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Thursday, April 5, 2007


As we progress in the work of connecting our inner parts, we gradually become more and more aware of the fact that we work under planetary influences. In ancient times, this was understood in a far more comprehensive way, and gave rise to the science of astrology, which has de-involved in modern times into what is essentially a set of superstitions.

Gurdjieff made it clear that man is under multiple planetary influences, and that many of the events he thinks he initiates, such as war, have absolutely nothing to do with him, but are produced by forces so much larger than he is that he cannot even begin to comprehend their operation on him.

As we become more sensitive to the energies which saturate our environment, we may begin to realize that planets have an effect on our level of consciousness and our state of being. One outward and acknowledged way in which this is well understood is the effect of the moon; even modern science has to admit-and be baffled by- the fact that human behavior is influenced by the full moon. What is less understood is the effect that the other planets, as well as the Sun, have on our state. All of them have profound effects, but our sensitivity to their emanations and radiations has deteriorated so much that we don't even know what is happening to us when they affect us.

The energy that flows through the planets is a kind of nectar. That is to say, just like the nectar that plants produce, it is a higher substance created by the work of higher organisms (in this case, the planets themselves) to act as an attractant. It's reasonable to suspect that the purpose of this attractant is to assist in reproductive processes, just as it is with plants. That is to say, it has a sexual nature, and is involved, in a mysterious way that we are unable to appreciate, with generation and procreation. This "nectar" is, in its essence, God's love-- distilled into a substance that is more available to organisms, in the same way that photosynthesis in plants creates sugars which can be used by higher organisms.

We are like bees, which can gather that nectar, drink the ambrosia of its sugars, and even store it against lean times. It makes many things possible for it if we learn how to acquire it.

My father is a beekeeper. He used to be a businessman, and it surprised me when he took his hobby up late in life, but it has served the two of us well. I have dabbled in the art myself, and learned a good deal about bees along the way.

One of the things one learns in beekeeping is that there are two major honey flows during the year. One is in the spring, logically enough, and the other one is in the fall. At other times of the year, the bees do some work, or rest, but the greater part of what they can gather for themselves occurs in these two periods.

It is also generally understood in practitioners of esoteric science that the energy of the planet -- the nectar of God's bliss -- flows more readily in the spring and in the fall. This is true in both hemispheres on planet earth. The point I am making here is that there is a strong parallel, once again, between the esoteric work of higher levels and the work of simpler organisms on this level. We have a greater opportunity to work on ourselves in the spring and in the fall when this energy becomes available. In my own work, I invariably find that rich and deep experiences come during these two periods when the seasons undergo their major changes. Something tangible and substantial takes place in the energy fields on the planet at those times, and it affects all the organisms that participate in this thing we call life. Passover and the passion of the Christ are traditional seasonal signposts that this process is about to begin.

As we work, as we learn, as we make efforts to increase our sensitivity, we discover in an inner sense that our conditions are planetary, our possibilities are planetary, and that our work needs to take this into account. This is not a shamanistic prospect; it isn't part of Wicca, or some animistic concept of nature. It is physics and chemistry, writ large.

It is also art, and literature, poetry.

Look to the bees. They gather sweetness in the light, they store it in the darkness, and wherever they go, they speak about it by singing and dancing amongst themselves.

May your trees bear fruit, and your wells yield water.

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