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Creating Topics

  1. Creating a Topic through the Discussions List

  1. Click on the Discussions tool on the Main Navigation Bar.

  2. Select the Discussions List from the discussion’s page menu.

  3. Click on New and select New Topic from the dropdown menu.

  1. Under the Properties tab of the New Topic page, enter the general settings for the Topic.

Choose the Forum under which you want this topic.

Enter a name.

Write a description of the Topic. This will be visible in the Discussion List.

Students’ names will not appear with their post. Anonymous posts cannot be evaluated.

You must approve posts before they are public.

Students won’t be able to see classmates’ posts until they post their response in the Topic.

No Ratings Hides all rating controls from users.

Five-Star Rating Scheme Allows users to assign each post a score out of five.

Up Vote/Down Vote Rating Scheme Allows users to push posts up or down in rank.

Up Vote Only Rating Scheme Allows users to push posts upwards in rank.

Decide when the topic is visible for students.

Be sure to save!!!

Choose to lock or unlock your topic.

Assign a particular group to respond to the topic.

  1. You can edit other settings for the Topic by clicking on the other tabs next to the Properties tab.

Restrictions: Allows you to establish Release Conditions for the Topic. That is, a student must complete a task in D2L, such as completing a quiz, before having access to the Topic. Under the Group and Section Restrictions you can also decide who in your class has access to this Topic.

Assessment: Allows you to associate the discussion Topic with a Grade Item (must be already created), assign a score, and add rubrics. You can also assess individual posts in the Topic by selecting a calculation method from the dropdown list.

Objectives: Allows you to associate learning objectives with the topic.

  1. Save all your settings.

  1. Adding a Topic through the Content Area

  1. Click on Content in the Main Navigation Bar.

  2. Click on the module where you would like to add your discussion Topic.

  3. Click on the New button and select New Discussion from the dropdown menu.

  1. You are directed to a new page to create the discussion Topic.

Choose the Forum (if it’s already created).

Name your Topic.

Create a Forum for the Topic (if you haven’t yet).

Enter your discussion prompt here.

When it’s ready for students to see the Topic.

To edit the Topic later. Students will not be able to see the Topic if it’s saved as a draft.

  1. Click on Publish or Save as Draft.

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