Congratulations for you due to discharged. Attention these points

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Dear patient:

Congratulations for you due to discharged. Attention these points

for caring your eyes after back home:

1.Common attentive points:

(1)Follow the orders of using eyewash and taking medication

(2)Avoid actions of these actions of using the abdomen, including

stooping,cough,lifting the heavy materials,etc.Avoid elevating

the pressure of abdomen to effect the pressure of eyes.

(3)Don't knead your eyes by hands. During the periods between

discharged and back to out-patient department,use eyepatch to

protect your eyes. Avoid putting cotton or pad in eyepatch.

(4)Doctors will appoint the date for your next visit at discharge,

so you could come to our clinic directly at that day. You just

check in to our nurses. Please remember to bring the eye

medicine with you at next visit, and let the doctor decide

whether you continue use the drugs or just wear eyepatch.

2.The ways of using the eyewash:

(1)Wash your hands clearly.

(2)Prepare of eyewash and cotton-tip

(3)Remove eyepatch. Clean the eyes' discharges by cotton-tip or

pad, and avoid wiping back-and-forth. Don's use handkerchief

or toilet paper; slightly push down eyelid by cotton-tip or

pad, and watch the upper area. Eyewash was used at the inferior

eyelid. Don't push eyelid, and avoid pain of the wound.

(4)After half minutes, use another eyewash, and avoid flowing of


(5)Reuse the eyepatch

(6)Rest for 3-5 minutes after using of eyewash

3.Antisepsis of eyepatch:

Change the eyepatch every day. Used eyepatch can be reused after

boiled for 15 minutes and drip-dry.

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