Culminating Task Module 10: Culminating Task

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Talking Points

  • For this culminating task you will be working through all three categories of the rubric with a lesson or unit specific to your group’s discipline and grade band.

  • Prior to beginning, decide how your group would like to approach this task.

  • You may elect to work through the process as a group one category at a time, or you may choose to work through all three categories individually before beginning your discussion as a group.

  • Before you begin the group discussion, designate a recorder for your group.

  • Your recorder should use an electronic version of the EQuIP Rubric response form to record your comments electronically.

  • You also may find it helpful to designate other roles for members of your group. These roles might include:

    1. One group member to monitor time,

    2. One group member to facilitate the discussion, etc.

  • [Note to facilitator: Pass out lessons and units if participants do not already have them.]

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