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Culinary Arts Quiz Bowl

Question Bank

2015 Texas SkillsUSA Championships
The following questions cover the majority of the content base for questions to be used on both the written exam and live rounds of the Culinary Arts Quiz Bowl contest. These questions may or may not be used over the course of the competition. This list is provided as a guide for contest preparation and is by no means exhaustive or all-inclusive. For your convenience, they have been broken up by category with the overall percentage breakdown that will be used for creating questions on the written exam and live rounds from each category.
For contest regulations, please visit the Texas SkillsUSA website to view the State Contest Regulations 2014 document (pg. 173) listed under the Organization Documents link in the Documents tab. For other questions, contact Joel Casiday, CA Quiz Bowl Technical Chair at

General Knowledge Questions (60%)

  1. What 18th Century chef was known as the “King of Chefs and Chef of Kings?” Marie-Antoine Carême

  2. This system, put into place by Georges Auguste Escoffier, helped streamline and simplify work in hotel kitchens. What is the name of the system? Kitchen brigade system or brigade system

  3. In 1938, this Act was passed to protect workers from unfair treatment by employers. What is the name of the Act? Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA

  4. According to the FDA August 2003 Revision of the Model Food Code, what temperature range is known as the temperature danger zone? 41°F to 135°F

  5. What does the acronym Fat Tom stand for? Food, Acid, Time, Temperature, Oxygen, Moisture

  6. As yeast ferments, two byproducts are yielded. What are those products? Alcohol & Carbon Dioxide

  7. What should the temperature of water be when washing your hands? 100°F

  8. What does the acronym HACCP stand for? Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

  9. What is the term for the unit of energy measured by the amount of heat required to raise 1000 grams of water by one degree Celsius? Calorie or Kilocalorie

  10. Name two fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, or Vitamin K

  11. What is a recipe that produces a know quality and quantity of food for a specific operation known as? Standardized Recipe

  12. What is the name of the knife cut known for its characteristic seven-sided, football shape? Tournée (toor-nay)

  13. What all-purpose knife is most commonly used by cooks? Chef’s Knife or French Knife

  14. What is the main difference between a pot and a pan? The number of handles OR a pot has two handles and a pan has one handle

  15. Spell the word that means to finely slice or shred leafy vegetables or herbs. C-H-I-F-F-O-N-A-D-E

  16. What are the dimensions of a bâtonnet (BAH-toh-nay) cut? ¼ inch X ¼ inch X 2 inches

  17. What are the dimensions of a Medium Dice? ½ inch X ½ inch X ½ inch

  18. What are the four basic tastes? Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty

  19. What are the strongly flavored or aromatic portions of plant bark, roots, seeds, buds, or berries called? Spices

  20. What is the best know and most widely used herb in the world? Parsley

  21. Who pioneered the processes of heating milk to a high enough temperature to kill pathogenic bacteria? Louis Pasteur

  22. What is the literal meaning of the French term mise en place (meez ahn plahs)? To put in place or Everything in its place

  23. What is the process of removing the water and milk solids from butter known as? Clarification

  24. What two spice bundles are used to introduce flavorings, seasonings, and aromatics into stocks, sauces, soups and stews? Bouquet Garni (BO-kay GAR-nee) and Sachet d’épices (Sash-A DAY piece)

  25. What heat transfer method refers to the transfer of heat through a fluid? Convection

  26. What cooking method uses both conduction and convection to transfer heat to food submerged in hot fat? Deep Fat Frying

  27. What is the ratio of standard ingredients included in a standard mirepoix (MEER-pwah)? 50% Onion, 25% Celery, 25% Carrots

  28. Name the five leading or mother sauces. Béchamel, Velouté, Espagnole, Tomato, Hollandaise

  29. What herb is the main ingredient in a traditional pesto? Basil

  30. What is the mixture of egg whites, ground meat, mirepoix, herbs & spices, and an acidic product used to clarify stock for making consommé called? Clearmeat

  31. Traditionally, what cheese is used to top French Onion Soup? Gruyére

  32. What protein found in connective muscle tissues are converted to gelatin when cooked? Collagen

  33. Foie Gras (FWAH-grah), made from both duck and goose, is the fatty, enlarged version of what organ of the animal? Liver

  34. When fabricating poultry, how many pieces can be harvested from the finished product? Eight

  35. What is the row of intramuscular bones running the length of round fish fillets called? Pin Bones

  36. According to the USDA and in regards to quality, what is the highest grade of egg? AA

  37. What is the clear portion of an egg, commonly referred to as egg white, also known as? Albumen

  38. What is the term used when referring to any herbaceous plant that can be partially or wholly eaten? Vegetable

  39. This member of the capsicum family, with varieties in green, red, yellow, purple, or orange, is also known as a sweet pepper. How are they most commonly referred? Bell Peppers

  40. A pepper’s heat or pungency ranges from zero to 16 million. What is the name of the scale used to measure a pepper’s pungency? Scoville Scale

  41. Which starch vegetable is one of the only native vegetables to the New World? Potatoes

  42. What type of potato is known to have low starch content, high moisture content, and high sugar content, and includes varieties like red, new, and Finnish Yellow?

  43. What type of rice is traditionally used to make risotto? Arborio

  44. In terms of vegetarianism, who is a person that eats both eggs and dairy in addition to a vegetable only diet? Lacto-ovo vegetarian or Ovo-lacto vegetarian

  45. What is formed when two liquids that would not ordinarily form a stable mixture are forced together and held in suspension? Emulsion

  46. There are four parts to a composed salad. Name three of the parts. Base, Body, Garnish, Dressing

  47. A Niçoise (NEE-swahz) salad is classified as which one of the following: Green salad, tossed salad, composed salad, or bound salad? Composed Salad

  48. What stage of cooked sugar is achieved by reaching 300°F and separates into a hard, brittle sheet? Hard Crack Stage

  49. When a droplet of water enters melted chocolate, the chocolate becomes lumpy. What is the term for this reaction? Seizing

  50. What is the term referring to the elastic network of proteins created when wheat flour is moistened and manipulated? Gluten

  51. What class of fire extenguisher is used to put out fires involving wood, paper, or plastic? Class A

  52. What is the minimum amount of time recommended for lathering a soaping when washing ones hands? 20 seconds

  53. What disaccharide is composed of glucose and fructose? Sucrose

  54. How many amino acids are essential for healthy adults? 9

  55. What is the only vitamin that can be produced in the body using the sun as it’s source of energy? Vitamin D

  56. On what type of menu offers each food and beverage item priced individually and ordered separately? A la carte

  57. Name the common cookware item that is a large round vessel with straight sides and two loop handles used for boiling and simmering foods. Sauce Pot

  58. Used for stockpots, griddles, fry pans, or braizers, this piece of large kitchen equipment is considered to be the most versatile of commercial appliances? Tilt skillet

  59. What “fifth taste”, from the Japanese word meaning “delicious” is described as savory, meaty, or rich? Umami

  60. What is the process of changing a liquid oil to a solid? hydrogenation

Culinary Math (10%)

Students should be able to calculate questions similar to those listed below. The values in the questions listed below may or may not be used in competition. Concept knowledge is critical for these questions.

  1. How many teaspoons are in 2 quarts? 384

  2. If the purchase price for onions is $1 per pound with a 90% yield, what is the actual cost of 2 pounds of onions? $2.20

  3. If a recipe yields four, eight ounce portions, what is the conversion factor for yielding 10 portions? 2.5

  4. If a recipe yields four, four ounce portions, how many pounds are needed for 13 portions? 3.25 pounds OR 3 ¼ pounds OR 3lb 4oz

  5. If a beef tenderloin weighs 10 pounds and has a 1 ½ pound tare, what is the percentage of shrinkage before cooking? 15% shrinkage

  6. How many Tablespoons are in 3 cups? 48

  7. If a slice of bread contains 10% of the RDA of Vitamin A, how many slices would you need to eat to get your total allowance of Vitamin A? 10 slices

  8. If a hamburger contains 300 calories, what percentage of the recommended daily caloric intake for an adult does it account? 15%

  9. If you are serving 3oz grilled hamburger patties with a 25% shrinkage, how many pounds of ground beef would be ordered to serve 100 people? 25 pounds

  10. If your food cost percentage of 28%, how much profit would be made from $1000 of sales? $720

Professional Development Program (20%)

  1. What is the phrase “Preparing for Leadership in the World of Work? The SkillsUSA Motto

  2. Fill in the blank: I __________ begins each line of the SkillsUSA Creed. Believe

  3. On the SkillsUSA emblem, what item represents knowledge? Torch

  4. In reference to the SkillsUSA Official Colors, what does the color gold represent? The Individual

  5. What does the acronym VICA mean? Vocational Industrial Clubs of America

  6. What SkillsUSA officer serves as a consultant to the president on procedural matters? Parliamentarian

  7. If a student reaches the SkillsUSA Level 5 American award in the Professional Development Program, what color is their award? Silver

  8. According to the Professional Development Program, what word refers to “an individual who is recognized as knowledgeable in a field or area?” Consultant

  9. What book is the official reference on parliamentary procedure? Robert’s Rules of Order: Newly Revised Edition

  10. Into how many SkillsUSA regions is the United States divided? Five

  11. Where is the Texas SkillsUSA State Office located? Mabank, Texas

  12. Who is the Texas SkillsUSA State Director? Janet Conner

  13. How many goals are included in Vision 2020? 6

  14. How many trade, techincal, and skilled service occupational titles are represented in the SkillsUSA curriculum? 130

  15. What is the SkillsUSA motto? Preparing for leadership in the world of work

  16. On the SkillsUSA emlbem, what do the hands represent? The individual

  17. What symbol on the SkillsUSA emblem represents the industrial society? Gear

  18. What does the SkillsUSA color blue represent? The common union of states and chapters

  19. What colors represent the individual states and chapters? Red & White

  20. Where is the SkillsUSA National Office located? Leesburg, Virginia

Culinary Current Events (10%)

  1. According to Oxfam, what country was ranked first as having the most plentiful, healthy food? Netherlands

  2. A UNC-Chapel Hill study recently found that fast-food was not the main cause of childhood obesity. What did they find was the leading cause? Poor dietary habits originating in children’s homes

  3. According to research conducted by Consumer Report, what percentage of chicken breasts from common retail outlets were found to contain harmful bacteria? 97%

  4. University of Bonn researchers recently found what popular beverages can be linked to increased heart contraction rates in healthy people? Energy Drinks

  5. According to the CDC, what bacteria was recently found in chicken salads and wraps sold at Trader Joe’s stores in Arizona, California, Texas, and Washington? E.Coli

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