Culminating Task Module 10: Culminating Task

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Talking Points

  • Follow the same process you used during the previous practice sessions.

    • Individually, closely examine the materials through the lens of the criteria for the EQuIP Rubric and record this evidence on the response form. Use the Arabic and Roman numerals associated with the rubric criteria to code the evidence you locate.

    • Individually, use reasoning to connect the evidence you locate to the rubric criteria and record your reasoning on the response form.

    • As a group, share, discuss, and work collaboratively toward consensus as to whether there is sufficient clear and compelling evidence to say that the rubric criteria have been met, and assign evidence of quality ratings for each of the criteria as well as for each category.

    • As a group, provide suggestions for improvement on the response form.

    • Finally, transfer your team’s ratings from each category to the following chart and add the scores together for the overall score.

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