Coronal suture : a joint between the anterior bone (frontal) and the two parietal bones Lambdoid suture

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The oblique line:

The anterior border of the ramus continuation is the oblique line

-You can see “Symphysis menti” and “mental protuberance” from the anterior view of the mandible

-Body inner surface :

Mylohyoid line devides the inner surface into upper triangle/part and lower part .

Each part with : 1-Glandular fossa for the sublingual gland

2-nerve groove for the lingual nerve “Sometime when you do tooth extraction for the wisdom tooth you cut it by mistake because its close to the root of the wisdom tooth .

Mental spines :

At the inner angle of the mandible .

Origin for Genioglossus and Geniohyoid .

Submandibular fossa : for submandibular gland

Mylohyoid groove : For mylohoid nerve which is a branch from inferior alveolar nerve that is a branch from the mandibular nerve which is a branch from trigeminal nerve .

Ramus of the mandible :For insertion .

Good luck 

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