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Cultural & Historical Tour of Berat


This two-day tour will introduce you to the cultural and natural beauty of Berat and its surroundings. Visit the ancient castle, old communist buildings, and the neighbourhoods of Mangalem and Gorica on the first day. The next day will be spent visiting canyons, waterfalls and small intriguing villages and towns outside of the city.


Day 1: Berat Highlights & Wine Tasting at Night

  • We will start with the castle of Berat, one of the oldest in the Balkans, built on a 178m hill where you can enjoy the view of mountains, valleys, and rivers. There are about 400 old houses from the 17th century and more than 20 churches from the 13th century. Old Illyrian walls, Byzantine churches and two mosques make the visit more interesting. 

  • Visit the Iconography museum named to honour Onufri, an Albanian painter of the 16th century. Onufri was a master of Icons and frescos and he is famous because he depicted the great revolution through his paintings. He created a mysterious red color and even the scientists do not know how he created it. 

  • After a 2 hour visit to the castle, you will have free time to explore narrow cobbled paths and carvings from wood and stone, made by locals.

  • The next part of day will be spent in downtown Mangalem or as it is known, "The City of a Thousand Windows." With a unique type of construction, we will walk through the neighborhood inhabited by crafters; about 500 families of craftsmen used to live here.

  • Visit St Michael church, a sacred place for Christians built in the 13th century with perfect Byzantine architecture. Visit the Bachelor Mosque-why is it called this? We will find out on this tour!

  • After Mangalem we will go to Gorica, the other old part of town, built during the 17th century. It was inhabited mostly by people of southern Albania.

  • Walk over Gorica Bridge, the biggest one in Albania that was constructed in 1777. Kurt Pasha, the Pasha of Berat, built it and it is still well preserved.

  • There are endless monuments in Berat to visit. We will visit the King Mosque built by sultan Bajazit in 1490.Just a few meters from there is Helveti Teqe built during 1500 and rebuilt later by Kurt Pasha during 1722. It's a unique monument in Albania: its ceiling is decorated with 24 karat gold. 

  • If you are not tired in the late afternoon, you can enjoy wine tasting. Berat is famous for wines. We have our indigenous white wine called The White of Berat or Pulsi I Beratit. We will go on a wine tour to explore the vineyard and the process used by locals to produce it. We can try some Albanian snacks here as well.

  • Take a breather now and relax. Back to hotel

  • Tomorrow it will be a long and unforgettable day!

Day 2- Canyons, Waterfalls and Old Communist Buildings

  • We will start early in morning since there will be many things to do. It will be a nice drive with stunning views of river, valley, old houses and mountains.

  • After a 1-hour drive from Berat, we will stop in Bogova, a special village famous for its picturesque views of nature, its national park, freshwater, mountains and big trees. 

  • We will start an easy hike to reach the hidden
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