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Grade Level Expectations

  • GLE 0501.4.1 Refine logic skills to facilitate learning and to enhance thoughtful reasoning.

State Performance Indicators

• SPI 0501.5.5 Select a logical word to complete an analogy using

synonyms and antonyms and categories and subcategories.

Materials needed:

• Copy of Beach Is To Fun: A Book of Relationships by Pat Brisson

• One set of analogy dominoes for each pair of students (See following pages for

pattern. Teachers should prepare these and place in baggies prior to lesson.)

Assessment Activity Title: Analogy Dominoes

Description of Activity:

1. Introduce the lesson on analogies by reading the book Beach Is To Fun: A

Book of Relationships by Pat Brisson.

2. Review the analogies in the book and discuss with students the definition

of an analogy.

3. Talk about the terms/symbols used to show analogies. Place some

examples on the board and discuss the relationships.

4. Have students give additional analogies and place these on the board.

5. Distribute the analogy domino sets, one set per pair of students.

6. Ask students to match the dominoes by relationship of the analogy.

7. The first domino will begin with the word Start. Have students continue

matching the relationships (analogies) until they come to the last card with

the word End.

8. Review the relationships as a class and discuss what the relationship is

between each set of words.
Assignment Extensions:

Have student pairs create their own game of dominoes using other concepts

studied. Give students a blank domino pattern to create their game. Let them

share these with others in the class.

Analogy Dominoes

•Connect the following cards by matching the words with their relationships. The first card should be labeled START and the other words should create a chain of words/definitions until the END card.

•When cutting the cards apart, be sure two blocks are included on each card like the two parts of a domino. (column 1 and 2 together – column 3 and 4 together)

•This can be a timed activity. Pairs of students can compete against each other or against their previous time.



shows that two pairs of words have the same relationship

wallet is to money as

dumpster is to garbage

money is to pocket

as lunch is to lunchbox

horseshoe is to hoof

as shoe is to foot

row is to oar

as sweep is to broom

glass is to break

as paper is to tear

weight lifter is to weights

as surfer is to surfboard

sunglasses are to eyes

as sunscreen is to skin

baby as to child

as teenager is to adult

ill is to well

as sad is to happy

Hand is to fingers

as book is to pages

tired is to sleepy

as hungry is to eat

sun is to light

as stove is to hot

swim is to pool

as jog is to road

library is to books

as cabinet is to dishes

a, b, c is to alphabet

as 1, 2, 3, is to numbers

years : age

as degrees : temperature

wet : water

as gritty : sand

some : sum

as cents : sense

red : read

as blue : blew

mask : face

as flippers : feet

paws : dog

as fins : fish

student : teacher

as athlete is to coach

legs : lifeguard

as tentacles : octopus

pelican : pelicans

as mouse : mice

feathers : bird

as skin : person

siren : hear

as cotton candy : taste

swim : ocean

as wait : line

warm : hot

as snow : blizzard

slow : snail

as speed : cheetah


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