Crash Test Dummies Challenge

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AP Calculus

Crash Test Dummies Challenge

Your group will design a car that will protect the passengers in a frontal crash test. We will use the official Head Injury Criterion as used by the federal government.

Your goal is to create a system and use of materials that will give the lowest possible HIC. Throughout the project you needed to think about a few key components for your design.

  1. How can we make a car safer in a frontal crash?

  2. What is the best design and materials to reduce the possibility of a head injury?

  3. What are the important constraints in a car crash?

In this project your group will keep an electronic copy of your Engineering Notebook using Google Docs. Your group is expected to document everything you do throughout the course of the project. You should include sketches, pictures, and data to illustrate your way through the engineering design Process.

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