Curriculum vitae Personal information: Aleksandr Iavtushenko

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Curriculum vitae

Personal information: Aleksandr Iavtushenko

Sobornosty st. 46, Poltava, Ukraine, 36003

Tel. +380997727882, +380672702235 Email:


vacancy masseur

Personal Details

Date of birth: 1979
Marital status: married

Children: 2

Summary of Qualifications

2016-Physician otolaryngologist , valid certificate in pediatric otolaryngology and intranasal endoscopy.

2012-Medical Representative «Kyiv Vitamin Factory" (cardio- neurological group).

2010-Specialist syndromes treatment Corporation " Yuri -farm ."

2009-Head of Laboratory for sanitary department of Poltava SES .

2004-Physician otolaryngologist medical diagnostic center "Pol - Ace"

1997-2016 massage therapist (until that time)



Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy, Medical Faculty. Qualification - physician.


Association of Folk Medicine in Ukraine . Certificate № 267 the full course of training for a degree in The Classical European and Ancient-Oriental massage.


Internship specialty otolaryngology . Qualification - medical specialist.


Rate laboratory studies of chemical environmental factors at the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after PL Postgraduate Education Ministry of Health of Ukraine . Awarded the qualification of doctor- laboratory assistant hygienist .


Poltava State Agrarian Academy. Faculty of production and processing of animal products.

Additional skills

Languages: English – Intermediate Level; German – Elementary Level.

Driving License: Driving License Category B( 19 years exp.)

Hobbies: basketball (captain of the basketball team of the faculty), swimming, puzzles.

Computer skills: Windows, Word for Windows, Excel.

Personal qualities

Responsible, easily trained , I have organizational skills . Lead a healthy lifestyle.

Attended trainings "Struggle with objections "," Time management "

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