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Kunming Rail Transit Line 3
Utilizing Loan from World Bank

Environment Management Plan

China Railway Eryuan Engineering Co. Ltd.

June, 2010 Chengdu

The plane and Longitudinal thumbnail of Kunming Rail Transit Line 3.

1 Preface 1

1.1 Background 1

1.2 The purpose of implementing Environmental management plans 2

1.3 Prepared on the basis 3

1.4 Evaluation criteria 5

1.5 Environmental protection objectives 8

2 Environmental impacts and mitigation measures 55

3 Environmental management and monitoring plan 75

3.1 Setting Purpose Of Environmental Management 75

3.2 Environmental Management And Supervisory Bodies 75

3.3 Environmental Procedures 78

3.4 Content Of Environmental Management 79

3.5 Environmental Supervision And Management Plan 81

4 Environmental monitoring plan 82

4.1 Development Of Purpose, Principles 82

4.2 Monitoring Bodies 82

4.3 Environmental Monitoring Program 82

4.4 Environmental Monitoring Report 84

5 Environmental Supervision 85

5.1 Environmental supervision during construction of the scope 86

5.2 Environmental Monitoring institutional setup mode 86

5.3 Environmental Supervision contents, methods and effectiveness of measures 86

5.4 Environmental protection procedures and the implementation of special supervision program 87

6 Completion and acceptance of environmental protection facilities 89

7 TRAIning programs 92

7.1 Construction of full-time environmental protection, part-time training 92

7.2 Operation of environmental protection full-time, part-time training 92

8 Investment Estimate 92

1 Preface

1.1 Background

With the rapid development of cities, Kunming is facing land, resources, population and environment in four areas of conflict, the development of urban traffic problems become a bottleneck. In order to better demonstrate the natural, cultural, economic charm of Kunming to enhance the overall image, driving rapid economic development, Kunming city government, has proposed building a modern new Kunming strategic thinking in the new master plan, In urban transport, the buildings are required as soon as possible high-capacity, high-level rapid transit, to guide the development of the city to land use intensification.

March 2005, the Kunming government project, Kunming rail transit construction leading group for the overall coordination of the coordination, Kunming City Planning Bureau and Kunming Institute of specific urban transport contractors, commissioned the Metro Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. Kunming city to carry out fast track transportation planning and completion in September 2006, "Kunming Urban Rail Transit Planning." March 2007, Kunming Government, approved the plan document as Kunming government approval 【2007】61, "agreed in principle to" Kunming Urban Rail Transit Planning ", and make the plan as a" master plan the city of Kunming, "and "Kunming Urban Transportation System Planning" special plans, guide future planning and construction of rail transit work of Kunming. " Planning cable nets formed by the six radial line line network, including the 3 key lines, 2 auxiliary fill lines, 1 Airport Line, total length of 162.6km, total of 99 stations, including 13 transfer stations, yards, and11 integrated bases. The density of the core local routes to 1.22km/km2, center of the density of the region line up 0.67 km/km2. To the formation of the central city, "a three-zone main two more" development pattern, based on the formation of three main three Deputy lines, double-mode radial rail transit network. 2008 ~ 2016, the construction of Central City North-South directionv lines (1line of the First Stage, 2line of the First Stage, 1line of the Second Stage), 3 line full range of 62.6km, the basic cross formation of the backbone wire line network, convergence important passenger distribution point and the point of external transport hub.

April 2007, commissioned by the Planning Bureau of Kunming, China Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. Metro, Kunming Urban Traffic Research Institute combined of The overall layout of the development of Kunming city, the economic situation of different periods travel demand and traffic, in March 2008 completed the "Kunming city rail transit construction plan (2008 ~ 2015)." According to construction plan, in August 2008,Kunming City Development and Reform Commission (Metro Office) commissioned the Institute of Iron II Engineering Group Co., Ltd. completed the preparation of the "city of Kunming rail transit construction plan (2008-2015) Environmental impact Report ", in October 2008 examininged by the State Environmental Protection Department of the expert review, Ministry of Environmental Protection approved the Planning of the EIA report as Environment review 【2009】 86 .

In 2009 Kunming started preliminary work on the 3 line project, in December 2009 commissioned the Institute of Iron II Engineering Group Co., Ltd. completed the preparation of "Kunming Rail Transit 3 Line feasibility study report." 3 line ‘s length is 19.54km, of which , Mianshan Station to the eastern terminal Station is Underground line, the length are 14.7 Kilometers, accounting for 75.3% length; shizui Station to Ma Street Stations and the Hongqiao village Station to eastern terminal Station are overhead lines and the transition lines, , the length are 4.84 Kilometers, accounting for 24.77 % length. Set up 19 stations, including 16 underground stations, 3 Elevated stations; in shizui Set up 1 depot, Fangma Bridge set up a parking lot, 2 Main Substations. The total investment are 11.69 billion yuan. Plans to start the construction at the first half of year of 2010, overall construction period is 4 years and 10 months.

Commissioned by the Kunming Railway Co, the Institute of Iron II Engineering Group Co. undertook, the environmental impact evaluation of a World Bank loan Kunming Rail Transit 3 Line. On the basis of Environmental impact assessment s, in April 2010 completed project environmental management plan of 3 line.

3 Line project environmental management plan includes project description, set environmental regulatory agencies, environmental protection measures to implement plans, environmental monitoring plan and environmental supervision plan, and more.

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