Creating a Test with an Item Bank, Activating a Test, & Sharing a Test

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Creating a Test with an Item Bank, Activating a Test, & Sharing a Test
To login in:

  1. First go to

  2. To log in click on the blue button titled STAFF MEMBERS

  3. On the next screen you will need to enter:

  • Your Site ID: (include the dashes)

  • Your Staff ID: : your email user name

  • Your Password: the first 3 letters of your last name capitalized and the last 4 digit of your SS#

You should now be at your school’s achievement series website. Your school name should be at the top left side of the screen.

  1. Click Preferences

  2. Click Edit Appearance

  3. Change List Items per Page to 30 or less

  4. Click OK

  5. Click Close

To create a quiz using an item bank:

  1. Click on Classroom Tab (Far left side of the screen, student with graduation cap on it)

  2. Click on Create Test in the blue box below the class name.

  3. Click Normal.

  4. On the next screen:

    1. Test Name: Type the quiz name (consistent naming conventions!)

Ex: 3rd Jones Math Test (1.02a, 5.04, 3.02)

    1. Test Description: leave blank

    2. Practice Test: leave blank

    3. Timed: Leave as is on “Test is not Timed”

    4. Allow Retake: Click on allow retake and enter number of times.

    5. Delivery Method: Change to Scanner Forms

    6. Use Alternating answer choices: leave blank

    7. Authorized Grade Range: Change to 3 to 5.

    8. Subject Area: Mathematics

    9. Keywords: leave blank

    10. Enter the date that the quiz will be taken by the students

    11. Number of Versions: Leave at 1, leave everything else BLANK

    12. Click the grey button, NEXT

  1. On next screen: Click on the circle beside the class name that you want to test. Click NEXT.

  2. Step 3 of 4: Click on SAVE

  3. Step 4 of 4: Click on Edit (Test Name) Content

  4. On next screen:

    1. Under Content tab: Click on Insert from Item Bank

    2. On Next Screen: Step 1 of 3: Click on NEXT

    3. Step 2 of 3: De-select everything except Multiple Choice Questions

    4. Keyword: LEAVE BLANK

    5. Grade Level- enter 3 to 5

    6. Subject area: MATHEMATICS

    7. Select: Scantron Item Bank: Mathematics

    8. Click grey NEXT button

  1. Now you will see Items in the item bank.

    1. Select from Index pull down menu the specific skill needed.

  2. Click in the square beside the questions you would like to include on the quiz.

  3. Click SAVE.


1. Under the Content Tab, under Preview Content : Click on Paper Test Form

2. Change Font Size to 12.

3. Click on NEXT.

4. Step 2 of 2: Click on View Paper Test Form beside Word Link

5. Change format as desired. File: PRINT, File: SAVE onto your computer. Close the word document

6. Back to Test screen, Click CLOSE.

To ACTIVATE the quiz so answer sheets can be printed and scanned:

1. Click on the Activation Tab

2. Click on Activate Test

3. The next screen will give you info including test ID.

4. Click CLOSE.

5. Select the class the quiz was just assigned.

6. You will now notice that the white/grey box has a green check and the test ID is listed.

To SHARE the test with other teachers or other class sections:

1. Click on the name of the quiz

2. Click on the blue tab that says Share.

3. Click on Edit Access List.

4. You will see that only one person has been given access to the list. Click on the grey EDIT STAFF button to the right.
5. On the next screen:

    1. First Name: Leave blank

    2. Last name: leave blank

    3. Position: Choose Teacher without student edit (Test Operator if sharing only with self)

    4. Course: leave blank

    5. Grade Range: leave blank

    6. Click SEARCH.

6. Now a list of all of the teachers in the building will show up on the screen. (or the Test Operator)

7. Under the grey Update button change new access level to Reviewer.

8. Put a check in the box to the far right for each staff member you would like to share the test with under the heading Assign new Access level.

9. Once you have shared with everyone you need to, Click Update button.

10. The next screen will confirm the list of staff you have chosen.

11. Click CLOSE.

12. Click CLOSE on the next screen also.

To SHARE the test with other sections that you teach:

1. Click on the Classroom Icon

*** 2. Click on the Shared Tests Tab

3. Click on the copy icon just under the word copy next to the name of the test.

4. Select a class you want to share the test with and re-name the test adding the class section to the end.

5. Click OK

6. Return to Classroom Test Tab and select class you just copied the test to.

7. Click on the Active Button just to the left of the test name

8. Click Close

*** Repeat to share with multiple sections.

Each staff member will now be able to log in, click on the classrooms area, go to the shared test tab, and activate the test for each of their classes that will be assessed on this quiz. The job of the test creator is now done and the job of the teacher is just beginning
You will now want to log out and email your teachers to let them know you have it ready for them to begin.

For questions or additional assistance, please email

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