Costuming – (25 points) You must perform your lip sync in costume that is appropriate for the artist and/or style which you are imitating. Performance style – (25 points)

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Lip Sync

This will be a lip sync performance of a song of your choice. The song you choose should, of course, have no inappropriate language or content which is unsuitable for the classroom. If you have to ask me about it, it is probably inappropriate! Choosing a song which is unsuitable would result in a zero on the assignment. I like all styles of music! You may choose a song of any style, but the song must be from before the 1990’s. Keep in mind that part of your grade will be based on the accuracy of your lip sync (your lips mouthing the correct words at the right time) and if I can’t understand the words, it makes it difficult to give an accurate grade. Up to 3 people may perform one song and receive credit, if ALL performers are singing throughout the entire song. If you choose to do a song from a musical, you will receive 15 bonus points. Your lip sync will be graded on the following criteria:
Time – (25 points) If one person is performing, the lip sync performance should be at least 2 minutes long., and your performance, including set up, should last no more that 5. If two are performing for a grade, the song must be at least 2 1/2 min, performance, including set up, must not be longer than 7. Three need a 3 min. song and 8 min max. Performers scheduled for the day will be given time at the beginning of class to get into costume, so that time does not have to be considered in your time limit.
Lip Sync – (50 points) The lip sync is from before the 1990’s or from a musical and you must demonstrate accurate knowledge of the lyrics which you “sing”, stopping and starting at the same moment the actual artist does, attempting the realism that it is you who are singing.
Costuming – (25 points) You must perform your lip sync in costume that is appropriate for the artist and/or style which you are imitating.
Performance style – (25 points) Performers all have very different styles, and each performer can very their style depending on what kind of song they are singing. You should plan out your blocking and gestures according to the artist’s style. No matter what style of music you choose, the artist should “sell the song.”
Audience awareness – (25 points) No matter what performance style you choose, you must demonstrate audience awareness. The whole purpose of the performance is to entertain the audience so you must always keep them in mind. Perform with energy, cheat out and give the audience your best.
Performances will begin Tuesday, February 2, 2010. Performers on the first day will receive a raise of 1 letter grade (15 points extra) included in their score. Sign-ups will be on Thursday, January 22, 2009, for students who have their COMPLETED LIP SYNC PLAN. If you do not have a plan to turn in, you will not be performing a lip sync. NO EXCEPTIONS. Even if you are absent, your plan must be in by that date.
20 points – On Thursday, January 21, 2010 – Turn in either a photocopy or intenet printout of the lyrics (with web-site shown) in large print AND proof of song’s recording date for teacher approval.

75 points – On Thursday, January 28, 2010, everyone must turn in the following: 1) A copy of the lyrics, this may be a photocopy, but it must be in large print. On the copy you must write the blocking and gestures that all the performers intend to do on stage. 2. Proof of the date of the song’s recording.

3) A costume description and color sketch on plain white paper, be specific, this is what I expect you to wear for your performance. You may just take a photo of yourself in costume. You need to include a photo of the artist that you are portraying so that I can compare.

If you plan carefully and are specific and prepared, essentially, your grade is in your hands. The most important part of this is to be creative and have fun!!!

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