Culminating Task Module 10: Culminating Task

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Talking Points


  • Remember, as defined by the EQuIP Rubric:

    • A lesson is a coherent set of instructional activities and assessments aligned to the NGSS that may extend over a few to several class periods or days; and

    • A unit is a coherent set of lessons aligned to the NGSS that extend over a longer period of time.

  • An integrated instructional sequence is rooted in an explanatory question aimed at making sense of a phenomenon and/or designing a solution to a problem.

  • With these definitions in mind, it is important to note that the lessons the EQuIP Rubric is designed to evaluate may extend over a few to several class periods or days.

  • Any single task, activity, or mini-lesson would not be suitable for use with the EQuIP Rubric as it would likely not include instructional supports and assessments, two of the categories of the rubric.

  • Likewise, the EQuIP Rubric is not appropriate for reviewing a full curriculum; however, the rubric could be used to review specific lessons or units within the curriculum. A tool is available here to look at full curricula.


  • Finally, the EQuIP Rubric does not require that lessons or units be put into a specific format in order to be evaluated against the rubric criteria.

  • [Note to facilitator: If participants bring lessons or units that do not list the targeted performance expectations, take time to consider what performance expectations the lesson may be building toward.]

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