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November 2004 Newsletter 

[Contact information at the end of this document]


November Meeting Announcement

Topic:         Energy Master Planning

Speaker:     Fredric S. Goldner, CEM, Principal
Energy Management & Research Associates

Where:       Cornell Cooperative Extension, 16 East 34th Street, 8th floor

When:         Tuesday, November 16, 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Sandwiches, soda, networking 5:30-6:00

Reminder:      $15 for chapter members, $20 for non-members

AEE-NY is pleased to present this program in cooperation with the

Environmental Business Association of New York and the NYS Energy Task Force

In times of shocking energy market uncertainties, our interest rekindles in what we can do to make our, and our clients’, operations less vulnerable to energy-related risks.  The Energy Master Planning (EMP) process outlines a methodology that is more than simply cutting last year's energy use.  Beyond seeing energy as a line item expense in the budget, it makes energy awareness part of the everyday operation and "mindset" of the organization.  An EMP guides long range planning of energy cost reduction and control, and develops a fully integrated energy management program which moves beyond the confines of traditional engineering to include energy procurement, energy-related equipment purchasing, M&V, staffing and training, communications, setting energy consumption targets, and tracking/feedback loop systems.


This presentation will provide an overview of Energy Master Planning and then take us through the process of developing an energy management program -- or more broadly, an Energy Master Plan (EMP) -- to achieve more efficient energy consumption and lower total operating costs.  Mr. Goldner will walk us through the five steps necessary to establish and carry out a successful EMP in any organization and will review case studies of organizations that have used the EMP methodology to help their bottom line.


Our Speaker:

Fredric S. Goldner, C.E.M., is a nationally recognized expert in energy management.  Founding principal of Energy Management & Research Associates (EMRA), his on-going work includes research, facility audits and use analyses, energy software development and program design. His research on multifamily DHW loads and systems resulted in his authoring new guidelines included in the 1995 ASHRAE Handbook and the ASPE Design Manual. Mr. Goldner is an adjunct professor at the Center for Energy Policy & Research at NYIT. Since 2002 he has served on the Board of Trustees for the Energy Master Planning Institute. Mr. Goldner served as International President of the Association of Energy Engineers for 2003 and remains an active member of the New York Chapter AEE Board of Directors.

2004-5 AEE-NY Advance Planning Calendar (Third Tuesdays)

January 18

Retro-Commissioning Control Systems, William Hillis, Energy Analytics

February 15

Advanced Lighting Concepts and Technologies

March 15

DG/CHP:  Relays and Inverters for Grid Interconnection

April 19

Global Energy: China

May 17

Green Power: Making & Meeting a NYS Renewable Portfolio Standard

June 21

June Gala & Awards Dinner

Corporate Sponsor Program

The New York Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers (NY-AEE) invites companies to participate in our Corporate Sponsor Program, which offers opportunities for its corporate sponsors to become active players in promoting the Association's goals of energy and environmental conservation and cost savings.

            We invite corporate involvement in the future of our Chapter, one of the largest among thirty-six state chapters of the Association of Energy Engineers, the world's leading society of energy and environmental professionals.

            Chapter membership numbers approximately 500 throughout New York State and represents some of the nations top energy and environmental experts and leaders.  

            As a Corporate Sponsor, the company has enhanced opportunities to converse with these energy professionals who recommend, specify, and/or purchase your products or services, and your company can enjoy the following additional benefits:

Five individual memberships in the Chapter at no additional cost,

Free business card size Newsletter advertising in each of our nine monthly issues and additional advertising at a

                   preferred rate,

Inclusion in the Corporate Sponsor listing in each issue of the Newsletter,

Listing on our website, with hotlinks available at no additional charge

Presentation of a handsome Corporate Sponsor plaque at our gala end-of-season, June meeting,

Eligibility for the awards program and,

Perhaps the most valuable benefit of all, recognition and respect that the firm earns by assisting our chapter to

      continue its critical role in the changing energy environment of New York.

Initial annual Corporate Sponsor membership dues are $275. Renewal is $250.

Current Sponsors:

Association for Energy Affordability                 Con Ed Solutions                       EME Group

1st Rochdale Cooperative                                                Con Edison

PB Power                                                                 Syska Hennessy Group                                       Trystate Mechanical Inc.

October Meeting Report

By Staci Rubin

            The October meeting's topics of discussion included New York City's Energy Policy and Con Edison Rate Cases and their implications. Each of four experts provided his perspective on the details of Con Edison Rate cases: past, present and future.

            Michael Delaney, VP of Regulatory Affairs for the New York City Economic Development Corporation and representative for the City in the present Electric rate case summarized Con Edison's proposed utility rate increases, detailed the components of the increases as proposed by Con Edison, and explained the City's position on these rate increases.  Con Edison's proposed first-year electric delivery rate increase would be 22.4% above the current delivery rate but would not be equally allocated to all rate classes.  NYPA customers, such as the City, would see a significantly higher percentage increase.

            Con Edison's position is that these rate increases are necessary to fund new hourly hires, worker pension and benefit costs, and infrastructure upgrades to sustain anticipated growth and increased demand.  The City's position, represented by Delaney, is to ensure that Con Edison makes safe, adequate, and reliable energy transmission a priority, at the least possible cost to the ratepayers.  Gas and steam cases have recently been concluded. The electricity case is still pending before the Public Service Commission. Administrative hearings and settlement negotiations have taken place but the case recently went to litigation.  New rates are expected to take effect in April 2005.

            Following Delaney's presentation, the panel of experts provided their perspectives: Phyllis Kessler, senior attorney and Principal with Kudman, Trachten, & Kessler, Charles Copeland PE, a Principal with Goldman Copeland Associates (consulting engineers), and Ruben Brown, President of the E Cubed Company and chairman of the Environmental Business Association New York State Energy Task Force.  In light of the electric case's status in litigation, Con Edison had not been invited to formally participate and was not represented. 

            These experts all have extensive experience presenting testimony on behalf of rate paying individuals, organizations, and private companies in previous utility rate cases and added both historical perspective and lively discussion to the evening.  A major focus of this discussion was the fragility of the Con Ed steam system and the potential impact of the proposed stand-by rates for hybrid plants.  The steam system has a key role in moderating summer peaks but individual customers have a hard time justifying the higher costs of installing steam-driven chillers.  Public support in the form of project incentives is necessary in order to prevent this valuable piece of infrastructure from entering what was described as a "death spiral" of customer loss and still higher costs.

            Attendees asked the panelists a series of questions dealing with other Con Edison issues and there was discussion regarding the recent report prepared by NY City's Energy Task Force, which has recommended constructing hybrid plants and cogeneration systems as part of the City's electrical resource plan. 

            The Energy Task Force, composed of energy experts in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, concluded that New York City needs 3,780 megawatts of new electricity sources by 2008. (To review a copy of the 65-page report, visit the website listed below.)

            Guests and speakers concluded that innovative electricity projects should be financed to diversify the power supply in New York City and incentives are needed for owners so they can invest in energy efficient equipment.

            More information can be found at:





Mechanical Inc.

Joseph Colella, V.P. Operations

471 McLean Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10705                                                                                                            

Tel: 914-963-6120                                                                                                   Fax: 914-963-0428                            



Jonathan M. Harkness  

  PO Box 911,    Millbrook, NY 12545

  845.877.6030         845.877.9875 fax


                   BELZONA High performance metal, rubber, concrete, waterproofing, & energy efficiency enhancement polymers for repair and protection of machinery (pumps), buildings, & structures. 

Jack L. Prince, PE, CEM, President

Belzona New York, LLC

1 Robert Lane, Glen Head, NY 11545

Tel: 516-656-0220Fax: 516-656-0474www.belzona.com

Imagineers Unlimited

Engineering with Imagination

George A. Kritzler, C.E.M.

Energy Conservation Engineer

275 Pascack Road, Hillsdale, NJ 07642

Professional Service

(201) 664-6370

ConEdison Solutions offers competitively priced electricity  supply, Green Power, and a wide range of energy services from consulting to construction and operation.

701 Westchester Avenue  —  Suite 300 East  —  White Plains, NY 10604  —  1-888-210-8899

The Superintendents Technical Association (aka the Supers Club) is the first technical society of multifamily building maintenance personnel. For free e-mail edition of monthly newsletter, visit our Web site: www.SupersTechnicalAssociation.org or Dick Koral, Secretary rkoral@cititech.cuny.edu

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