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Mellow Mushroom

Employee Training and Reference Manual

Daniel Cooksey


Welcome to Mellow Mushroom………………………………






Working as a team………………………………………………

Self Tests…………………………………………………………

Welcome to Mellow Mushroom!

Before you show up for your first shift you should review this employee manual. You will not be able to memorize all of it before your first shift but you will be able to get an idea of how things work. You should know that this job is not easy. It requires strenous physical activity for up to 9 hours at a time without breaks. It also requires great focus on your part in order to run efficiently and smoothly. You should also know that out times are guidelines of what time you will get out, they are not concrete. Sometimes you will leave before your out time, and often times you will not get cut until after your out time. On your first day of work, you should bring the following with you:

  • This manual

  • Comfortable socks and working shoes

  • Comfortable shorts and short sleeve shirt

  • A baseball cap or hat

  • Pencil or Retractable pen

  • A readiness to learn



Safety and hygiene are the most important things you need to know so pay attention here.

You are making food for people so you must make sure that you are clean when you come to work. Your hair should be short enough to tuck under your hat. You should be free of body odor and look presentable. This is an open kitchen, so the customers can observe everything you do (and say!).

The first thing you do when you get to work is wash your hands. You must also wash your hands when exiting the restroom and when reentering the store after going outside. You should also wash your hands every thirty minutes. To properly wash your hands:

  1. Bring sink water to a warm to hot temperature

  2. Run the water over your hands

  3. Apply soap

  4. Lather for 20 seconds

  5. Wash off excess soap

  6. Dry hands

We are very vocal here in the kitchen at Mellow Mushroom and you MUST be too. You must vocalize the following actions:

Action Exclamation

Walking with a knife “Sharp!”

Walking around a corner “Corner!”

Opening an oven “Open oven!”

Carrying pizza from oven to expo “Hot Pie!”

Carrying calzone from oven to expo “Hot Zone!”

Carrying pretzels from oven to expo “Hot Knots!”

Anytime you hear someone say one of these commands you MUST say “Heard!” loud enough for the whole kitchen to hear you. This signifies that you heard and acknowledged the warning and also lets the person doing the action know that you acknowledged them. It might seem crazy at first but soon you will catch yourself doing it outside of work.

You must wear gloves when handling food. The only exception is when you are handling pizza BEFORE it goes into the oven. After the pizza comes out of the oven, you must wear gloves to handle it.

You must also wear an apron while in the kitchen. You must take off your apron anytime you exit kitchen.

The ovens here are set at 550 degree Farenheit. This is hot enough to burn you with the slightest touch. It is impossible to work hear and not burn yourself. It is your responsibility to take the precautions necessary to avoid a more severe burn. There is a first aid kid in the office that has basic first aid care, plus burn ointment.

Opening/Closing Duties


When opening the pizza side of the kitchen, you are expected to arrive at 9:00a.m.

You should now do the following in sequential order:

  1. Vacuum the oven trays and turn on the ovens.

  2. Fill three buckets with cold sanitizer water and place one under the expo table, one under the grill, and one under the salad line.

  3. Turn on the line cooler and set it up according to the picture. If it is a Friday or Saturday morning you must set up both lines. Otherwise only set up the main line.

  4. Fill the ice bin up with ice and two pitchers full of water.

  5. Fill up new sauce bottles so that you have the following numbers of sauce bottles.

  6. Place the following sauce bottles in the ice bin

  • Ranch

  • Spicy Ranch

  • Bleu Cheese

  • Spicy Bleu Cheese

  • Thai

  • Jerk

  • Mustard

  • Buffalo

  • Sour Cream

  • Aioli

  1. Place the ninth pans of chives, diced cucumbers, and basil in the ice bin.

  1. Set up two pizza stations on the line. Three if it is Friday or Saturday. Each station consists of:

  • 1 Third pan of cornmeal

  • 1 Shallow sixth pan of garlic

  • 1 Steak Knife

  • 1 Pizza cutter

  • 1 Flat blade

  • 1 Bottle of buffalo

  • 1 Bottle of barbeque

  • 1 Bottle of pesto

  • 1 Bottle of extra virgin olive oil

  1. Fill up 4 third pans with red sauce. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the bottom drawer.

  2. Make slice pie if it is Monday-Friday.

  3. Set up the gluten free cart. Make sure you are absolutely free of cornmeal and any other gluten. Dust yourself off and wash your hands up to your elbows.

*** EVERY ingredient that goes on this cart must come from the reach-in or be prepared fresh with absolutely no corn meal, bread, or any other gluten coming in contact. ***

- Fill each black plastic sixth pan with corresponding toppings from the reach-in.

- Get 6 ninth pans and fill with:

  • Garlic

  • Feta

  • Portobello mushrooms

  • Sun-dried tomatoes

  • Provolone

  • Artichoke hearts

  • Get 4 third pans and fill with:

  • Spinach

  • Red sauce (with a ladle)

  • Mozzarella cheese

  • Vegan cheese

  • Place a bottle of oil and a bottle of pesto on the cart.


There are several things that must be completed before you can leave at night. Many of the ‘outs’ will be completed by other employees who are not closing.

Dough Pull

  1. Figure out how many trays of each size dough you will need by counting the trays in the walk-in and subtracting this number from the par number on the clip-board.

  2. Each box of dough in the freezer contains enough dough for two trays. If you need an odd number of trays always round up to the next number. So if you need 7 trays, pull 4 boxes of dough. This will give you 8 trays.

  3. Spread a full handful of cornmeal over the bottom of the tray and place the dough in the tray according to the pictures on the wall.

-Insert Pic-

  1. When stacking the trays, make sure to alternate them.

  2. Label each tree with your initials, the date, and which size the dough is. Ex: DC-11/29-M

Back Line/Walk-in

  1. Sweep the walk-in. Make sure to sweep under the shelves and under the gluten free cart.

  2. Mop the walk-in.

  3. Sweep the whole back line, excluding the dish area. Make sure to get under the shelves and the prep tables.

  4. Cover the floor area with a thin layer of clean mop water and scrub thoroughly with the deck brush.

  5. Squeegee the mop water into the various drains.

  6. Wring out the mop and mop up the remaining water.

Flipping the Drawer

  1. Restock all ingredients.

  2. Flip the ingredients into new pans so that the freshest ingredients will be on the bottom.

  3. Re-label the pan with today’s date

Flipping the Line

  1. Follow the same directions as flipping the drawer, with these additions

  2. Place the new pans into large white trays to be put away after the store is no longer serving customers.

  3. Thouroughly clean the line cooler until there is no longer any food or water in it.

Cleaning the ovens

You will only clean ovens 1 and 3. Ovens 2 and 4 will be cleaned after the store is closed for business.

  1. Clean out the insides with the oven brush.

  2. Clean the top surface of the oven with a broom.

  3. Clean the top surface of the oven with a wet rag and sanitizer water.

  4. Clean the outsides of the oven with a rag and sanitizer water.

The preceding tasks will be completed by non-closing employees. The following will be completed by the lead cook, a line cook, and the hoagie side closer.

  • Wrap everything from the line and place in the refrigerator beneath the line.

  • Wrap the contents of the drawer.

  • Wrap all sauce bottles and 9th pans from the ice well and place underneath the line.

  • Clean out the ice well.

  • Clean the remaining two ovens

  • Clean the cutting boards

  • Unplug and clean the steam well

  • Clean the pizza peels

  • Clean the sink

  • Take the trash to the dumpster

    • After dark, you must take someone with you to take the trash to the dumpster.

  • Sweep, scrub, squeegee, and mop the floors

  • Reset the line with the following:

    • 8 large steel trays

    • 4 large steel grates

    • 4 metal sixth pans

    • 1metal third pan

    • Two brushes for butter

    • 4 ladels

    • 7 pizza cutters

    • 3 containers and lids for parm, salt, and cinnamon

    • All of the pizza trays

    • All of the oven screens

    • All oven tools (2 pokers, 2 peels, 2 brushes)

  • You will now assist the dishwasher closer with his closing duties while the kitchen manager inspects the pizza/hoagie line close.


A lead cook will show you how to stretch and prepare dough. After you master this you will be ready to make pizza. All pizzas will get garlic butter and parmesan cheese on the crust after they are baked unless otherwise noted on the ticket. Smalls will be cut into 4 slices, mediums into 6 slices and larges into 8 slices.


  1. Oil and garlic base

  2. Provolone (2 slices for small, 3 for medium, 4 for large)

  3. Steak (1 portion for small, 2 for medium and large)

  4. Mozzarella (small = 3oz, medium = 6oz, large = 9oz)

  5. Kalamata olives

  6. Artichoke hearts

  7. Portobello mushrooms (1 per slice)

  8. Feta cheese

Gourmet White

  1. Oil and garlic base

  2. Provolone (2,3,4)

  3. Sun-dried tomatoes

  4. Mozzarella (3,6,9)

  5. Onions

  6. Tomatoes (1 per slice)

  7. Feta cheese

Holy Shiitake

  1. Oil and garlic base

  2. Mozzarella (3,6,9)

  3. Mushroom trio

  4. Carmelized onions

  5. Montamore cheese

  6. Bake

  7. Shaved parm on pizza

  8. Aioli swirl

  9. Chives

  10. Truffle oil

Thai Dye

  1. Oil and garlic base

  2. Mozzarella (3,6,9)

  3. Curry Chicken (1 portion for small, 2 for medium and large)

  4. Onions

  5. Tomatoes (1 per slice)

  6. Bake

  7. Diced cucumbers

  8. Thai chili swirl

  9. Fresh chopped basil


  1. Oil and garlic base

  2. Mozzarella (3,6,9)

  3. Onions

  4. Chicken (1 portion for small, 2 for medium and large)

  5. Black olives

  6. Roasted red peppers

  7. Feta cheese

  8. Bake

  9. Chives

  10. Side of Tzatziki sauce (1 for small, 2 for medium and large)

Caesar Pie

  1. Oil and garlic base

  2. Provolone

  3. Mozzarella (3,6,9)

  4. Pesto Chicken (1 portion for small, 2 for medium and large)

  5. Bake

  6. Caesar salad

  7. Shaved parm

  8. Tomatos (1 per slice)

Red Skin Potato Pie

  1. Oil and garlic base

  2. Sliced red potatos

  3. Mozzarella (3,6,9)

  4. Carmelized onions

  5. Bacon (1 per slice)

  6. Bake

  7. Sour cream swirl

  8. Spicy ranch swirl

  9. Chives

House Special

  1. Red base

  2. Mozzorella (3,6,9)

  3. Pepperoni (16,22,28)

  4. Mushrooms

  5. Ground beef

  6. Sausage

  7. Ham

  8. Onions

  9. Green peppers

  10. Black olives

  11. Bacon (1 per slice)

  12. Tomato (1 per slice)

  13. Place a layer of cheese on top of all the ingredients

Kosmic Karma

  1. Red base

  2. Sun-dried tomatos

  3. Spinach

  4. Mozzarella (3,6,9)

  5. Tomatos (1 per slice)

  6. Pesto swirl

  7. Feta cheese

Mighty Meaty

  1. Red base

  2. Mozzarella (3,6,9)

  3. Pepperoni (16,22,28)

  4. Sausage

  5. Ground beef

  6. Ham

  7. Bacon (1 per slice)

Mega Veggie

  1. Red base

  2. Sun-dried tomatos

  3. Spinach

  4. Mozzarella (3,6,9)

  5. Mushrooms

  6. Onions

  7. Green peppers

  8. Black olives

  9. Tofu

  10. Banana peppers

  11. Artichoke hearts

  12. Broccoli

  13. Tomatos (1 per slice)

  14. Feta cheese

Magical Mystery Tour

  1. Pesto base

  2. Spinach

  3. Mozzarella (3,6,9)

  4. Mushrooms

  5. Jalepenos

  6. Portobello mushrooms (1 per slice)

  7. Feta cheese

Maui Wowie

  1. Pesto base

  2. Mozzarella (3,6,9)

  3. Jerk chicken (1 portion for small, 2 for medium and large)

  4. Ham

  5. Pineapple

  6. Banana peppers

  7. Bacon (1 per slice)

Funky Q Chicken

  1. Mozzarella (3,6,9)

  2. Barbeque chicken (1 portion for small, 2 for medium and large)

  3. Carmelized onions

  4. Bacon (1 per slice)

  5. Barbeque swirl

  6. Cheddar cheese

Buffalo Chicken

  1. Mozzarella (3,6,9)

  2. Buffalo chicken (1 portion for small, 2 for medium and large)

  3. Carmelized onions

  4. Bacon (1 per slice)

  5. Bake

  6. Ranch or bleu cheese swirl

  7. Buffalo swirl

Bayou Bleu

  1. Spicy bleu cheese base

  2. Mozzerella (3,6,9)

  3. Andouille sausage

  4. Bake

  5. Shrimp

  6. Chives


One small dough makes 3 knots. So a full order would require two small doughs.

  1. Cut a spiral about an inch wide into the dough with the pizza cutter to create a long string of dough.

  2. Cut the string into three equal pieces.

  3. Stretch each string until you can form it into a knot about the size of a small pizza.

  4. If the knots are being ordered with beer cheese you must yell “fire beer cheese!” to hoagie side until you hear them say heard.


Working the ovens is extremely important. If a pizza gets burned in the oven the customer has to wait twice as long for it and the company must pay for the burned ingredients.

The top left oven is called oven one. They are numbered in clockwise formation.

Oven 1

Oven 3

Oven 2

Oven 4

When opening an oven you MUST yell “open oven” and when you hear someone say “open oven” you MUST say “heard”. This is for safety reasons and is extremely important.

As an oven becomes crowded or dirty with burnt cornmeal we will switch to the next ovens. The ovens rotate in the order 1,2,3,1,2,3… and so forth. Oven four is reserved for pretzels, gluten free pies, and fly pies. When we switch to a new oven someone will notify the line by yelling “Fire oven 1 (or 2 or 3)!” after which the line will respond “heard!” When an oven becomes clear you must sweep it out with the oven brush.

About three minutes after a pizza is fired in the oven you must screen it and rotate it. This allows the crust to cook evenly keeps the bottom from burning. If there are bubbles in any pizza you must pop them genly with the poker tool. About three to five minutes after a pizza is screened it will be fully cooked (you are encouraged to use the timer). When you pull the pizza from the oven and take it to the expo table you MUST yell “Hot pie”. This is for safety and to avoid someone bumping into you causing you to drop the pizza.

When it is moderately busy, someone will be designated to be in charge of running expo and ovens. When it is extremely busy, one person will be in charge of expo and one person will be in charge of ovens. If you see a ‘hot pie’ in the oven and you are not in charge of ovens at the time, you should still pull it out and take it to the expo line. You should also pop any bubbles and screen any pies any time you see that it is necessary.


Expo is the last step in the pizza making process before it is run to a table and devoured. When running expo, your job is to:

  • Communicate with hoagie side to ensure that appetizers are going out before entrees and that pizza entrees are going out at the same time as hoagie entrees.

  • Butter and parm the crusts.

  • Cut the pizzas.

  • Dress pizzas with there proper ingredients.

  • Put pizzas on a pan and call for a runner to take it to the customer.

Be sure to look at each ticket before you start buttering or cutting the pizza. Some may specify no butter or parm, and some may have special cutting instructions, or instructions regarding toppings. Unless otherwise stated, all pizzas get butter and parm, the following pizzas get more:

Holy Shiitake - Shaved parm, Aioli swirl, chives, truffle oil.

Thai Dye – Diced cucumbers, thai chili swirl, fresh basil.

Mellowterranian – Chives, side of tzatziki (1 for small, 2 for medium and large).

Redskin Potato Pie – Sour cream swirl, spicy ranch swirl, chives.

Buffalo chicken – Ranch or bleu cheese swirl, buffalo swirl.

Bayou Bleu – Shrimp, chives.

Caesar – Caesar salad, shaved parm, tomato (1 per slice). Ask hoagie side to prepare a caesar salad for whatever size pizza you have and they will bring it to you. If the pizza is carry out, DO NOT put the salad on the pizza, put it in a to go salad container.

Pretzels – Pretzels come in half orders (3) and full orders (6). They also come with salt, parm, or cinnamon/honey. Half orders go on a small pizza tray while full orders go on a medium tray. If the pretzels are being served with beer cheese, ask hoagie side to bring you beer cheese when the knots are pulled from the oven.

Salt – Butter and salt the knots and serve with a side of mustard (2 sides for a full order).

Parm – Butter and parm the knots and serve with a side of red sauce (2 sides for a full order).

Honey/cinnamon – Drizzle a good amount of honey onto the knots. Cover with cinnamon sugar.


Sauce bottle par

Dough pull and Freezer pull sheets

Picture of the line and the drawer


Gluten Free cart

6th, 9th, 3rd pans

Pizza station

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