Conduct and observance

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

This is a painting I completed in 2000 called "the infinite light of the soul."

I have been very busy this weekend. Among other things, I met with a good friend today and we discussed the questions of the organic sense of being, and attaining a cellular sense of self. These things seem to both of us to constitute the roots of a new sense of being.

Tonight my thoughts are on the many messengers God has sent to this planet to help us return to the heart of His bliss, and the terrible sacrifices many of them have made on our behalf.

Let us turn our thoughts to Jesus Christ, who died so that hope might be born for all mankind.

Christ lives.

I earnestly pray we find that subtle path of glory that opens our hearts to Him so that we can, together, reunite with that infinite light I tried to capture with the crude tools of paint and canvas seven years ago.

May your trees bear fruit and your wells yield water.

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