the list of posts under that topic).

        1. Scroll down to edit the Grid View Settings.

Threaded:  Posts are grouped together with their replies in the Message List.

Unthreaded:   Posts are sorted by author, date, or subject.

Show the preview pane:  Select to open all posts in a preview pane, or clear it to open all posts in pop-up windows. This splits the screen showing the Message List on the top and the selected post at the bottom.

Show the search bar:  Displays a search bar to search for posts.

Allows you to display a limited number of characters of each post’s subject to save screen space. Select the check box and enter the maximum Subject Characters to Display.

Post ID: Check to display the Post ID with the Message List.

Org Defined ID: Check to display the students’ MU ID on the Message List.

        1. Click Save.

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