Cosmetic Units (Zide)

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Cheek Reconstruction

Cosmetic Units (Zide)

  • Defects in zones 1 and 2 can be repaired with cervicofacial rotation-advancement flaps or other local flaps.

  • Zone 3 defects are not amenable to correction with cervicofacial flaps, and are best resurfaced with local or regional flaps (cervicopeectoral)

Zone 1 - Sub Orbital Zone
Small defects



  • modified rhomboid flaps, small cheek rotation-advancement flaps, or subcutaneous pedicle flaps.

  • Use lines of maximal exensibility for moving the flap and closing the defect

  • Borrow from where the skin is loose.

  • Do not distort functionally or cosmetically sensitive areas

  • The flap is ideally based inferiorly as this tends to decrease edema of the flap minimizing the trap door effect.

  • Flap ischemia is minimized by rounding the end of the transposed flap, thus avoiding a narrow distal tip.

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