Conflicts in Night

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Conflicts in Night
Person VS. Person Conflict:

Ch.1: When Eli’s family is moved into a smaller ghetto, a family friend offers to hide their family in her village. Worried, they say no to her, and regretfully, they are soon deported.
Ch. 3: At Birkenau, soldiers separate Eli and his father from his mother and sister. Eli never sees his younger sister again.
Ch. : Franek, the prison foreman, notices Eli’s gold tooth and demands to have it Eli refuses, and the foreman has his father beaten for his refusal.
Ch. : Eli is called in to have his gold tooth crown removed but says he is sick. Soon, the dentist is taken away for illegally trading gold teeth.
Ch. : Rabbi Eliahou comes looking for his lost son, but his son left him on purpose during
Person VS. The Super Natural:

Ch. 2: Madame Schachter has a a terrible dream during which she hallucinates horrible prophetic images about the future to come with fiery incinerators.(foreshadowing)

Person VS. Nature:

Ch. : With the arrival of winter, the prisoners suffer greatly in the cold. Bunkhouses are freezing, blankets are scarce, and fire fuel is not theirs to have.
Ch. : The surviving prisoners focus only on feeding themselves, of scrapping for food amongst so many starving people.

Ch. : Eli gets food poisoning and spends weeks suffering and almost dying. It is ironic that he is so close to escape yet so far away because of his failing body and health.
Person VS. Himself:

Ch. 1: Eli struggles with the ideas of his mentor(Moshe’) and must learn to battle against his old beliefs and be open enough to consider new and challenging ones.

Ch. : Eli has a hard time finding a reason to bless God amidst all their suffering. When Yom Kippur arrives, he decides to eat, hoping to receive some kind of sin forgiveness.
Ch. : Eli and his father hear of the approaching Russian army. They’re hopeful but leave with the other prisoners for fear of being executed.
Ch. : Eli loves his father and wants to care for him, but selfishly he wants his father to die, so Eli can care for himself and not have to worry about his dying father anymore.

Person VS. Technology:

Ch. : The reality of the Nazi incinerators is terrifying. No one escapes the heat and finality of these devices or rooms. It strikes great fear into all Jews who know of them.
Ch. : The Nazis build a gallow in the clearing to remind the prisoners they must follow the rules. A number of people struggle against the rope before losing to death.
Person VS. Society:

Ch. : Their home regions is occupied by Nazis. Jews are deported. Their journey descends into a darkness of suffering, oppression, and death at the hands of the German military.
Ch. : Individuals fight against the Nazi temptation to steal food from the pot in the clearing. One man who crawls out there is shot for trying to break the rules.
Ch. : It seems Juliek is killed by other prisoners for playing his violin during the night while all the prisoners are packed in so tight together and sleeping.
Ch. : Eli’s dentist is using the chaos of the time period to try to take advantage of Jews by breaking Nazi law and illegally trading Jewish gold teeth.
Ch. : The U.S. and other liberation forces drive out the SS forces in the Buchenwald camp. The oppression is broken, and the prisoners are set free.

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