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May 6, 2000

  • Dr. Walter D. Cohen, “Periodontal Medicine: Past, Present and Future”.

  • Dr. Roy C. Page, “Periodontal Medicine: New Opportunities in Patient Care”.

  • Dr. Robert J. Genco, “Periodontal – Systemic Interactions and Evidence – Based Clinical Practice”.

  • Dr. Louis F. Rose, “Clinical Considerations and Case Management”.

  • Dr. Gordon Douglass, “Impact on Periodontal Practice and Facilitating Reimbursement”.

  • Dr. Nelson M. Wolf, “Update on Medical Management of Patients with Cardiovascular Disease”.

  • Dr. Richard J. Nagy, “Clinical Management of Periodontal and Implant Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases”.

  • Dr. Steven Offenbacher, “Cardiovascular Disease and Periodontal Infections”.

The American Academy of Periodontology 2000 Specialty Conference - continued
May 7, 2000

  • Dr. John C. Hauth, “Update on Medical Management: Hormonal Alterations, Pregnancy and Osteoporosis”.

  • Dr. Majorie K. Jeffcoat, “Periodontal Infection and Women’s Health: Hormonal Alterations, Pregnancy and Osteoporosis”.

  • Dr. Joan Otomo-Corgel, “Clinical Management of Periodontal and Implant Patients with Hormonal Alterations, Pregnancy and Osteoporosis”.

  • Dr. George Daily, “Update on Medical Management of Patient’s with Diabetes”.

  • Dr. Brian L. Mealey, “Diabetes and Periodontal Infection: Clinical Management of the Periodontal Patient with Diabetes”.

Association of Clinical Research Professionals. Certification preparation course for clinical research coordinators. New York, University Medical center, New York, New York August 14, 2000.
OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Training Session. New York University Dental Center, New York, New York Thursday, October 12, 2000.
Periodontal Aspects of Systemic Health and Reconstructive Aspects in Implant Therapy. The New York State Dental Association in conjunction with The Northeastern Society of Periodontists, November 3, 2000.

  • Drs. Walter Cohen, “Periodontal Medicine: Past, Present and Future”

  • Robert Genco, “The Periodontal – Medical Risk Relationship I”

  • Louis Rose, “The Periodontal – Medical Risk Relationship II”

  • Daniel Buser, “Esthetic Implant Restorations in Partially Edentulous Patients”

  • Sascha Jonanovic, “Plastic and Reconstructive Implant Surgery: A 3- Dimensional Biological and Clinical Challenge”

New York University College of Dentistry Center of Continuing Dental Education, 11th Annual NYU Implant Symposium December 8, 2000.

  • Dr. Markus Hurzeler, “A Comparison of Different Augmentation Materials in Sinus Grafting”.

  • Dr Ed McGlumphy, “Restorative Considerations for Long-Term Term Implant Success: An update on Current Controversies”.

  • Dr. Bradley McAllister, “Distraction Osteogenesis: Vertical Ridge Augmentation with the Ace Osteogenic Distractor”.

  • Dr. Ronald Odrich, “Ridge Expansion: Vertical and Horizontal Consideration”.

  • Dr Axel Kirsch, “New Mechanical and Biomechanical Standards in Implant Reconstruction”.

  • Dr. Sascha Jovanovic, “Advanced Implant Reconstruction”.

3i Implant Innovations Inc., Implant Odyssey Pursuing Conclusive Answers to Clinical Questions Final Program, Miami, Florida, January 26, 2001- January 27, 2001.
Friday January 26, 2001

  • Dr. JE Davies, “What Are the Mechanisms of Bone-to-Implant Surfaces?”

  • Dr. J Lindhe, “Does Osseotite React Differently Than Other Implant Surfaces?”

  • Dr. T Ogawa, “Are Genes Specifically Expressed Around Implants?”

  • Dr. P Trisi, “Is There a Histological Difference Between Osseotite and Other Surfaces in Different Bone Types?”

  • Dr. P Klokkevold, “Can We Correlate Reverse Torque and Bone-to-Implant Contact?”

  • Dr. L Zetterqvist, “How Successful is Early Loading and What Are the Known Contraindications?”

  • Dr. R Lazzara, “Does Implant Predictability Impact the Surgical and Prosthetic Treatment Plan?”

  • Dr. T Testori, “Are Short Implants Really Less Predictable? How do Short Implants Affect the Treatment Plan?”

  • Dr. J Carpentieri, “Can Malaligned Implants be Restored with Contemporary Cementable Abutments?”

  • Dr. D Tarnow, “How Does the Implant-Abutment Interface Affect Long-Term Screw Stability?”

  • Dr. U Brodbeck, “Ceramic Abutments: What Are the Clinical Possibilities and Concepts?”

  • Drs. L Rutten and P Rutten, “How Does the Laboratory Process Affect the Aesthetics of the Final Restoration?”

  • Dr. AJ van Winkelhoff, “Peri-implants – Real or Imaginary?”

  • Dr. D Tarnow, “Is Resistance to Peri-implantitis a Prosthetic Concern?”

Saturday January 27, 2001

  • Dr. U Grunder, “Immediate Loading – Is it Predictable And Where?”

  • Dr. S Porter, “How Does Torque and Screw Lubrication Improve Preload?”

  • Dr. R London, “How Does the Prosthetic Restoration Affect My Implant Selection?”’’’’

  • Dr. G Morris, “How Conventional Can We Make Restorative Implant Dentistry?”

  • Dr. G de Lange, “What is the Maturation Time for Biogran With and Without Autogenous Bone?

  • Dr. E Schepers, “Does Biogran Ridge Preservation Have and Effect on bone-to –Implant Contact?”

  • Dr. S Wallace, “What are the Considerations in Sinus Grafting that Clinically Impact Success?

  • Dr. A Meltzer, “How Do Platelet Concentrates Affect Healing? How Do I Concentrate Platelets?”

  • Dr. R Lazzara, “Can Implant Design Reduce the Need for Grafting and Impact Productivity?”

  • Dr. K Murphy, “How Can I Use a Transgingival Implant in Partially Edentulous Cases?”

  • Dr. F Chiche, “From Two-Step Surgery to Immediate Loading: What Are New Strategies for Treatment of the Anterior region?”

3i Implant Innovations Inc., Implant Odyssey Pursuing Conclusive Answers to Clinical - continued

  • Dr. S Porter, “How Can I Prepare an Abutment for Cemented Prostheses?’

  • Dr. Y Zubery, “What are the Clinical Benefits of a New Resorbable Membrane?

Dental View, Inc., Advanced Subgingival Access Perioscopy, February, 2001
Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts, March 30, 2001.

March 29, 2001

  • The Dynamics of Bone Formulation, Eugene Roberts

  • The Biologic Basis of Bone Regeneration, Robert Schenk

  • An Overview of Growth Factors, William Giannobile.

  • The Status of rhBMP-2, John Wozney.

March 30, 2001

  • Autogenous Bone-The Gold Standard, Robert Schallhorn.

  • Allografts and Emdogain, James Mellonig

  • Alloplasts, Ray Yukna

  • Xenografts, Marc Nevins

  • Growth Factors, David Cochran

  • Vertical Ridge Augmentation Using Autogenous Bone, Massimo Simion.

  • Human Historic Evaluation of Guided Vertical Ridge Augmentation, Stephano Parma.

  • Edentulous Vertical Ridge Augmentation, Jay Malmquist.

  • The Edentulous Maxilla, Ole Jenson.

March 31, 2001

  • Autogenous Grafts, Gilbert R. Triplett.

  • Allografts, Burton Langer

  • Alloplasts and Combinations, George Watzek.

  • The Use of rhBMP-2, Myron Nevins.

  • Osteotome Techniques, Richard Lazzara.

  • Bioabsorbable Membranes with Autogenous on-Staged Event, Daniel Buser.

  • The Use of Particulate Bone Grafting with a Membrane, Sascha Jovanovic.

  • Localized Ridge Regeneration Using rhBMP-2, Joseph Fiorellini.

The Northeastern Society of Periodontists, Inc. Advances in Clinical Periodontics and Implant Therapy, Enhancing the Outcome of Treatment – Part I. New York Marriott Marquis Hotel, New York, New York. April 06, 2001.

  • Peptide-Enhanced Bone Replacement Grafts, Dr. Raymond Yukna.

  • Tissue Engineering: Applications in Periodontics and Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Samuel Lynch.

  • Clinical Perspectives of Enamel Matrix Proteins, Dr, Donald Clem.

  • Changes in Implant Surgery, Dr. William Becker.

Current Human Research Issues and Solutions: Regulatory Overview and Investigator / Institutional / Sponsor Partnerships, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey,

May 10-11, 2001
Thursday May 10, 2001

  • Federal Agency Initiatives, John H. Mather, MD.

  • Federal Program Update, Jeffrey M. Cohen, Ph.D., David A. Lepay, MD., Ph.D., John H. Mather, MD.

  • Overview of Common Rule, Jeffrey M. Cohen, Ph.D.

  • Overview Of FDA, Bonnie Lee

  • Overview of VA, Joan P. Porter, D.P.A., M.P.H.

  • Compliance Oversight and Investigation, Jeffrey M. Cohen, Ph.D., David A. Weber, Ph.D., Bonnie Lee

  • IRB Investigator Education, Jeffrey M. Cohen, Ph.D./Joan P. Porter, D.P.A., M.P.H.

  • “Ask the Feds”, Jeffrey M. Cohen, Ph.D., Bonnie Lee/Joan P. Porter, D.P.A., M.P.H.

Friday May 11, 2001

  • Partnerships in Human Subjects Protections Panel: Moderator: Barbara J. LoDico, CIP, B.S.

  • Institutional/Administrative Responsibilities, John Smith, MSW

  • Investigator Responsibilities, Bartholomew J. Tortella, MD.

  • Institutional Review Board Responsibilities, Mary Swigar, MD.

  • Sponsor Responsibilities, Thomas J. Kirsch, M.S., B.S.

  • Community Responsibilities, Isaac Hopkins, B.S.

  • Effective Research Consent Process, Isaac Hopkins, B.S./Charles Tischler, MD.

  • Training in Human Subjects Protections, Barbara J. LoDico, CIP, B.S./Bartholomew J. Tortella, MD.

  • Challenges to Ethical Research Panel, Richard P. Wedeen, MD., Moderator

  • History of Ethical Research, Francis Chinard, MD.

  • Therapeutic Misconceptions, David Price, Ph.D.

  • Public Health/QA Imperatives, Norbert Elliot, Ph.D.

  • Financial Conflicts of Interest, John F.X. Irving, Esq.

  • Non-Financial Conflicts of Interest, Richard Wedeen, MD.

87th Annual Meeting American Academy Of Periodontology General Session: Philadelphia, Pa

October 6 –10 2001
October 7, 2001

  • Vertical Ridge Augmentation with Bone Graft and Membrane Barriers, Dr. Sascha Jovanovic

  • Distraction Osteogenesis, Dr. Bradley S.McAllister.

  • Vertical Ridge Augmentation with Block Grafts, Dr. Michael A. Pikos.

October 8, 2001

  • All-Day Symposium: Alternative In The Treatment Of The Severe Osseous Defect: Regenerate, Resect, Or Replace With An Implant? Dr. David L Cochran Dr. Steven G. Lewis Dr. Myron Nevins Dr. Robert G. Schallhorn Dr. Dr. Thomas G. Wilson

87th Annual Meeting American Academy Of Periodontology General Session - continued

October 9, 2001

  • Dental Drug Interactions, Dr. Sebastian G Ciancio.

  • Sinus Lifts Critical Factors for Success, Dr. Paul A Fugazzotto.

  • Sinus Augmentation-Lateral Wall vs. Osteotome, Dr. Stephen Wallace.

  • Sinus Lifts With The Use of Platelet Rich Plasma, Dr. Alan Meltzer.

October 10, 2001

  • Managing Medical Emergencies, Dr. Stanley F. Malamed.

The Northeastern Society of Periodontists, Inc. New York, NY .November 2, 2001.

November 2, 2001

  • The Immediate Load of Dental Implants in the Partially and Fully Edentulous Jaw, Dr. Robert Jaffin.

  • Periodontal Tissue Engineering and Biomimetics, Dr. William Giannobile.

  • Optimization of Sinus Lift Procedures, Dr. Georg Watzek.

  • Conceptualization Versus Reality of Periodontal Therapy, Dr. Gary Greenstein

12th Annual NYU Implant Symposium “State of the Art Implant Dentistry: Finding Solutions and Enhancing Patient Satisfaction.” December 7, 2001

  • Computer-Guided Surgery: The Next Generation, Dr. Michael Klein

  • Implant Augmentation Techniques For the posterior Maxilla and Guided Bone Regeneration, Dr. Paul Gugazzotto

  • Implant Interactions in Orthodontics, Dr. Frank Celenza Jr.

  • Immediate Function Loading in the Aesthetic Zone, Dr. Peter Wohrle

  • Options for Implant Selection and Placement in Single Molar Locations, Dr Elliot Krontstein

  • Success by Design: Restorative Driven Implant Placement with Restorative- Generated Site Development, Dr. Maurice Salama

45th Annual Meeting of Midwest Society of Periodontology, Chicago, IL. February 23-24, 2002.
February 23, 2002

  • Strategies to Manage Esthetics for the Periodontally Compromised Patient, Dr. Myron Nevins

  • New Tissue Engineered Bone-Graft Material, Dr. Jack Krauser

17th Annual Meeting Academy of Osseointegration, “Expanding the Vision of Implant Dentistry.” Dallas Texas March 14-16, 2002
March 14, 2002

  • Soft Tissue Engineering Applications in Dentistry, Dr. Michael McGuire

  • New Frontiers in Bone and Soft Tissue Reconstruction, Dr. Daniel Buchbinder

  • Gene Therapy for Alveolar Bone Engineering, Dr. William Giannoble

March 15, 2002

  • Immediate vs. Delayed Loading, Drs. Paul Schnitman and Torsten Femt

  • Screw Retained vs. Cemented Restorations, Drs. Edwin McGlumphy and Kenneth Hebel

  • Occlusal Overload and Crestal Bone Loss-Fiction or Fact? Drs. Dennis Tarnow and Carl Misch

March 16, 2002

  • Reintegration-Is it Possible? Dr. Tord Bergandal

  • Site Development, Dr. Andreas Valentin

  • Immediate Stabilization at Phase II of Zygomatic Fixtures at Modum Branemark: A Simplified Technique, Dr. Edmond Bedrossian

  • Soft Tissue Augmentation for Esthetics, Dr. Richard Lazzara

  • Team Presentations, Drs. David Garber and Maurice Salama, Drs. Niklaus Lang and Giovani Salvi, Drs. Michael Block and Thomas Salinas

The Northern Society of Periodontists, Inc. New York, NY March 22, 2002

March 22, 2002

  • Biological Integration of Anterior Restorations, Dr. Mauro Fradeani

  • Distraction Osteogenesis, Dr. Bradley S. McAllister

  • Periodontal Plastic Surgery to Enhance Aesthetics & Restorative Procedures, Dr. John F. Bruno

  • Restorative, Periodontal & Technical Parameters for Aesthetic Success, Dr. Robert Winter

8th Annual NYU Department of Periodontics Symposium: “Periodontal Therapies to Enhance Restorative Success.” New York, NY April 24, 2002
April 24, 2002

  • Esthetic Excellence for Teeth Implants, Dr. Dennis Tarnow

  • Periodontal Regeneration: Past, Present and Future, Dr. Donald Clem

  • New Parameters in Periodontal Prosthesis, Dr. Stephen Chu

  • Periodontal Plastic Surgery to Enhance Aesthetics and Restorative Procedures, Dr. John Bruno

The American Academy of Periodontology 2002 Specialty Conference: “Enhancing Esthetics with Periodontal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery” Chicago, Illinois May 17-19, 2002

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