Conley Connection April 4, 2016 450 Poplar Street Roslindale, ma 02131

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Conley Connection

April 4, 2016

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450 Poplar Street

Roslindale, MA 02131

Joseph D. Foley

Phone (617) 635-8099 Fax (617) 635-6417

Room 106

 The Kindergartners in room 106 have also been working hard on constructing their models of what they envisioned as a fairer and more interesting Boston for children.  In addition, to our Construction Unit we just launched our Informational Writing Unit.  We have been working with our First Grade buddy class (Room 103) learning about whales.  Together we talked about our “schema” all the things we know about whales, then we listened to a non-fiction story about whales, and then we talked about what we learned.  Over the next few weeks in small groups we will be researching and writing our own informational books about different animals.

Mark your Calendars!

School Parent Council Meeting; Thursday, 4/7 from 6:30 – 7:30 pm

School Site Council Meeting: Friday, 4/8 from 7:30 – 8:15 am

Multi-Cultural Potluck: Thursday, 4/14 from 5:30 – 7:00

Spring Recess: 4/18 – 4/22

BPS School Climate Survey for Families
All of our students are bringing home today the BPS School Climate Survey for Families. In an on-going effort to continuously improve quality of services that we provide our students, we are asking for ALL families to fill out this brief survey. Parents should fill out a separate survey for each student that you have enrolled in BPS. For us to get data back from this survey, we need at least a 30% return rate! Please take moment in complete this survey! Let us know if you have any questions.
Smart Smiles
The Smart Smiles dentist is here this week!  If you enrolled your child, the dentist will examine & clean the teeth, give a fluoride treatment, and fill small cavities if necessary. Each child is given a report to take home so parents know what care was done or if a more serious problem was seen. To learn more about this cost-free service or enroll your child, call Nurse Sandy right away!

Our Instructional Focus!

Create and implement cognitively demanding tasks that support students in developing their speaking and listening skills.

PARCC Question of the Week

Each week we will provide a PARCC question. All students in grades 3 – 5 are required to answer our weekly PARCC question of the week! Students, please turn in your answers to your teacher!

PARCC resources for families: (best on FireFox, practice tests)
PARCC Testing Schedule!

Here is our PARCC testing schedule. Students need to come to school, on time and ready to learn everyday, but especially during PARCC testing! More information to follow!

3rd Sessions: 5/3, 5/5, 5/17, 5/18, 5/19, 5/24, 5/25, & 5/26

4th and 5th: 4/26, 4/28, 5/2, 5/3, 5/4, 5/9, 5/10, & 5/12 (5/17, 5/18, & 5/19 MCAS Science/Tech. 5th grade only!)
Multi-Cultural Pot Luck!!

Mark your calendars! Our Annual Multi-Cultural Potluck is on Thursday, April 14th from 5:30 – 7:00 at the Conley School! Each classroom will be studying a country and creating a display outlining what they have learned! More information to follow.

Conley PAWS = Shout-Outs!

Last year we gave Shout-Outs to recognize students who were following the Conley Code of Conduct! This year we will be giving out Conley Paws for “Paw-sitive” behavior. The following students received a PAW last week: Edwin Noncent, Steeve Bien-Aime, Lindsay Saint Jean, Sydney Harris, Matthew Ashe, Isis Smith, Dakota Edler, Daneko Perry, and Eliezer Medrano

Students’ Emails Accounts

Students in grades 2nd – 5th are starting to Google Docs to practice typing and to draft their writing tasks! In order to access Google Docs, each student was given a Google email account. This week we will be sending out more information regarding the district’s Acceptable Use Policy and other information. We are also re-sending a parent and student sign off form. Much more information to follow!

Nature Vision Catalog Sale!
Big thanks to all of our students and families who participated in this fundraiser! Thanks to your efforts, we have raised over $800! Congratulations to everyone! A special thank you to Cherry Suarez for organizing this event! Thank you Cherry!!

Savers Donation Drive Fundraiser 

Start your spring-cleaning now and get ready to donate your items to support the Conley!

When:  April 24th - 30th

Where:  The West Roxbury Savers 1230 VFW Pkwy

What:  Drop off your donations items and the Conley will earn money!

Conley Cougar

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