Courses attended during 1997 (details) Paul Tipton Course Restorative Dentistry; St Ann's Dental Clinic & mandec, Manchester

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Ken Harris CV & Post Graduate Activity



(one “session” is ½ day attendance (3 Hours); so total would be 129 “Hours” current system)

Paul Tipton Course Restorative Dentistry ; St Ann's Dental Clinic & MANDEC, Manchester
September 1997 - July1998.
24 Sessions in all (Section 63). (6 during 1997; 18 during 1998)
This course was run over 12 months with a meeting in Manchester every month throughout the year. An "Evidence Based" course with a large "Hands-On" component, which aims to improve understanding of modern Dental techniques. We were given between 20 and 30 recent research papers to read between sessions and these were discussed at the subsequent meeting. All the information was up to date and we all learned to think again about our approach to Dentistry, a few "Sacred Cows" were slaughtered along the way!
Paul Tipton & Various Specialists.
F.G.D.P. (Northern Div'n) Clinical Study Day "A Perfect Match"


Newcastle Dental Hospital.

Dr. John Besford & Ruth Brooks (Technician)

4th October 1997.

All Day Saturday.

2 Sessions (other approved course).
Extended Course in Restorative Dentistry"1996-97 ; Newcastle Dental Hospital & School.
September 1996-July 1997.
25 Sessions in all (Section 63). (6 during 1996 ; 19 during 1997)
This course was run over 12 months, every other Tuesday afternoon in Newcastle Dental Hospital. Lectures and seminars were offered, and patients were treated clinically under the guidance and tutelage of Prof. A.W.G. Walls (Professor of Restorative Dentistry) & Mr. David Jacobs (Consultant in Restorative Dentistry)
Prof. A.W.G. Walls & Mr. David Jacobs.
Peer Review Meetings ; 1997: Newcastle & Sunderland.
7 Sessions on various aspects of General dental Practice, carried out during May and June 1997, and organised by Miss Naomi Sinai (GDP) of John Street, Sunderland
7sessions in all (section 63)
"Working in Harmony": 4-Handed Dentistry (hands-on)

Wright Dental, Washington, Tyne & Wear.

Mr.Martin Amsell. (GDP Banbury,Oxfordshire)

30 April 1997.

All Day Wednesday.

2 Sessions (Section 63).

"Improving your Adhesive Dentistry"

Dental Showcase, N.E.C.,Birmingham.

Dr. Gary Unterbrinck (Ivoclar Vivadent)

26 April 1997.

Saturday Afternoon

1 Session (other approved course).

"Career Pathways in General Dental Practice"

Newcastle Dental School. (Founders & Benefactors Day)

Prof. Nairn Wilson, Dr John Whitworth, Mr Mike Mulcahy

28 March 1997.

Saturday afternoon.

1 Session (Section 63).

M.G.D.S. Study Group Spring 1997; Newcastle Dental School.
5 Sessions in all (Section 63).
"MGDS Case Selection"

Treatment Planning.

Mr. Brian Greiveson & Mr. Roy Dookun.

24 February 1997.

"Radiology Techniques & Diagnosis"

Radiology / Oral Pathology.

Mr. Douglas Lovelock.

10 March 1997.

"Treatment Planning in Restorative Cases"


Mr. J. G. Steele.

14 April 1997.

"Periodontology : Diagnosis & Treatment Planning"


Prof. Robin Seymour.

19 May 1997.

"Oral Medicine : Spotting the Spots"

Oral Pathology/Oral Medicine.

Mr. M. F. Reed.

9 June 1997.


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